Initiating Self Love to Evolve the Planet

8108914693?profile=originalThere was a time in the distant past where our reality was more malleable and dreamlike. The veils were thinner and magic was used to mediate the harsh offerings of forming reality. Evolution progressed at a slow pace over billions of years. One million years ago, mankind began its journey towards who we are today.

There are many mysteries to be explored when considering the evolution of mankind. Strong leaps of development occurred at key moments in our history. Many have theorized, through archeological records, that other civilizations were able to make it to Earth and share knowledge and technology.

Matriarchal rule promoted egalitarian societies. The Goddess, as a source of life, was honored as divinity. Nature provided a backdrop of wonder, order and alignment with the heavens. Priestesses initiated collective ceremony to create harmony and beauty.

Suddenly, in archeological terms, a specific matrix of reality was established here on Earth. In this matrix, reality was fixed to one that was ego based and unchanging in its base structure. It was constructed to pull participants into patterns of duality, self- destruction, survival, greed and separation, making them controllable. The ultimate goal was to elevate oneself to a controlling position in one of the hierarchies of religion, government, work/corporations or organized crime. This is called being successful.

Today, most humans are unconsciously hijacked into logging on to this reality structure. Our egos flare moment to moment as we encounter the world of duality. By agreement, humans must be policed and legislated through authoritative structures. We submit to being controlled. Through our uncontrolled egoic impulses as humans, we make choices that then increase the need for more control. Laws are made every day to combat the inclination of humans towards survival, greed and power.

Who initiated this matrix that promotes duality, hierarchical rule and a reality of survival, suffering and illusion? Who maintains it to this day? These forces of influence are called controllers, existing on both the energetic and physical planes. They exist behind the scenes, yet are also placed in areas of government and religion throughout the world. They initiate the structure and laws of this reality to most often suit their personal needs and to keep the masses under control.

The most dangerous aspect of this reality grid is the controllers’ mind. The installation of the controllers’ mind into human consciousness has turned humans into ego-based organisms. While humans have developed the ability to reason, they largely use this reason to create separation and to initiate self-destructive actions. It is noted that we are the only species on this planet that knowingly engages in activity that leads to our destruction on a mass level.

The controllers’ mind is able to easily infiltrate unaware minds and influence the thoughts of the masses to be self-denigrating, suspicious, judgmental, delusional, obsessed and indulgent.  Just watch your thoughts for an entire afternoon as you interact with the world.

Human’s only recourse against this instillation is to interrupt this thought programming with specific mantras, positive thoughts and the vibration of love. Many of the world’s spiritual leaders observe this and offer humans the keys to interrupting this influence.

I was introduced to the actual underlying façade of the grid one afternoon after using a mantra supplied to me by the Avatars. During this meditation, I repeate8108914470?profile=originald this mantra with no intention in mind. Suddenly, a linear grid appeared before me, moving out in all directions. It was vibrating, alive.

I continued reciting the mantra. Now the mantra consolidated into a vibration, opening up the grid. This vibration then began to infiltrate the lines of the grid, appearing to weaken it. Over and over I repeated the mantra, one by one the lines of the grid disappeared before me. New lines appeared, awaiting the attention of the mantra. I continued repeating the mantra, breaking it down into phrases and observing its effect on the dissipating grid.

Soon, I found my attention traveling down the grid as the mantra was absorbing the linear lines of control. There was a feeling of liberation, of seeing and of purpose.

After that session, I used the mantra and visited the grid several times. I wondered what effect this would have on my life or the world around me.

At first, I experienced a period of flow, abundance, power and joy. I thought my reality into being, making choices that aligned with my moment-to-moment purpose.

Yet soon, the piper had to be paid. I had to be exposed to the truth about my own control issues: resistance to control by others as well as my inclination to control situations and other beings.. The Ego flared and issues erupted. Suddenly I was sucked into a vortex, begging resolution of my instincts of control. I wanted to react, defend and counter-control. Suffering ensued and I could find no peace.

It soon became clear that I needed to put worldly attention on these matters while seeking a solution energetically.

With great fortune, we happened to gather on the night of a Full Moon. In one meditation, we were asked to contemplate current matters that were disturbing our field. We were then directed to employ the Encode of Loving Kindness, through the Christos, Gaia and Buddhic mudras and direct these invoked energies to ourselves, via our heart center.

The Avatars are very clear that it is difficult to love or be loved if one does not love one’s self. So many of our thoughts and beliefs are self-denigrating. So many negative thoughts are not those of the true Self, but instead, the emanations from the controllers’ mind, manifesting as our ego. If we can but interrupt their flow through perception, we are on our way to interrupting the controller’s matrix.

In addition, The Avatars added, merely thinking or repeating the word LOVE is an interruption to the controller’s mind. This mantra, repeated over and over, trips the signal of the controller’s matrix, much as a circuit breaker. Every time one feels love for another or the self, they break the flow of ego, i.e., the controllers’ mind. Every moment you spend intending love or using Love as a mantra, it breaks the circuit. In addition, time is not a factor and love can be directed through the grid to past hurts, unloved childhood moments and future anticipated stresses. Since all moments in our consciousness are happening simultaneously, any moment in our timelines may be mediated by LOVE.

One could say that our evolution depends on resolving duality with LOVE. One could also extrapolate and say that the future of the planet depends on our resolve to dissipate the lines of the egoic grid with LOVE. Whatever your evolutionary intention is, begin by invoking the power of self-love whenever the negative voice sounds off in within you.

The mantra for disassembling the matrix must couple with one that creates a fabric of LOVE to take hold in this reality. These must be taught in a certain order, with attention to resolving our aberrant timelines. This technology will be offered in the near future to those who are ready to participate in ushering in a free world for all beings.

Yet the power to initiate this shift is already in your hands and in your heart. There are several ways to interrupt the flow of the controllers’ mind into your consciousness.

First, turn to the mantra LOVE, in any language. It is as simple as saying or thinking the word LOVE. Repeated over and over, this simple word will quiet the controller’s mind that seeks to keep you from your inherent freedom. You may clarify this: “I LOVE myself” or “I LOVE you, unconditionally.”

Secondly, engage with the encode mantra sequence for Loving Kindness. Simply hold the three mudras shown below, in this sequence while you direct this loving kindness towards your most precious self.8108915064?profile=original8108914483?profile=original

8108914897?profile=originalThirdly, offer LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to anyone and everyone that instigates judgment or resistance in your mind or body. Without any other effort, you are upgrading the vibration of the planet, with a single thought. How marvelously powerful and brilliant of you…..

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