Dr. Angela Barnett
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We must start practicing feeling the Joy of the New Earth. We must  touch it, breath it, feel it.  Since we don’t have any background  knowledge from this Earth of what the Joy is that is to be felt on the  New Earth, we will need to use our imagination just a little while  longer.. We need to soak up the frequencies- the joyful etheric  feeling of the New Earth energies. The New Earth is not in the same  form as this Earth. Here we have gravity. There is no gravity there.  Here we have to hold our breath to go under water. There we can  breath water and air equally. Here we must walk on the ground and  swim in the water. There we can walk on water or fly. There is  freedom beyond our experience on this earth. When we desire  something it becomes manifest because that is how our third eye  works when it is in alignment with Source Energy. Feel the Joy that  you would imagine if you could create anything you want in a  kingdom of magic.

Since aDolpino and Crystalai have spent many hours on New Earth  already, and have already experienced the Joy and Frequencies of  this magical dimension, we are able to share the feeling, the  frequencies, the tones that allow others to soak in the ambiance of  this Etheric Reality through our music. Our website is dedicated to helping others have the vision, the  joy, the musical reality of the Tone of Home –our New Home on New  Earth. The joy of the new reality can most easily be explained and  felt by listening to our music.

This is the next step in our ascension process. We must soak in the  ambiance of the etheric frequencies. We must align our visions, our  dreams, our reality with this new place. We can’t be there until our  consciousness aligns with it in frequency. Each person has a unique  vibration. A vibration stays the same, but a frequency is a variation of  that vibration. We must remove our third dimensional frequency with  all of the limitations it carries with it , and replace that frequency with  a new dimension of reality.  We need to practice Gliding to the New  Earth. We glide our bodies up to the New Earth.. We go there and  soak in the pools of  crystal clear aqualene water  and walk on the  crystalline white sand.  Next ,we need to bi-locate to the New Earth  and soak in the pools and ask for to be taken into Crystal Temples  to activate the Source Body. ADolphino and I have already spent  many months up in our Palace in the New Earth. We swim with the  Dolphins and Orcas. We walk on the water that our floor is made of.  We redecorate our house every day with one thought. We breathe  in the air of joy and freedom. It is a magical experience that is  difficult to explain without simply watching some Disney Movies  because Mr. Disney already lives there and lived there before he  came to this Earth.

Our palace sits in a body of water that is surrounded with islands that  contain all of our favorite parts of this earth. We have brought with us  some of the most beautiful waterfalls, tropical islands full of lush  landscaping and every gorgeous bird from that place. We brought  all of our favorite animals in their state of staying babies forever. We  have a tropical island, a mountainous island with favorite trees and  animals. We have a pool in the center of our house where those  who choose to live in the water can visit. We also have entrances to  the water downstairs from our bedroom. Since we can breathe air  and water equally, we have created walls of water in some rooms

We’ve been asked what do you do with all of your time? We create  and then create more.

It is now possible to begin the third stage of the Ascension process  because three most important elements needed for ascension have  been restored. Now it is our personal responsibility to activate our  bodies for the ascension.

Until just very recently there were still two seals in our bodies that  could not be removed. Now these seals can be removed. One seal  was in the pineal and one was in the tail bone. We can now restore  the 8 cells of our original divine blue print to our tail bone and  remove the TIME  seal from our pineal.

This has been happening naturally in a number of cases of those  who have been asking for initiations and asking our Sirian and  Aquafarian families, and others to code them up. Nonetheless, it is  always much more effective when one takes the personal  responsibility for removing these seals. The codes
in the CHRISTMAS ASCENSION are for removing these seals and  for complete alignment with the Music of the Spheres which creates  the Full Spectrum of Light within our bodies. We require the Full  Spectrum of White Light to enter into Oneness with Source. This is  the key to the activation of the 12D Christ Body of Eternal Life.

We can all use an extra kick start in these activations. These  activations, along with the activations of the rings and spans (see the  Ascension Activation), the Prana seed activation, a trip to the New  Earth pools to activate the Akashic Records, all of these activations  contribute to the production of cellestiline which jump starts our  hydrolaise process, which is needed to SLIDE to the New Earth.

This healing works in conjunction with the car wash (I mean healing  water process with the Eiradon Body Activation) We must do  everything possible to raise our frequency and our base  pulse  rhythm to be the same as those in the New Earth or we would  contaminate the New Earth and those in it. At this time those in the  New Earth need to wear Blue Orbs around their bodies when they  approach us because or our toxic frequency levels.

We can help this process of raising frequencies by using the music  provided which establishes codes and light frequencies as well as  the base pulse rhythms needed for this acculturation process.

We can glide without contaminating anything. When the body  becomes clear enough it can begin bi-locating. The codes for  activating the ability to glide, bi-locate and slide are in the Ascension  Vortal music and the Christmas songs. Under each of the melody  lines are base pulse rhythms  that carry the base tone frequencies  of Ka ha Ra YA Sa Ta Ha La- the Christ Tone Frequency. This is the  vibration level needed to enter the New Earth Frequencies.

While the Aquafarion Shield is here  we can absorb it. It will give us  the healing we need to be able to jump start our own hydrolaise  process because we need it to slide to New Earth. Hydrolaise is  related to the production of celestiline. That is the chemical that  allows the chemical systems in the body to release the bio-lock (the  time vector lock placed on us through mutations) from the atoms  that we are made of .So we can go through the atomic shifts  involved with passing through gates.Hydrolaise Conversion is part of  the Celestiline Process that is part of the Natural ascension  process.

There is a Natural Celestiline Sembiosis Process that we have  moved into that involves the Alon, Calon, Shalon and Oron Crystal  bands that are in our anatomy and in the anatomy of Planet  Universe, Solar and Cosmic. These bands can be activated by  listening to and or singing along with the Christmas music. This  activates the  Prana Exchange of Oneness with Divine Source  breathing through our hearts and Third Eye.

The Beloved Ones have been releasing a hydrolaise wave into the  rings and spans of the etheric, telluric and atmic levels of density. It  comes in and goes back out by breathing Prana (spirituality) into the  heart and exhaling Mana physical matter. This allows the body to  replace its atmic level of density with a more etheric density.

It will come into the core through the central column They will bring it  into the core through gates and expand it out through Alurian  Chambers . We can catch that frequency and bring it into the  Aquafarion shield in a stable manner and go up into Aroura three- slide zone three-aquafarion place. We catch that wave and soak in  pools in Aqauafaria to catch the wave to reconnect our Akashic  Records.

Once we have gone to Aquafaria—soaked in pools and get Akashic  Records, we begin bringing in the 8 cells in the tail bone  to open up  the Iluma

The ability to breath Christ Consciousness to engage the core flame  of the Kaha Raya SA TA HA LA activates the creative process of  manifestation.



Dr. Angela Barnett
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic
Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

The streams of higher frequencies are pouring in so fast that is almost impossible to record them all. The angels have been directing us to record the breaths of consciousness from all entities who are streaming their breaths together through the crystal light energy that is braiding, weaving and streaming a higher frequency of consciousness together. Each time there is a high energy day, the angels place a golden pillar in my left ear and hand me an etheric microphone and then they breath their consciousness through my breath. Sometimes five angels appear, sometimes five hundred--depending on what project they are working on.

The breath of consciousness is what is causing the entire shift of Mother Earth into her Star Essence. We are all turning more star like together. How do we speed up this process individually? The more we raise frequencies and stay in those frequencies the faster we rise into a new dimension.

The Key to Ascending is collecting frequencies through the merkaba, aligning into the sun energy, the helium energy, the rainbow dust, the star dust, soaking in healing waters of crystal temples, singing with the angels, and mermaids in the crystal caves, keeping the mind in the etheric fairy tale state and then finally walking into the spark of Source in the Crystal Heart, after putting on the garment of white light--which means absorb all frequencies of crystal light, irradescent light, rainbow light, golden dust light, star dust until the body is radiating with spirituality of light energy.

NOW--and only Now can the body walk through the diamond door. When the body walks through the door it must walk into the FUTURE SELF. It is this place in Consciousness that we must stay to create the Islands of Light.

I'd like to share some questions that will be answered and practiced in my workshops on CREATING ISLANDS OF LIGHT, PARALLEL REALITIES, and the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.

I have a couple of questions regarding your process of integrating with your light body.
1. You said that you've completed integrating with your silica-carbon based light body. Does this mean you can disassemble your body and teleport to anywhere you want?

I wanted to add that the silica based body is the natural result of raising the frequencies and continuously bringing in more and more light energy that Zorak helps me with and that I get from the helium rings spinning into all of the sun's frequencies to bring out the energy of the neutron through out the body. The reason that I know I am living in a body that is mostly silica based now and will become more and more so is because the angels have told me this. There are things happening in this hologram that we can't see yet. That doesn't mean they aren't happening. The evidence we have of the silica based body is this:
aDolpino (JOSEPH) was hit by big truck and ran over by three cars. He had every bone and muscle flattened. The doctors said it was absolutely impossible for him to be alive. They said his brain would never work again. They said he probably wouldn't be able to work for eleven years. Joe's body repaired itself without any help from the doctors in one month. This rapid repair of the entire structure of the body happened completely from streaming the highest frequencies through his body by using the frequency shift music that we recorded. It was this frequency shift music that was given to us by the angels as they streamed their consciousness through their breaths that realigned his body. Each stream of consciousness that I inhale and breath into the microphone is a strand of their consciousness. It is this consciousness that is the sound and light of all creation. This sound and light contains a structure of creation that remolds into the original form created by Source. This sound and light that we resonate with and soak into our cellular structure from the crystal cells of mother earth and the star dust energy of Zorak's star system transforms our bodies into a new chemicalization. This chemicalization appears as a result of consciousness raising frequencies into a higher realm of reality. This is the proof that we are living in a silica based body.

You see, the doctors entire system is based on the carbon based body that doesn't heal at all. The more we shift into the silica reality by adding more and more of the spiritual into the physical through our consciousness, the faster this reality appears. This is why when doctors have played our music in their hospitals, every patient in the hospital immediately showed great improvements and complete healings took place in a week.

The Frequency Shift music actually shifts the body into a parallel reality of a higher frequency. This magical place of the higher frequency lifts the mind into great freedom, the world just doesn't matter any more, there is a feeling of sweetness and kindness, there is no more pain, there is alignment into the reality that was always here. All we are doing here is removing a veil so we can see the reality. We must believe that reality is here to see. We must stop thinking we must go somewhere else to see it. This transformation will appear on Earth. We will create Islands of Light on Earth. We create them by breathing when we have completely aligned our frequencies into the place where we are completely in the Crystal Cities, the Aquafaria under water Cities. When we have absorbed all of the crystals of all of the colors of the rainbows into our crystal cells and our cells sing in harmony with each other, this is when we can EXHALE magic into the air we live in. The air has already become hydrolaise. The body is already transforming into to silica based chemicals. It is only our eyes that don't see it yet. We can FEEL it NOW.

When we go to our crystal palace in Aquafaria, we ask our friends there this same question. We sat with Ramtha in our living room one day and said, are we really here. Ramtha answered, "Aren't you sitting here talking to me?" We answered, yes I guess we are.
2. Are you currently conscious of your other multidimensional self throughout the cosmic omniverse?

Our multidimensional selves only meet us when we walk into our future self after completely absorbing all frequencies from all dimensions out to the 24th and becoming sparkling with golden star dust. This is when we can melt into the diamond door and walk into the starry places. Our teams and families are always waiting on the other side. From that point we go on down into the Aqualene Ocean through the Sun and down into the Crystal Caves to resonate with the frequencies of Inner Earth and then we are invited to enter the crystal cities. It is completely our responsibility to lift our frequencies into theirs. Our team taught us that we must completely merge into the crystal cities or into what ever place you want to shift into. It takes continuous practice and the willingness to spend much more time there than here. We must spend so much time in the crystal caves with my mermaid family that when I exhale on Earth, the reality around me transforms into that frequency. We must breath the Islands of Light into our home, into our place we choose to live.

Our music will help you with clairvoyancy if you stay in the highest frequencies. The angels wove the tapestry of these frequencies to allow those who want to match their resonance to be able to. It does require long term listening and concentration and breathing along with the breaths recorded. The angels are actually communicating through the breaths; when we get on their wave station through their breaths of consciousness, we become clairvoyant. They are already trying their hardest to communicate, but they will never lower their frequencies to ours--we must raise our frequencies to theirs.
3. How do you "travel" to Aquafaria to meet up with your soul family down there? By meditation or do you actually travel via your MerKaBa into the crystal caves or do you have another version of yourself living in the crystal caves and is able to integrate with that aspect of your soul whenever you want?

The self that goes to Aquafaria is the future self that shifts dimensions by shifting frequencies. Those with fifth dimensional and higher vision can see this shift. The angels have told me many times that I am completely etheric. Joe can see the fifth dimension--I can't. I can feel it. I am saturated in the frequency of light energy. The return to this Earth is too painful for me. I must continuously stay above the Earth. I do this by continuously absorbing the frequencies that I breathed into the CD's. These are the frequencies from the Crystal Caves and from all of the dimensions.

When I take a journey of collecting frequencies and swimming down into the crystal caves to sing with my mermaid choir, you can hear my voice completely shift into the mermaid's frequencies. My voice changes into an etheric, sweet breathy tone that has perfect pitch. This isn't my third dimensional voice, this is my fifth dimensional voice.   I am totally unaware of any musical rules or keys when the angels and mermaids sing through me, I only know that there is always a parallel shift and I am always in my FUTURE SELF.

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