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It is truly a time to be joyous. - channeled by Ron Head



We begin today’s message by congratulating the President of the United States on celebrating his inauguration, which will begin within minutes now. It is truly a time to be joyous. I, Michael, am most pleased to extend congratulations from the entire company for I speak.

We understand the very difficult position which he has been in, and know that his path will become increasingly clearer as we progress from this point. We urge all to support him in love and light.

It is understood that some continuing efforts by Service to Self persons and organizations continue to be made even at this point, but we assure you that the success they expect could only happen in secrecy, and by now it should be more than clear that this is becoming less and less possible.

The influx of light upon your world continues to increase daily. Already some have found it impossible to deal with and have, as you say, ‘checked out’. Some have had major or minor adjustments to their understandings, ‘awakenings’ you call them.

A great many have begun to actually leave in order to be able to get back even earlier to experience the world as it will become.
You are seeing now the beginning of reversals which should serve to hearten you and return your belief that was shaken a bit when your expectations seemed dashed upon the rocks last month.

Expectations are fine as long as you do not attach them to specific dates. We have called them dreams and actually encouraged them. But please do not forget that they are accomplished in Truth, for us in this perspective, long before you begin to see evidence in your illusory surroundings.

As you begin to see more and more as we do, and that is not yet what most of you are doing, you will ‘see’ these things much more clearly.
As a first example of the reversals we mentioned, let us point out the decision to remove the scanners from your airports.

There will be, you may be sure, attempts to counter this. But you should focus on your victories far more than on any attempts to continue with ‘business as usual’. You may also have noticed increasing attempts of local governments to assert themselves in the face of that with which they do not agree. It is not the issues that are important, but the assertions themselves.

Control must be given back to the ultimate source of power, and a central government is not that source. That is not how things are designed. Universal Law is predicated upon free will. Harm not your neighbor and you will enjoy freedom. And your neighbor includes all of the individuals around you, not just the owners of the corporations which have placed themselves above you. Indeed, there is nothing above you. You are the above.

There is much progress being made and much more on the horizon. Whatever you can contribute, please continue to do so. If that is anchoring light in your case, then do that. You have no way of measuring the effect of what you do, but please know that it is necessary and applauded.
We continue in our support. Good day.

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Comment by tlcisme on July 31, 2013 at 9:18pm

I would suggest to the brother Rev. joshua he goes back to his bible and read Job a bit more intently. The part about obama seems a bit out there as well though stepping on people's rights does seem part of his agenda. To call him an illegal immigrant is a bit over-board I would say. Though if proof of such claims could be given I would surely be attentive.I have studied so many religions and philosophies because of my experiences. I have seen this inner sun in my mediation and have been looking for a reason why. I have seen so much pain. My childhood was a series of events of painful experiences not of my choosing that I am aware. then to kill the pain i chose a series of other painful ways to make the pain go. it all has led me here. Just wondering if anybody has ever seen the SUN I speak of in their meditations? It is mentrioned in Psalms 19-4 and when I became familar with the computer it was one of the 1st questions I asked. Psalms 19-4 is what I received for a response. Its implications seem more than I dare assume.A.A. speaks of this sun as well but no elaboration is made. Any help out there? thanks all and to joshue, certainly no disrespect inteded. Maybe you were only speaking in haste and our leader has left a lot to be desired for sure in the way of our civil rights..Peace Terence campbell

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 22, 2013 at 1:39am

So your saying devils are angels,bad is good and that black is white, up is down and in is out. when you say that obama is good and of the light and its a joyous time for USA and the world. This is the work of the VISITORS propaganda. This man is a illegal immigrant without even a green card, he is a illigal Dictator and has done nothing but evil undermining the US constitution and setting up the DC  take over of USA by his NAZI team DHS. This is to much to believe. This is not AAmichael or Christ Michael but its the Visitors work.Adonai


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