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Information regarding the current situation and whatwill follow for humanity in the next months from the extraterrestrialperspective

Referring to the events that will take place in the coming months (up until September), the most important aspect we wish to highlight is the FEAR which many people could allow themselves to be caught by. This negative emotion, when it dominates the human being causes much harm, both at the individual and global level (regarding the transformations that will take place on Earth in all domains of activity). Starting with the months that will follow, these transformations will become clearer, developing in the coming years.
Fear is not always clearly shown; it can be nuanced, taking the form of DENIAL in most circumstances. In such cases, it is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, which actually is FEAR MANIFESTED TOWARD THE IMMINENT TRANSFORMATIONS that will take place in our life.
The discoveries and revelation that will start to appear from the second half of July will test the instinctive reaction of many human beings. The control of FEAR is fundamental in the current period, especially from the perspective of the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial life and the connections of certain extraterrestrial civilisations with our planet and humanity. Thus it is absolutely and even urgently necessary to eliminate fear, because it blocks the possibility of both action and wonderful help which beneficial extraterrestrial beings could offer us in their kindness.

From this perspective, we wish to especially highlight the contribution of the Sirian civilisation from the Sirius A system, which through the team of the mothership Anais – this huge spaceship is near to Earth in the etheric plane – maintains a very necessary balance in these difficult times and contributes greatly to the preparation of the vibrational leap of humanity and our planet.
For those who have already seen our documentary film: Comet Ison. The Event. The truth about it things are quite clear. In this film the response of the commander of the mothership, the Sirian AMUN, was clearly presented, regarding the help they can offer us.
The Sirians are advanced extraterrestrial beings from a spiritual viewpoint, who know the laws of manifestation in Universe very well, acting in complete conformity with them. Everything they do is highlighted by the necessity of the existence of HARMONY and the respect for the FREE WILL of human beings.
However, AMUN indicated that in order for them to be able to help us, it is necessary first of all that we work, ask and call for this help, because without our initiative the Sirians cannot do anything. It is true, we are not alone, in the sense that they are always nearby and ready to help us; but they cannot do what has been given us to do. In other words, without the contribution of human beings, they cannot do anything. This explains our initiative in this direction, the connection with them (the Sirians) and our call to you. Opening yourself to the reality of their existence will practically open a new world for you, one which many of you have never even dared dream about until now.
THE EVENT, as an extraordinary energetic manifestation and profound transformation at the spiritual level of humanity, will take place without fail, even if some do not believe this. The Sirians transmitted to us firmly and unequivocally that THE EVENT represents the fundamental vibrational leap which humanity will soon experience.
Furthermore, they also told us that due to the hastening of certain events and situations (by approximately 3 years) instead of their normal rate, the premises for a subtle transfer of energy from the future are being created. Such transfers of energy will presently bring the focus of energetic manifestation of what will be in the future, making the transformations at the spiritual level of humanity more easily achievable and the transformations quicker. The obvious effects of such energetic manifestations through such portals will be predominantly felt at the end of the third energetic implementation of „Comet Ison”; the last of which will take place in July this year.
In other words, this summer the first result will be felt and will be manifested in the spiritual plane and also the technological, cultural and social planes as a result of the efforts made up until now and the subtle transformations which have already taken place on earth. There will also be some extraordinary archaeological discoveries and some amazing revelations about the real history of humanity. We will present details of this in a GALACTIS documentary on the Esoteric Golden Spirit YouTube channel.
The activity of our centre of spiritual resonance and contact with beneficial extraterrestrial civilisations (and especially with the Sirian civilisation from the Sirius A system) has already become powerful, attracting more and more human beings who are interested in this area. Also the international response is extraordinary and shows a certain authentic covering by those who are interested in this activity. The stunning synchronicities that appear almost everywhere, the international interviews and conferences held by us, the remarkable testimonies which have been sent to us and the aspiration of certain people abroad, who constantly help us in our work because of the information presented and the effectiveness of our site show, without doubt, the ascendant trend which our initiative has had in recent months.
In the period which will follow we will present more documentaries and new information, which will clarify even more all these aspects, and also elements relating to the true origin of human beings and the succession of the ancient civilisations on our planet. We will also present, in another series of documentaries, fundamental elements about the formations of our galaxy and about the causality at the base of such galactic phenomena, as they were portrayed to us by a very spiritually evolved conscious soul, of Sirian origins, whose name is Nagal.
We thus hope as many of you as possible understand this information correctly and feel the authenticity contained in it. We will thus become a redoubtable spiritual force, a fundamental pole of the great transformations that will follow soon.

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