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Folks continue to want information on Inelia. Here are a number of questions and their answers on a most unusual individual from her blogsite. Thanks to Jeannie A.
Questions and Answers
After all these years of working quietly and invisibly, why have you now decided to go public with all this information?
I’ve always followed by intuition, my ‘Guides’, Source, and my ‘Higher Self’ – a “group” I call our ‘Entourage’. On January 2010, I received a request by my Entourage to go public – become a public figure.
At the time, and even now, I did not know why this was requested, and I did not know how to go about it.
I decided to accept the new assignment, rolled up my sleeves and began to research how to go about it.  A few days later I set up

Throughout my life, I’ve always followed this guidance process without question. This was no exception. I knew what I had to do. It always works out.

You mentioned that choosing your ‘assignments’ (or, ‘missions’ or ‘targets’) is not your own decision. Can you say more about the source that provides you with this guidance? How does this reach you?

The information reaches me by various means. Sometimes it’s very clear.
For example, in early January 2011 I woke up one morning with the words ‘Bill’ and ‘Avalon’ in my mind, simply but clearly, and that was all. I Googled the terms, and quickly found Bill Ryan from Project Avalon. At this point, all I could do was to join his forum and let him know I existed.  Due to the laws of this particular reality, the person who has been assigned to me has to make contact with me him- or herself. All I can do is let them know I am there.On other occasions, the guidance is more subtle and consists of observed correlations and synchronicities that reach me as messages in symbolic form. I’ve learned to decode this ‘language’ for my own use and that, too, always works out.
Going back to Bill Ryan’s example, in this particular case it was more than an assignment.  We soon found out we had much in common, and had the same goal, so we decided to team up and start working together on the public arena.
Do your assignments have any common denominator? When did you first realize that you were being given assignments? Do you ever turn down any assignments, or decide not to proceed?

The common denominator (although sometimes the exact process is only clear after the event) is that my taking on the assignments has a contributory effect on raising the vibration of the planet and the human race. Sometimes the effect is large, and sometimes smaller, but it’s always there.
I realized that this was happening when I was quite a young child.
I do have the choice to turn down an assignment. But if I do say NO, then things usually go badly wrong in some way. And it is not a pleasant thing to watch someone’s life go terribly wrong when my presence might have made a difference in the outcome of their mission or situation.
Of course, there are also situations where a person, or myself, want a specific outcome to a situation.  But they have not been assigned to me by Source. In this case, there is absolutely nothing that can be done.
The reason is that, in fact, I DO NOTHING myself. I simply provide the focus or presence for Source to come through and do its job.  Why is that necessary? Because there are situations where people, for example, are being attacked from all sides, and need some support. And others where the person themselves has a block or disconnect from Source, that has them stuck in a certain situation.  Other situations require a skill that I have developed, or not lost in this life journey, and can be learned by them to help them achieve something.
Why does the source of your information or guidance want to ‘raise this planet’s vibration’? Can you say more about what this means?
This is a good question. I have no personal attachment to the planet (although I think she is absolutely beautiful both physically and as a sentient being). Nor do I have a particular attachment to the human collective.  But, I have known from the beginning that the vibrational level had to be raised.  I had no vocabulary or learning to translate this knowing as a child and young adult. I have simply known that it is what needs to be done.
The reasons why were not relevant to me.  But due to others’ inquiring minds, I have had to look at that question myself.

What I found out, was that the planet and human collective are ready to “graduate” into a higher awareness field. But there are many factors and agendas which have been intending to trick, trap and enslave humanity and the planet. My job (and that of very many others) is to counter those.
When you say ‘shift’, what do you mean exactly? Timeline shift, vibrational shift… can you elaborate?
Timeline shift and vibrational shift are closely related.
The word refers to a change in direction, a period of time/space that has a huge potential for growth. If it is sabotaged, huge destruction can ensue. If it is supported, there are no limits to how much expansion of awareness and experience can be achieved.
Certain individuals have said to me things like, “without suffering there is no growth,” or, “without evil we would not know love”.  My answer is, suffering and evil only limit the full range of experience a being can have. It is like keeping an elephant in a tiny little cage (yes, he is suffering and in darkness), but what is existence like in comparison to his wild counterparts in the planes of Africa?
But, there are organizations and beings on this planet who want humans to really, really believe they are having a good learning experience here.  One where they have to pay to live on their own planet, or die.
Pain – yes, pain is part and parcel of a physical experience, but not suffering (the holding on of pain past the incident which caused it).

However, my job is not to convince people or tell them they are wrong to believe that by suffering they will reach heaven.  I would love for them to see the other side of the coin, and it pains me to see them closing their own jail doors, but they are not my main concern. My main concern is that of putting out tools and information, and energy, which those individuals who are ready, and resonate with them, will use.
How can I assist you in this mission? I have the strong feeling I watched your video for a reason. It felt like you were talking directly to me… I’d love to help.
Start to do what you came here to do. There are almost as many variants on missions are there are people. You’ll know when you touch the right purpose when you start feeling highly energized by it each time you allow yourself to think about it.  You will feel a sense of joy and excitement when you think of it.  Also, take a look at the collective work I’m involved with.  See how you can join in and help out.  Register for my and Bill Ryan’s newsletter at We will most certainly be keeping you informed on what can be done.
Also, process your fears, and other negative energy structures in your body and subtle bodies, such as negative memories, thoughts, guilt, anger – go in there and process them.  Suppressing them will make them stronger. And analyzing rarely brings resolution.
You said that anyone can develop these abilities, and use them responsibly. I understand that! But how can I learn to do this?
It’s not the abilities that are important. It’s our connection with spirit, with who we are. There are MANY practices which support that.
Start meditating, processing negativity, and looking outward to how you can improve the planet at a very direct level, either energetically or physically.
What are the most effective vehicles that you know of for personal growth and spiritual development

Each person has to do their own research and do a practice that resonates with him or her.  On you will find a ton of tools and articles that are very simple and effective.  Whenever I find or download a new tool, I will post it there. Use those if they resonate with you.  I always suggest that if you are in introvert, to do a formal type of meditation practice, and if you are an extrovert, to do something such as yoga, exercise, dancing, singing, or have deep conversations with people of like mind.
There are so many problems, events, people and situations that demand our focus, our attention. Could you please help us decide where our focus should be? What advice would you give an intelligent young person who wants to know everything and has no clue why he is alive on Planet Earth?

Follow your own counsel. Each person’s focus may be different. You each have different purposes. You can get a clue about your own personal purpose from what makes you energized and excited.  When something resonates within you, you will now.  Your body will also tell you what to pay attention to by giving you goosebumps, or cold/hot shivers, twitches, tummy rumblings (like really loud ones!) and your heart will beat so much faster.
I’m feeling rather emotional and upset after watching the video. But I loved what you are saying. It seems to have started me feeling things and thinking about stuff that I just can’t stop. Is this a problem? What should I do?
If you are upset, look in your body right now and see if you can find that upset feeling.  Once you do, simply look at it for a few minutes.  Just look at it. After a while, when you sense it, or see it, clearly, ask it for information. It might, or might not express something in the form of memories, thoughts, images, feelings or words.  After that, ask it if it is yours, your body’s or from something/someone else.  Then ask yourself if you are ready to release it.
It might take a few sessions to get release it back to Source, and free it completely, or it might go as soon as you look at it.
With regard to thoughts, thank the thoughts as they come and release them. It also helps to write them down, or record them.  Just to get them out of the system. They might contain important clues that are relevant to your own life, whether they are blockages or insights.
Can you say more about the possible future timelines for Planet Earth? You never mentioned any wars, disasters or catastrophes that many people are worried about. Can we relax, knowing that those things won’t happen?
Yes, I recently had an exchange with a friend online about this. At a very 3D experience level, we choose what we experience and who we experience it with. Even in a typical city you will see areas, neighborhoods, where a person can walk freely and safely day and night, and others where they will be attacked or killed, even during the day, for being the wrong color or having what others want. These are separate timeline experiences. A person can go their entire life feeling and knowing and experiencing this planet as the safest, most beautiful and most enjoyable experience they have had. For another, same time, same planet, it will be a living hell.
Now, with regard the separation of experience during and after this shift. This will not happen all of the sudden for the entire planet at once. Mostly, it will be a very gradual moving into more awareness, and those who choose not to advance into that awareness will be dying off naturally when their time comes and simply not be born on this planet again. Many lightworkers have taken their exit. They are dropping all over the planet, because they can now rest. At the same time, millions of babies are being born who are highly aware and awake.
For others, and this is has been happening all over the world for hundreds of years, they are meeting with end-of-the-world scenarios as they die. Japan has a death toll of over 20,000 so far from the March 2011 tsunami, and it is expected to rise. They will also have many people dying of radiation sickness in the next few decades. They had suffered radiation on a large scale before, at the end of WWII. For those people who died, the end of the world came and went. But even in the worst hit areas, there are people who survived “miraculously”! It was not their time. They did not agree with the end-of-the-world scenario.
So, for example: you and a relative who is not awake or aware. You will both have a “relative” in the timeline you are on, unless one of you exits via death. But, as we move into a more aware and empowering level ourselves, we automatically move them too. Especially if we address them directly at their Higher Level self, and request that their 3D awakens. When and if you both reach old age and have a peaceful death, one of you might very well decide to continue on Earth in Her higher vibrational level, and the other might decide to move on to an alternative lower level (3D) planet to continue to have that experience.
You state in an interview that “it’s possible to change the past”. That seems very significant! Why aren’t you going back in time to fix the problems we have now before they happen? You say that you have to be careful NOT to do that. I don’t understand why. Can you explain?
Well, the same question applies to “fixing the present”.  There are so many injustices and problems going on, on the planet right now, and, believe it or not, I did ask this very same question to “Source”.  And the answer was that this level of the “game” or “shared reality” has many players, and what we are experiencing now is a direct result of that free will (or manipulated free will).  If I were to go into the past, or the present, or future, and “fix” things according to what “I think is right”, or what someone else thinks is right, then that would be a huge violation of free will and agreement of experience on the planet right now.  I exist here on a limited human experience too, and would filter any “right” or “wrong” according to that experience. Not a good idea to go around meddling in other people’s affairs without their consent.  Plus, even if I was asked to go and fix someone, by them, that disempowers him or her. They would be at “effect” of what is “being done to them”, which they could not then replicate or improve on.
I can, however, give people the tools and information that will allow them to go and fix their own lives, both present, past and future.  That takes into account their free will, and it also empowers them to create their own reality.
Has the timeline has changed since you were a child, and if so, what were the main ‘tipping points’ when things really altered their direction?
The timeline we are on as a collective has changed. Or perhaps I should rephrase that, and say that the timeline I am in at this moment has made a major move collectively toward a more positive future. There have been, and there continue to be, movements toward a higher vibration.  As to tipping points, I can only identify a major one that happened last summer, June 2010.  At that moment, Gaia became fully conscious, aware and reconnected to the planet and the collective.   Now, the work that has been done in the background by thousands of people to liberate her from the clutches of the elite is too numerous to list.  But it did happen, and it happened last summer.
By having achieved this, we basically turned the tide, as it were.  This planet is ascending [my definition of 'Ascension' is 'The Expansion of Awareness'] – and there is nothing which will stop it.  The elite are doing all they can to stop as many humans from becoming awake and aware through mass fear, illusion of control, illusion of lack and illusion of the “power and authority of those who have money”, but they cannot stop the tide.
How many timelines are there? As in: a limited number… or an infinite number?
There are an infinite amount of timelines, but we (the singularity reading these words) are not in all of them. [I define 'singularity' as 'the sense of being an individual being with an ego'.] And some are so very different to what we are here to experience that we wouldn’t even be able to recognize ourselves in them.
You say that you’re here to make sure that the “game is played fairly and according to the rules”. What are the “rules of the game”?
There are many rules pertaining to the “game” being played on this planet at present time.  Too many to list.  However, there are some which are very interesting and important. Mostly because the elite know these rules and the masses don’t, which give the elite an advantage.
One of them, is that everything we experience in the 3D has to be “agreed” by us as individual singularities.  This goes to the most basic concepts, for example the “agreement” of what we call the “color blue”.  We all look at the color blue and say it is blue, but we have no way to know if our subjective experience of the color blue is identical to someone else.  So, what we experience in our inner experience of the outside world as “blue”, might be what someone else experiences in their subjective inner world as “yellow”.
We also agree on other levels, such as, linear time, for example.  But linear time is an illusion and a trap. We can, actually, move in and out of linear time at will, but then if everyone on the planet realized and did this, the elite would find it extremely difficult to control the masses.
Another agreed reality is that things are solid. That our bodies are solid, the ground is solid, walls are solid, all things are solid.  We need that agreement in order to function in the 3D.  However, the level of “solidity” is becoming less and less as we move into a higher awareness, and our bodies, our environments, become pliable.  We are then able to manifest all sorts of things, and change our lives for the better.
Do you have contact with others like yourself who are here right now as humans? How many of them are there? Do they all have the same ‘job’?
I have always been able to “sense” that there are others on the planet, on this same timeline, who are exactly as I am.  Some didn’t make it, some did. The same “job”, definitely, to raise the level of vibration of the planet.  Now, how they are executing that job, is probably totally different.  And no, I have not had any personal contact with them.
Some people might think you’re here to be a leader, or a teacher, or a guru of some kind. What do I say to my friends who think that you’re trying to attract followers to some kind of cult?
A cult leader will always create a co-dependent relationship with his or her followers.  He or she doesn’t empower others so they can be independent because this would leave them follower-less. My aim is to become completely unnecessary at a global and personal scale. Individuals will often come to me and ask me to heal them or fix some problem they are having. What I do in those circumstances is to point them in the right direction, or show them an exercise that they can do that will allow them to fix the problem.
As to trying to attract followers, everything I have to say is available on the internet.  People are free to “follow” me on Twitter if they like, to hear the latest adventures and discoveries I am involved in, but as to them following me personally, or me creating a cult to “take care of them”, that’s not going to happen.  It goes against everything I teach.  As to being a teacher, the role of a good teacher is to empower the student to become much more able and experienced than the teacher him- or herself  The role of the student is to become better than the teacher, take those teachings and develop them beyond anything the teacher was able to do. And surpass the teacher in all skills and knowing.  If I can accomplish that, then I’ll be able to call myself a teacher.
My friends are skeptical of the things you say you can do. Are you willing to demonstrate them?
There has been a lot of attention placed on the “abilities” that I have.  With regard to demonstrating them, the ones that I am using at the moment only make their appearence when they are needed for a particular situation or mission.  Mostly I don’t know what is going to happen until it does.  In the past, yes, they would manifest to “prove” to people what I could do, and to tell you the truth it didn’t help one bit.  The only gift I am willing to claim, and I have plently of documented proof for its effectiveness, is my ability to inspire and empower others to raise their own vibration and expand their own awareness.
The party entertainment, such as moving things around, etc., are no longer available at will, but if they come back I have no problem entertaining people with them.  For the time being, I suggest, if this is something that really interests you, to visit Uri Geller’s website and shows.  He’s very talented and can do these things at will.
Can you describe some of what you see when you travel out into the universe?
Recently a friend and I shared a bi-locational journey.  We went to a sector of the universe where sentient life is an expanse of tiny dots of energy, like a huge cloud, that hangs in space. It is absolutely wonderful to hang out with them, and they are very accommodating.
Mostly, like I suggest to others, I hang out between the Sun and Earth, taking in the sun’s energy and staying out of the dark energy which is so prominent on the planet at the moment (even though it is much less than it used to be, it is still too thick for comfort).  This allows for the “soul” to cleanse and become more “able” on this planet.  Anyone can do this. Start with imagining that you are there, simply an exercise in imagination. It will have fantastic results.
I know that many who have experienced OBEs (out-of-the-body experiences) have reported that they had 360 visual perception. But for anyone who’s not experienced this, it’s really hard to imagine. Can you describe this in more detail?
Well, it is like the sight you have now. Exactly the same.  But instead of it ending at the edge of your left and right, or up and down, peripheral vision, it continues on and has no edges.  It is exactly the same.  However, one can still see when one’s eyes are covered up or closed.  Sometimes, in OBEs, the person sees only blackness, this is because they know their eyes are closed, and feel that they mustn’t see anything. As soon as the belief is identified, they can see again.  It happened to me once, and all I did at the time was to “imagine” that I had opened my astral eyes.  It amused me that I was falling into the agreed reality even at an astral level and made a note to watch that.




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  • Very interesting.  I have one question issue though... if we each have subjective realities, and certain experiences are agreed upon... then why can't humanity have at least one massive shared event?  I believe a situation like ours on this planet could be vastly improved if we had one life altering event which each and every human alive could share together- as ONE. 

    She really reminds of Jane Roberts and Seth, whom I just loved back in the day, lol.

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