The following is an extract from a gathering where Kuthumi challenged us (and we felt the entire family of Lightworkers) to begin to connect more and actually do something about what is happening in our global society. To this end we Heather & Lou of Ascension Explorers & the group we connect with each Monday night are posting this in as many places as seems to fit to reach as many lightworkers.

We choose to reach out and connect in the consciousness of the New Energy, the Consciousness of Beingness and the allowing the Cords of Connection to reach out and connect with the different families of Light Workers around the world.

Perhaps if we can come together in one agreement and speak the truth, we can begin to see the light penetrate into the dark realms of dogma, belief systems and suppression.

From Kuthumi’s message Monday 16 Feb 2015, brought through by Louise James of Ascension Explorers ©

…”Now, structurally this year is undergoing great changes. You’ve already experienced the changes; you have already seen some of the manoeuvres that the Universe is going to throw at the planet.

You may or may not have seen the meteorite that skipped across your stratosphere, the ionosphere of your planet, yes? You may or may not have heard the big explosion that they call the sonic boom of it hitting the atmosphere but this is just a glimpse of what is out there ready to connect to you in a physical and non physical form.

Imagine if you will this was a knock on the door, yes? A ‘are you there, did you see me?’ And yes, your scientists are quite correct, it was a meteorite, it was a piece of rock that was hurtling through the night sky and it entered into your stratosphere, into your atmosphere.

Now, this is nothing new, your Universe sends to you on a daily basis a multitude of meteorites, some you see, and some you don’t. But what is different is that this has drawn an almost nation-wide awareness to the energy that is around your planet at the moment.

It is a pregnant energy.
What is happening globally is that there is much tension, much anticipation, and anxiety. There are many nations ‘under the gun’ so to speak and the peoples of those nations are at breaking point and in many ways we are jubilant, we are ecstatic; because when the people come to the point of breaking, they choose!

Change, or not; and if they choose change and they open up to the potentials of what is out here for them, what is in the land, in the Universal connection, then they are open to so much more potentially, but how will they know if there is no-one to tell them.

And so what we are doing around the globe is we are connecting with Light
Workers and we are saying ‘speak your words directly to the nations’ government heads. Spin the Swords of Truth with Michael over the united governments that are creating dilemmas for their nations by inaction or incorrect action.

There are groups around your world that are causing disharmony, disruption and illegal deaths, in the eyes of humanity. Spin the Sword of Truth, of exposure.
It is time for great changes and just as it has been announced by Kryon, by ourselves, that as you progress you will see many things come to pass in your political realms that you would rather not see, it is now time to take action.

These are the structural things. This is your part in connecting to the energy of this global change. For the Universe wants to bring peace, Gaia wants to bring peace, wants to bring rest, wants to bring a space for the evolvement of higher connection. But whilst there is the dogma of radical religious belief systems it acts as a plug, as a cap that we cannot reach through.

But we can reach through and we can speak to a few individuals but they think they are going crazy because of all the tension.
So, dear ones, we ask that you would, as connected as you are, connect to the other groups of light workers around this planet and begin to speak to the relative groups that you feel together and individually need the sword of truth spun around them, to bring either their dissolvement and exposure, or healing.

Whatever is the necessary movement required to bring peace in those relative places so that Gaia, so that the Universe can sweep in and touch those places with peace, with love, with compassion, with healing, to allow them to evolve to where you are.

These are the structural changes. You’ve achieved this. It is easy and it is gently done. It is not with hammer and tong; it is with gentleness.
So this is what I place before you. A little bit of a heavy challenge but I don’t think it is too heavy because we are connected in the consciousness with you.

If you feel into the consciousness of the energy around your planet at the moment you feel this discordancy, you feel the misalignment of the geometrical patterning within the sacred geometry of your patterns of your planet.

This needs to come into alignment for the next waves of the glorious golden age to break upon your planet.
There are, unfortunately, forces still in this planetary system that want to hold you all back, that want to keep you locked in a status quo of ‘oh well this is our lot. We die, we live, we die, we live.’

No, there is the Golden Age as we have spoken before. It is still here, still breaking forward. Still crashing wave upon wave into your lives, and into your nations. The consciousness is here, connect into it here together as a united group, take that energy and connect into other groups around the nation, around the planet and you will find there will be changes.

Changes that you will see, changes that you will hear, observe, and changes that will come about and you will look and go ‘well when did that happen?’ but you know that they have happened because you started something tonight.

It’s not by thinking about it my darlings, it’s not by giving a good intent, it’s by speaking to the energy that has been created by the dogma and the belief systems of certain groups of peoples that is tying up the free will and the consciousness of other humans. I’m not asking you to undo it, I’m asking you to speak to the aspects, speak to the belief systems and spin the sword, it is time.

A little bit of a different gathering tonight but important all the same. I am your friend, I am your mentor, I am Kuthumi and I love each one of you, I observe you all in your day to days.

I laugh with you, I camp with you, I travel with you, I am with you, I love you and I share your moments with you. I ask that you would join us, join Cifehtr, myself, the Great Councils as we begin to penetrate with the Sword of Truth with Michael at the front and his warriors, because change is about to happen.

I am Kuthumi. Thank you my friends. Namaste.

Please feel free to share this message but you are asked to retain the integrity of the message and acknowledge the source of where it is from.
Ascension Explorers © 2015


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