Just a cautionary word about “blackouts”. We’re seeing “going dark” in many forms. I’ve no way of knowing if or when I may lose the ability to be online, to source information, to publish, so don’t depend entirely on this blog if you want to stay informed. I hope I will experience unbroken connectivity through all of this month or however long this lasts but none of us knows what the next five minutes will bring, so again, have your sources. Mainstream media is useless unless the good guys take over and broadcast the truth.

We told you it’s Canada’s turn. A lot is happening there. The pedophiles are the biggest targets, and they’re going down. Did you wear blue today to raise awareness for Human Trafficking?

If you don’t know about the “Pickton murders” in British Columbia, I hope you can do a little research. The truth is shocking; to some, unbelievable.

Lead prosecutor in Pickton murder trial dies of COVID-19 complications

Levity is good.


I was out all afternoon taking care of biz at the old homestead, etc. and when I got back I had texts, videos to watch, and catching up to do. Simon Parkes helped a lot.

He did a third update today for us.  “Everyone is in position”. Watches calibrated. It’s on.

Beware of all the disinformation out there, folks. Everything is under control and what is unfolding is a GOOD thing. The psychopaths’ plans for Humanity will not come to fruition, but we’re getting a bitter taste of what they had in store and those still under the spell will be forced to wake up.

11th January Third Update Current News

This message you might say has a 3 year delta. It has full meaning today.


I still haven’t found my notes, but this shows you the translation of what we hear vs. what it really means when someone is dealt with under the guise of the China virus be it a politician, a law enforcement officer, a Hollywood actor, etc.

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"Australian doctor has cured Cov2 in patients within 4 days and cured many other man-made diseases: parkinsons,diabetes,alzheimers,cancer all disease on our planet...its called NANOSOMA(5 sprays under the tongue) if a serious disease 5 sprays ×3…"
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This is as people here are still wondering who the US president will be tomorrow!!"
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"Meanwhile Biden is preparing 17 executive oders to be signed in his first day in the office.😕"
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 Sounds like a countdown is on. I hope everyone stocked up on food, water, meds, pet supplies, and gas… just in case we experience lockdowns, curfews, etc. while the arrests take place.You may have seen this clip below in other videos, but folks,…
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 Nano-bot still following me,click link below for video or audio.  https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ovl16Qm4B4X2/ Audio Only Version:www.simonparkes.org" target="_blank">https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/bcb736_8c96b3beec394a3ab3064e52574140ff.mp3  www.simonparkes.org
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"Look what I find:
Have heard the Elohim's know it.
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