I recently read someone’s article who says that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters will come down and remove ALL KARMA from us… I must put my 2 cents into this. That is NOT possible! I work with light workers daily, and removing someone’s karma is taking away their FREE WILL.

Whenever I would ask the guides, angels and galactic to help me remove someone’s Karma, I would always hear it over and over again “THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

You can negotiate to get someone out of some contractual obligations that they have made in previous lifetimes with various “dark entities” providing that they have almost completed the contracts, but you cannot ever remove someone’s KARMA.

The only way to remove Karma is to UNDERSTAND IT.”

So when people come to me and say I want to cut cords with this person or that, the only way you can truly do that is by FORGIVING THAT PERSON!

By forgiving your own self for being in that situation and by UNDERSTANDING the reasons for that person’

s behavior. Most of the time when you start to think about this, you are going to find that out of all the mess that you think that person made out of your life, YOU were the one who was responsible for 50% of it!

But more so than that you will see that these people whom you keep blaming for your troubles, are exactly the same people who have done something good for you.

That boss that you hated and you had to quit your job and find another, has pushed you in the direction to change your life by creating an atmosphere where you simply had to leave. Etc. etc.,

And another thing, we can run from one relationship to the next, but until we stop and fully examine our own selves and understand that most of the issues we are faced with are coming from within us, and those on the outside are simply there reflecting everything that’s happening within us back to us, we will keep facing the same situations over and over again.

Just think about it, how many times have you quit on some relationship with someone, be it work, love, etc., only to find yourself in a very similar situation with other people involved.

It would seem that everything should have changed, but until you learn the lessons involved, until you fully examine where the problem is coming from, and what is causing this to keep happening the issue simply won’t go away, and so won’t your KARMA, so you will keep being faced over and over again with the same challenge, same people, or different people, but the same situation.

So the only way to change your life (i.e. your karma as many of us understand it to be) is to learn from your previous “mistakes – which aren’t mistakes but incredible experiences”, understand where everything is coming from and most importantly STOP BLAMING THE OTHER PERSON!

We are so used to blaming everyone around us, it makes us feel good for 5 seconds max, and then we still have to face our own selves and learn to our horror that mostly it’s coming from US.

Because if it wasn’t, then the situation wouldn’t bother us at all! Remember by BLAMING another for your troubles you’re GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER!

Because you believe that someone else holds the keys to YOUR LIFE. That simply is NOT SO!

I’ll give you an example, say you’re meeting with your family and there’s someone who is very annoying to you, yet to other family members the same person seems like a gem.

You go there and you simply cannot understand why is everyone head over heels in love with this guy, when you clearly see that he’s has such and such traits that should make him be disliked. The point to realize here is that YOU believe that his traits are negative, and his traits are bothering YOU because of something that’s happening inside of you.

It’s the same thing as saying the glass is half empty, full, and what not.

My whole point here is that you cannot remove another person’s KARMA/EXPERIENCE you are the only one that can do that.

So stop waiting for someone else to step in and experience your life for you, because believe me there are plenty of souls that WISH to be in your place, and I mean it as I see it happening daily! They cannot wait to get into your body and live your life for you, but that means that you would need to give up prime real-estate that YOU have been fighting long and hard to get into.

You don’t remember this, but before you were born you literally had to make hundreds of thousands of contracts with various souls in order to experience the journey you’re on now, and on top of that you actually had at least a hundred others who wanted to be in your place and yet YOU managed to “fight” your way through every obstacle of your birth in order to get here.

So now that you’re here ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!!!! And if you don’t like the way your life is going CHANGE IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE!


Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker.

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  • In tantra there is a way to remove Karma from your birth chart... meaning horoscope. You can nullify past karma, but you are continuously making new ones, so that's a big problem, unless you are practicing abstinence in a big way.

    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,

  • Another entity to solve our own past life issues who has past life issues themself? I don't think I can accept that.

  • i agree with this,i have always seen karma as a lesson,and would never dream of trying to take this away from anyone.for me there is a positive and what we call negative in any situation i always choose  the positive asking myself what did i get from that.I am me because of all i have done and allowed to be done,I can accept everything that has happened to me.I am a loving being and although i often think im sure there was an easy way of learning all the things ive learned I am also aware if it had been different i would not be me as i am now.So i thank myself and anyone who has taught me to be the being that i now am,and i welcome karma for future growth.

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  • Oldest eternal one,

    I forgave the 2 men that raped me when I was 6

    I have forgiven my mother for holding me down with a knife to my throat. Telling me she's going to kill me.(forgiven in the last few days. Thanks to Amma's help).

    forgiveness is a choice.

    and I forgive because it is my innocence that is compromised.

    it is my life that is affected.

    and I AM accountable for all aspects of my life. Regardless of circumstance.

    Karma is that which uses fear to blind us to all but one choice under certain conditions.

    Which consequently forces us to overcome our fears if we want to discover the the other possible chcices.

    As far as I', aware,no one can remove your karma for you

    It would defeat the purpose of the test of energy if they could.

    We can ask the universe for help. And the universe responds by giving us the synchronicities we need.

    The universe leads us to the door.

    It is up to us to walk through it by facing our fears and choosing a different response to what we normally would.

    it is no ones fault if we keep making the sane choice,

    People say I've tried everything but nothing works.

    Clear;y this isn't true.

    There is always a solution.

    This new energy facilitates the removal of karma by exposing us to our fears and giving us nowhere to hide.

    And it is possible to direct your higher self to do so

    Regardless, you are being led to the door.

    You have to chose to step through.

  • it is possible that the Gods & Goddesses have decreed the removal of all karma in order to bring in the new Heaven and Earth, or to co-create Heaven on Earth.  Indeed that's part of the teachings of the Kwan Yin and the Dalai Lama, giving dharma rather than karma, also a Christ teaching - love your enemies, bless those who persecute you etc.  But then we all have our own journeys, live and let live and all that, namaste. 

  • Completely agree with this article <3

  • There are some things that cannot be forgiven.  STOP telling only the side of truth that you people want to.  There is a side of truth THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO FACE.

    There are SOME THINGS that CANNOT be forgiven.

  • The anagram of karma is A MARK.  To have a mark on you.

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