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Please join us for a free, live  webcast meditation streaming from the web. Our group meditation "Preparing for the Full Moon of Humanity by embodying the new 5D codes" will help all of us integrate the new 5D Strands using the sacred mantras.

We will begin about 7:20 pm Los Angeles time tonight, Monday  June 13th.. Tune in and evolve with us at http://www.panharmonic.com/panharmonic_live_tv.html


To learn more about the new 5D strands coming in to our planet, read on:

As our PanHarmonic Group has been working together for the last two months on bringing in the new 5D strands, the first appearance appeared as a bundle of light strands streaming in from above the group. It took awhile to determine what these new frequencies were, yet within a week we had determined that they were the first strands of 5D light entering the planet. The appearance of the bundle was a forerunner of what was to come.

Over the next weeks, we were introduced to these incoming energies, one by one. We were invited into the Christalis Star. Each practitioner was asked to make himself or herself available to an Avatar. We were given a seed that we were to implant in the Human Atom, formulated to carry the code of being human. Each of us carried an imprint of the Divine into the human atom, located deep within the root chakra on the interdimensional planes. We implanted those 12 seeds to be activated.

We had the pleasure of activating these incoming 5D frequencies called overtones for the over-light the existing reality here. This manner of introduction allows for practitioners to slowly introduce the new reality into their lives without disruption of their current reality.

The caveat is this, however: whatever is not working will find a way to disappear or change. I was able to experience this first hand at the end of March with a need for a change in office space. Within twenty four hours, it was clear that the incoming forces and the Avatars were at work as the move went extremely smoothly, considering that I had been in the previous office for twenty years. Upon reflection, I can see that the Avatars were ahead of me, preparing the space with the 5D frequencies.

We are now ready to introduce these energies to the world at large that all may have the choice to participate in their transcendent frequencies!

But first, we wish to prepare the etheric structure for maximum assimilation and utilization of these energies. We are calling this the The Immortal Skeleton.

To begin, we activate the heart or the Vessel of Immortality. You may remember this from previous missives. To initiate the heart into its capacity to carry the body forth into the 5th dimension, we must activate it.
say the sacred mantra:



This activates the equilateral cross in the heart in six directions:

SRI: upwards as Transcendent Love

NA: downwards as Resonant Love

MA: to the left as Eternal Love

SA to the right as Immortal Love

TAY through the heart, forwards and backwards as a track of Infinite Love


Now we employ the well known mantra, OM MA NE PAD ME HUM. This mantra has no direct meaning, but serves as an activating force for being receptive to Divine frequencies. You may say this mantra silently to your self, sound by sound as you also listen for the sound inside of your being.


OM: activate the Crown chakra as the Gate of Ascension heavenward

MA activate the Root chakra deep into the Earth as the Gate of Divinity

NE activate the Throat as the Center for Transcendence in all directions

PAD: activate and attune the 3rd Eye as the Center of Knowingness

ME: activate the Power Center (3rd chakra)

HUM activate the Chi center (2nd chakra)


Now you are ready to receive the incoming overtones into your field, your etheric body and your physical body.

Join us tonight for a profound initiation of these new energies. for more information, visit http://panharmonic.ning.com/profiles/blog/list


Dr. Valerie Girard

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  • I was out this evening, but this looks very interesting, I'll try and make it next time :)
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