We have been in a time when we found ourselves confronted with any perceived limitations we held. Old wounds resurfaced to help us undergo new levels of healing. Sensitivities have been heightened, allowing access to new levels of psychic perception. Increased sensitivity also brings greater awareness of both blessings and suffering. Our test now is to balance both as we turn inward to begin to envision our upcoming role in the further awakening of human consciousness.

Introspection in this Winter's Passage

Winter is always a time of turning inward in order to assimilate the past and re-envision the future. However, this phase of introspection takes on greater significance as it coincides with a pivotal time of rebirth. It is during this time of winter introspection that your soul will guide you to the timelines most closely aligned with your spiritual purpose.

We offer here some steps to help navigate this time of incubation and discovery:

1) See yourself in the eyes of your higher self. Witness your imperfections and weaknesses from a place of love and understanding. As your higher self, you're able to nurture the smaller parts of your being much as you would a young child. The conscious aspects of your being are children in relation to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of your soul and higher self.

2) Examine all that you own in terms of what serves your highest good and what can be passed on to others. Releasing material possessions you no longer need triggers releases at other levels.

3) Consider what obligations and duties you have taken on that can now be released for the highest good of all. As you move on to new levels of service, it will be necessary to re-examine your current commitments to make sure you are using your time and abilities to serve the greater good. If you leave one area of service for a new one, spirit will call another soul to fill the spot you previously occupied.

4) Free yourself of the need to have an opinion of others or the need to attempt to change the opinions of others. Each being, yourself included, is having the experiences they need within the moment in order to learn and grow. It is enough to witness and observe your environment with the light of an awakened consciousness. In this way, you're able to see yourself and others from a place of love and understanding without the need to change, interfere or judge.

5) Be willing to undertake service when it is asked of you. Many are being asked now to serve in ways they may find surprising and unexpected. Many will find themselves called to forms of service that allow them to heal ancient wounds or to complete needed understandings. At times it may seem you have taken a step backward but keep in mind neither healing nor growth is linear. Your conscious mind will not always understand the need to complete a course of learning begun centuries ago.

6) Practice sustainability in all that you do. Cultivate a “put into” rather than a “take away from” attitude. In other words, add to every situation you encounter rather than subtract from it. In this way, you become a positive force in the universe. One physical manifestation of this might be your finances. Are you saving or depleting funds? It might be considered in terms of your health. Are you building yourself up in terms of health and strength or are you constantly burning the candle at both ends? Ask yourself, “What am I creating within this moment?” What you are creating with your choices moment by moment will become your future. Sustainable choices lead to an empowered rather than an impoverished future.

7) Be willing to see yourself as a wise and infinite being without need for recognition or aggrandizement. If you are feeling the need for recognition at this time, consider ways you may not be acknowledging and appreciating yourself. As you enter deeper levels of gratitude and self-love, you feel less need for outer recognition.

8) Listen closely to the needs of your body during this time. There is a need now to eat lighter and observe any addictions you may have to food, drink or other substances. Addictions are adopted at times when you feel yourself unable to cope with life circumstances. These crutches are like training wheels you no longer need as you move into greater levels of awakening. When you release addictive habits, you learn to use the wings of your higher consciousness to soar above what you previously thought was possible. Your physical body is attempting to transform itself to align with the energies of higher frequencies being downloaded into your consciousness. Whatever you put into your physical system at this time will determine the shape of your future manifestations. Health or disease is manifesting more quickly than ever before. Rapid healing and transformation is happening at a rapid rate now and likewise, so is deterioration and decay.

9) Enter deeper and deeper realms of silence. Many have become accustomed to the constant background noise in their environment and even the incessant chatter of their own mind. Without the noise, some feel lost and even frightened. Be willing to sit with the stillness and quiet of your inner being. Start with only a few minutes per day if necessary and gradually allow yourself to enter longer and longer periods of silence. When you sit still and listen within, you gain awareness of the vast, infinite expanse of your soul. Within this infinite expanse, all is possible.

10) If you are seeking to manifest abundance, a relationship, a new career or anything else, be willing to enter a place of inner stillness and align with the energies you find there. Whatever you feel guided to manifest into your physical reality already exists within your consciousness. Invite the part of you that holds this frequency of your intended manifestation to come forward and inform your actions, thoughts and feelings in coming days and weeks. Whatever you may seek to create, there is a part of your consciousness able to come forward to teach you the steps to bring it into your physical reality. Be sure to hold in awareness how this intended manifestation is aligned with your spiritual purpose.

11) Cultivate patience. In this world, there is a mindset of needing everything to occur within an expected timeframe. The need for instant gratification is an offshoot of scarcity consciousness. It is saying to your subconscious that you don’t trust the universe to bring you what you need with divine timing. Inside this mindset, life flow becomes forced and unnaturally bound by ego constraints. Allow your intended manifestations to happen in divine timing and keep in mind that the quantum change which is taking place within many now often takes longer to assimilate than smaller, less pervasive changes.

12) Notice what you notice. Whatever catches your attention, whatever you feel drawn to has a special meaning and significance for you. Hold those things you are drawn to in awareness and allow them to speak to you. The messages being downloaded now have to do with the role each person will play in the new times ahead.

13) Befriend your fears. Whatever you fear most will come front and center now. Create a safe space within yourself where you can sit with whatever shows up in your life. Inside this space, you can ask for divine guidance and understanding. Ask for love and patience and whatever else is needed within the moment. This space will become ever more important in the days and weeks to come as a safe refuge and incubation chamber for your continued transformation. From this inner chamber, you will emerge with the grace and beauty of a butterfly to inspire and assist the unfolding of human consiousness.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

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