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  • this is how i feel about my children(the 3 daughters are adults now,) i will always shower them with soul love,and anyone can be vindictive,and cold hearted to there children have a lot of soul learning to do.8113538886?profile=original

  • Childhood abuse takes it's toll...yes. But once freedom from the oppression is attained it is for the abused to seek their own destiny. We are not all standing in line to have our ears tickled as you might imagine. Your truth is your truth, as it is for others to discover theirs. Would you be a beacon for others to find light? Then do not throw shadows.

    We are not all programmed, but each have the opportunity in every present moment to forward our progress.

    Disdain...distrust...these are not the higher vibrations.

    Love is taught by those who have ascended through their own trials to reach beyond their own experience.

    God is Love. Truth is Love. Light is Love. 

    And you

    are Loved.

    What will you do now?

    What can each of us do now?

    Manifest our own reality. Share the Blessings we have...the Love we have. What greater gift can you bestow upon another?


    Yes, share your knowledge. Unless it is given in the Spirit of Love, it is hollow..a sounding brass instrument of discord....of ....I......of ego. Yes?

  • Comet ISON is beautiful! Gorgeous!

  • The world as we know it (civilizations) on this planet have come and gone several times. It is no mystery that this will occur again at some point in time. 

    There is no point in being fearful or angry or suspicious, nor in teaching others they must be so.

    As traveled as you are Hawksblood you have carried all the BS with you from life to life and it is not serving you. The one thing that has eluded you and continues to elude you is peace. The next great exploration is to discover why.

  • Thanks Ara, for posting the November image of ISON, which clearly demonstrates a greenish/pinkish spectral type celestial body.....and more proof that it is NOT the "blue star kachina," described by the Hopi....

    I have stated already what the kachina is, earlier in this is a particular star and not to be confused with a comet...

    This question was presented by Ben, with regards to ISON, and allows us to answer it fully, with proofs and data on the subject, in aid of clarity...


    Blessings, Drekx Omega

  • @Hawksblood1 ;) i like your rational thinking ...

    people tend to instinctively use emotions for decision making rather than assessing the facts in front of them. Which is obvious: if any race doesn’t change it dies (happened before) … so this is not the first time ‘humanity’ facing the change, nor the last - prophesy or not, and this change will test us all: bring out the best in us or the worse in us.

  • This link vid is good study.

  • based on the Hubble Images ison is not blue anymore it is greenish + some ...

    april image:

    8114958064?profile=originalNov.  image;

    8114957886?profile=originalso is it a blue kachina?

  • Dear Hawksblood,

    You are so consumed by the darkness that you refuse to see the light. There is a world of people now who know that sports and sex isnt the answer...who know the dark side of humanity lives with the light. But to wail constantly over the ills of world will not help it.Only by one joining to one joining to one in love will we create change. We are much further advanced than even 50, even 15 yrs ago. We are growing into the future in spite of ourselves. I hope you are volunteering where ever you can to lighten the burden you carry. It will help you immensely.

  • seen this image in my email today from will add it here,whether or not it has any true significance,only time will tell,if it was designed by deceptive goverments,or it is true in design from a higher frequency of a Astral Realm.8114959059?profile=originalIMAGE TITLE" ISON CROP CIRCLE".

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