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For too long now the Human race has existed in a state of apathy and self indulgence.
We have become a race of zombies and slaves whose sole purpose is to serve the
criminal overlords who gorge themselves on a feast of personal wealth and deluded
ideology. They have painted the past with our own blood and are shaping a future that
threatens to strip the very soul from the Human race. The fire has been taken from our
bellies with mutual consent, and now the time has come to take it back.
The true nature of the Human spirit has been replaced by a dysfunctional shadow of it's
former self. Where we were once noble warriors and explorers with steely hearts, we are
now but nations of sheep to be led by cunning and vicious predators. Our minds and
souls have been poisoned by mechanisms that are designed to benefit the few to the
detriment of the many and as a result we have been divided in mind, body and spirit.
Our society is dominated by endless images of so called celebrities and their manufactured
life styles. We adore our sporting 'heroes' who are paid vast amounts of money to distract
us all from the obvious and many criminal activities that are being perpetrated around the
globe on a daily basis. These are the people who we now look up to, the ones who we admire
and aspire to become because of the false reality that they truly represent. Huge amounts
of money are being invested in these industries because the criminals who run the planet
know the importance of such investments and the influence it will have on our younger
generations. They fully understand the requirements that are necessary in order to stop
that which will bring their house of cards tumbling down, the very thing that they ultimately
dread and will never experience themselves, and that is our spiritual growth. The criminals to
whom I refer seemingly share a common fear, and that is the fear of dying. I have some very
good news for these parasites and would like to share it with them - They need not be afraid
of dying simply because they are already dead inside.
The Human race must now be re-united once again so that we may all live in harmony with
not just each other, but also the planet that is our home. Many people have often wondered
why our extra terrestrial neighbours have not openly offered their hands in friendship, why
we have been ignored in our pathetic attempts to contact our distant relatives. The truth of
the matter is obvious, and it is this. Whilst our advancement in technology has grown
exponentially, we are but children in matters of far greater importance. Where we have
intelligence we have no wisdom. Where we have faith we have no spiritual understanding. Our
world has embraced many different belief systems in the hope that they will bring us together
in times of hardship and despair, and yet it seems there is still not a single bond that
unites Humanity as a whole. Religious and spiritual leaders have come and gone throughout
the ages, spreading words such as love, peace and harmony and yet mankind chooses to ignore
these words and replace them with others such as hate, fear and suspicion.
Our 'leaders' have demonstrated their infinite stupidity time and time again by using
technology to build bigger and more efficient weapons that are capable of unimaginable horror
and destruction. They speak in terms of war and in the next breath have the arrogance
to utter the word that is 'God'. They have allowed civilizations to be built where
freedom is nothing more than a mere illusion. Their interests are of pure self and have
nothing to do with the obvious and many problems that the planet now faces. If we are
to change the destiny of our world it is obvious that these beings must be replaced by
those that care and understand.
It is for reasons such as these why we have not yet been allowed to join our cosmic
brethren. Until the hearts of our people beat as one, then and only then will we be
ready for the next stage of our 'evolution'. This will be the time that our very souls
have been yearning for, a time when we can eventually take our position amongst the
stars and share them with our celestial brothers and sisters.
We as a species are now rapidly approaching a point of no return. If we fail to raise
the levels of consciousness on our world very quickly then the results for us all could
be dire to say the least. Humanity MUST unite on a spiritual level to affect the
outcome of the war that is good versus evil. While it is important for beings of light
to spread their love and energy across the globe, it must be equally understood that
others must educate those that live in ignorance and denial about the advancement of
the dark forces that are sweeping the planet. The many sources of this darkness must be
exposed for all to see and as such it may be necessary to stoke the fire that will be
needed to once again light the flames of passion and inspiration that surely would have
raged in a long and forgotten distant past. This energy combined with that of the light
workers that inhabit our planet would surely be enough to enable the Human race to
grow up, get off it's knees and free itself from the self imposed prison that has
enslaved the people of this world.

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