by Astraelia,  extracts from:

As a solution to the problem of the invasion of parts of this universe by a contingent of dark negative races coming from another universe and that have at the moment subjugated 20 planets including ours, God has created a new dimension above all the existing one, a 12th dimension of Light. This will cause to lift up all existing dimension up one dimensional step. So it is an event of cosmic proportion that will be happening, and this dimensional shift is called the Ascension Process.

This Dimensional Ascension will proceed in good part through principles of advanced celestial technology that is beyond our actual capacity of understanding. But to my best understanding, it will also proceed in a substancial percentage of the cases, through a technology many are already familiar with. It is the capacity of celestrial spaceships to beam up or translate through a light tunnel a human being aboard their very large motherships.

This has happened before, a long time ago on this planet, when many Indian tribes that were faithful to the Light, had been given safe harbour for many centuries on the Celestrial home planet, until the conditions were propicious again for their safe return on Earth after a similar large scale event that did occur here.

ASCENSION will be a TRIFURCATION of humanity. A separation of humanity into 3 distinct
groups according to the respective spiritual frequency level each individual will have attain in this life and the long sequence of successive reincarnations we have all been through.

1) THE ASCENSION GROUP: All the committed spiritual people, and those that have acquired deep understanding of the spiritual dimension behind the presence of positive spiritual  extraterrestrials in this end of cycle time of 2012, and that have made a conscious and mindful decision and choice to ascend with the spiritual ascension of 2012, will ascend to 4th and 5th dimensional realms of existence with a renewed mother Earth, and will have the great blessings to live the return of the celestrials to Earth and will be able to receive their spiritual teachings and will be reunited with the Light. All 3th dimensional aspects will disappear, our body will be transformed to Light bodies of a crystaline nature, and we will live in harmony and love with our mother Gaia and our blessed brothers and sisters from the celestrial realms.
Some will be able to live and work in collaboration with the celestrials, and visit their planets, and come and go between the celestrial worlds and Earth, according to the requirements of their mission. This will be more of a paradise than we can even conceive at the moment. We will be reunited with our higher self and we will live in constant union with the Light and Love of Prime Creator in our hearts.

2) THE DISPLACED GROUP: All the good people of Earth that compose the majority of the population, that have not awaken to the existing manipulation on Earth by the dark controllers of our institutional network, and that have not proceed in their life time toward a spiritual evolution, will remain on 3th dimensional level, but not on this Earth. They will very gently be beamed and transported to other existing 3th dimensional planets, but without any existence of covert manipulative dark influence as it has been the case on this planet since the invasion of earth by a contingent of the dark force that occured about 500,000 years ago. So it will be like living in a paradise compare to the conditions we have here at the moment.

3) THE DARK CONTINGENT: The quantum raising of frequency vibrations of mother earth, will make this planet unlivable for the dark souls. All the remaining dark souls that have been part in the conspiracy since millenium, and that are spiritually negative beings will be removed from earth completely. They will be thrown into the central sun of the galaxy, and their soul existence will become extinct.


Of our own we cannot adopt an attitude of coming “ready or not”,
but as has often been intimated,
there is a date whereby we must get started with the program for cleansing the Earth.

Also the sooner we can openly converse with you,
the quicker your energies can be put into positive action that is in alignment with Ascension.

Those of you who chose to be part of that process, will already have been awakening to the golden opportunity that presents itself. We would like to think that very few, if any of you with that in mind coming into this incarnation would fail to rise up to the challenge.




--  There is certainly no lack of assistance,
and once you declare your intent to take to the path of Ascension,
many souls of Light will guide and accompany you.  

--  The upliftment from where you are now to Christ consciousness will not be very long,
as you would measure time.

--  There are key points all along the way to that exalted state of being, and one is 2012
when there shall be a great input of energy into your solar system
that will affect every living form.  

--  There will be a quantum leap in consciousness,
and you shall take your place again amongst the Masters.

--  All of this is quite natural when a solar cycle is completed,
and it is as much a clearing out as a cleansing.

--  Your dreams of moving into a higher state of being will be more than fulfilled.



The GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT is the large armada of many thousands starships coming from numerous advanced celestrial civilizations that have accepted to come to the help of humanity and Mother Earth in these paramount times. We are most fortunate that these long lost members of the human family have accepted to provide benevolently their help to us. They have come mainly for 3 great priorities.

- To help and guide all those that are spiritually ready and willing into the process of the spiritual ascension into a higher dimensional frequency level that will occur around 2012.

- To contribute to the liberation of humanity from the covert institutional power seizure of the Illuminati secret society and it's secret alliance with negative extraterrestrial races.

- To provide help to humanity in the occurence of some major natural perturbations. They would provide assistance in terms of food, shelter, free energy devices and a possible mass evacuation in their large mother ship if and when it becomes absolutely necessary. The possible spectrum of events that might generate such large scale survival crisis are many and may dynamically compound together:

- It covers a possible SUN MAGNETIC SUPER STORM that would occur at it's peak in december 2012. This solar cycle is well known and predicted by our science. Such magnetic storm would collapse all electrical grids and burn the ships of all computer systems. Nothing anymore will work in our technological society.
This very real possibility has already happened on Earth around 1984 when a mega magnetic storm hit Earth, and all the East coast of the North America continent saw it's electric grid collapse for almost a whole week.

(But recent NASA stereo films of the sun have capture at least 5 giant planetoid size UFO around the sun whose size can be estimated to be as large or larger than the size of out planet Earth.  This is an extraordinary confirmation about the existence and presence of these numerous planetoid UFO that have been revealed to be in our solar system by messages from the Galactic Federation of Light chaneled by Sheldan Nidle. These Planetoid UFO where seen coming in and out of the sun as it was used as a dimensional portal. So there seems to be a major process of healing and transmutation of the sun going on with the assitance of these giant planetoid UFO of the Galactic Federation. It has been said that the sun would play a major role in the dimensional transformation that will soon see.)

- the GRAVITATIONAL PERTURBATION BY NIBIRU and ensuing giant tsunami caused by the cyclic returning of the planet Nibiru.
( Latest reports from the Galactic Federation reveal that Nibiru's trajectory has been modified and that it will be no more a perturbation influence in the 2012 scenario.)

(The Galactic Federation has revealed that it is now proceeding in a very progressive way to the righting up of the tilt of Earth rotational axis, in order to bring it back to it's original state. They are doing this over a long period of time in a manner that will bring a minimum of perturbation possible.)

- a MEGA GAMMA RAY WAVE COMING FROM THE CENTRAL SUN OF OUR GALAXY that the ancients have known to occur cyclically every 26,500 thousands years and is now predicted for december 21 2012. (All time travel machines coming from technological exchange arrangement with extraterrestrials, that where existing on Earth have been disassembled, based on the advices from human from the future, since these devices have been known to spontaneously activate themselves at the moment of alignment with the Galactic Central Sun, with the consequence that they multiplied the energy coming from the center of the galaxy, sending an excessive amount of energy to the Earth crust, with the consequence that mega earthquakes are produced. This dangerous threat is now out of the scenario.)

The important thing to remember is that the Galactic federation is here. There is an astounding Armada around Earth and in our solar system of the order of million of star ships of all sizes, role and origin and they have received the mandate from Prime Creator to assure that all that want to ascend ascend safely with the dimensional shift to 4th and 5th. dimension. We are about to become butterflies of light coming from their cocoon... They do have the means to influence at many levels the nature of the transformations that are coming. The Galactic Federation of Light insures us they are actively and successfully working to alleviate the potential impact of these possible perturbations. They are here to insure the full success of the spiritual ascension process on decree of the Prime Creator of this Universe. They are what we here on earth call Angels. Angels are a lot more than we have been told, they are also our ancestral brothers and sisters who have sown Earth with the beautiful Light Beings we were before our Planet was invaded Eons ago by a contingent of the Dark forces. The Celestrial forces are coming here to help to recreate a New Spiritual Age of Light on Earth and a new Era of collaboration and exchanges with the numerous advanced spiritual civilizations from other inhabited planets we have been cut off from since thousands of years.)


About the difference in tone and outlook that are perceivable between the messages coming from different Star Nations, the Pleiadians, Andromedans or Sirian messages, and those coming from ex-military or scientific whistle blowers that where part of top secret joint ventures between the secret government and different extraterrestrial races.

There are 4 levels of explanations for these differences:

1) Each Galactic Nation has taken the responsibility to reveal a different aspect or angle of what is going on, according to their respective role and area of expertise, the Pleaidian having often taken the role of talking about the most difficult aspects we have to learn about the situation, Salusa from the Sirian star nation being the most optimistic and confident, the mesages from the Andromedans being somewhere in between.

Originally, the Pleiadians where supposed to be the forefront star nation coming to our help because they have had the greatest involvement with Earth in the far past. But they have dragged their feet, and had a hard time dealing with their own karma and errors they did relating to their past with the eventual demise of the civilization of Atlantis that started like a great civilization of light and finally got infiltrated and corrupted by the illuminati secret society.ect. So they have gone to the Andromedans and asked for their help, because the Andromedans had no past involvement with us and where therefore completely neutral, and it is now that Andromedan council who have inherited the first role as leaders of the coalition of star nations.

2) the messages are not all of the same age, some are very recent, other are 5 or 10 years old, and a lot of things have evolved since.

I remember 5 to 10 years ago, the involvement, help and direct intervention of the Galactic Federation was far from being acquired. Messages from this period will reflect this.

But there has been a huge evolution in the last 2-4 years on this aspect. The Galactic Federation have received a clear and unequivocal mandate of intervention from Prime Creator, who have lift off the normal law of non intervention that exist usually between advanced cosmic civilizations and more primitive emerging civilizations like ours.

3) Almost all the insiders and whistle blowers who have worked in secret government joint ventures with different extraterrestrial races have had contact ONLY with the negative control oriented Extraterrestrials, and often are completely unaware of the whole agenda, presence and important involvement of the positive spiritually advanced Celestrials and Celestials. This understandably leads to a darker tunnel vision because to the US secret government, the Angels of the Light which the Celestrials are, are enemies and they do everything to hide and diminish their power and influence on events.

4)  Also for the most part, these ex-military or scientific personal, due to their social environment and upbringing, have had relatively little opportunity for their own spiritual development and understanding of the deep spiritual meaning behind the whole phenomenon of extraterrestrial interventions on our planet both from the spiritually advanced civilizations, that are part of the Angelic realms, and the regressive civilizations that are under the control of the dark energy that have invaded parts of this Universe. All the hope that the presence of the Galactic Federation represent is sadly absent in the evaluation of the situation that these point of view represents.

So there is hope, and we are asked to believe that the hope and faith we create in our hearts do have a powerful influence in the overall dynamic of the shift of the Ages.



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  • This is so awesome!  It should be required reading for all chelas seeking understanding :)  Thank you for sharing this with us. 
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