In the Realm Of the Ring Lords (A great Article)

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In The Realm of the Ring Lords

by Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt StGm., KCD, KT St A.
Extracted from Nexus Magazine

Volume 6, Number 5 (August-September1999)

fromNexusMagazine Website

To maintain itspersecution of the Grail dynasts and heretics, theChurch made sure it subverted the stories that wouldkeep the true Grail legacy alive among the people.

About the Speaker

Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm, KCD, KT St A, isan internationally known sovereign and chivalricgenealogist. He holds the position of Prior of theCeltic Church of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba,and is distinguished as Le Chevalier Labhràn de SaintGermain and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of SaintAnthony. Sir Laurence is also a Presidential Attaché tothe European Council of Princes (a constitutionaladvisory body established in 1946), and Chancellor ofthe Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty.


He is formally attached tothe Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stuart,founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, is the JacobiteHistoriographer Royal by Appointment, and is a Fellow ofthe Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

It seems like hardly any time since I was here. It's only ten monthsago, I guess, but in the past few months Genesis of the Grail Kingshas been completed, published and is already making a significantimpact in Britain, with launches now taking place further afield.

Duncan has asked me to begin by giving some background about myselfonce again. I am involved with a number of organizations - theCeltic Church being one in particular, for which I'm the Grand Priorin Britain [that is, the Celtic Church of the Sacred Kindred of StColumba]. Not necessarily that the established Church organizationslike the Celtic movement very much, but that's the way of it. I amalso appointed as a Presidential Attaché to an organization calledThe European Council of Princes.

The Council was founded in 1946, directly after the War, and theobject was fairly straightforward. (In fact, some of the financingactually came from this country [Australia], and a lot from Americaas well). It was at a time when there was a tremendous fear aboutthe build-up of further extremist right-wing factions, and there wasalso the fear that the communist left-wing might take a hold inEurope. It was decided, therefore, to set up a watchdog committeecalled The International Council of Government, whose brief was tokeep an eye on the extreme political factions.

As it transpired, it didn't have verymuch to keep an eye on and, once the European Common Market cameinto being, it became much more involved with that from the 1960s.The Council quite liked the idea of the trading agreements and thegeneral mutuality, although it doesn't like things too much in theway they have now developed within the European Union.

About ten tears ago, the Council changed its name to become TheEuropean Council of Princes. With the eventual establishment of theEuropean Parliament, there could hardly be a Council of Governmentas well. In fact, the Council was not a government at all: it wassimply an advisory body consisting of thirty-three European royalhouses. These might be reigning houses, dispossessed houses ordeposed houses but, whatever the case, various princes andprincesses of these families formed the Council.

For the longest time now, theirobjective has been a fairly simple one, and that is to look afterthe constitutional clauses within the various nation states(European countries, with the exception of Britain, have WrittenConstitutions). And so, when the European Parliament decides toenact this new law or impose that new dictate, the Council ofPrinces is able to say, "Look, you can't actually do that because itcontravenes, say, clause 7 in subsection (b) of the Constitution ofthis or that country".

The Council of Princes is not especially political - it is more of asocial Council in practice; and I am appointed as an Attaché byvirtue of the fact that its President since 1992 has been HRH PrinceMichael of Albany, the current heir to the Royal House of Stuart -the House that was deposed in Britain from 1688.

The House of Stuart, having taken over the presidency of the Councilfrom the House of Habsburg-Austria, related it to its one-time RoyalAcademy, which was a very scientific establishment. In fact, in the1700s in particular, it was highly Rosicrucian - very scientific andalchemical. From the time of Robert the Bruce, the Chancellor ofthat organization was given the title Prince Saint Germain. Thistitle had little to do with the 5th-century saint himself (exceptindirectly), but it had to do ultimately with the Stuart Royal Courtin France, at the Palace of Saint Germain.

The Chancellor title was changed in the 1700s to Count Saint Germain,and in the 1890s it was changed again to become Chevalier SaintGermain. My present title is that of Chevalier Saint Germain - whichis where the knighthood comes from. As distinct from an Englishknighthood, mine is a Franco-Scot distinction attached to the StuartRoyal Court of France [as ratified by King Louis XIV in 1692], inthe key Noble Order of the Royal Palace of Saint Germain-en-Laye,near Paris.

Being a Stuart supporter, I am not really a great fan of the Houseof Hanover, as you know. However, I have now become attached to aparticular Hanoverian establishment. The oldest antiquarian societyin the world, constituted by the House of Hanover [by charter ofKing George III of Britain] in the middle 1700s, is an associationcalled the Society of Antiquaries which, in Scotland, forms anadjunct to Historic Scotland - a Government department. Well, as anon-fan of the House of Hanover, I was privileged and delighted afew months ago to be made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries ofScotland - so it rather looks as if I've been blessed to have alittle bit of a foot in the establishment's academic camp.

Now, back to where we are today. I have to begin of course bythanking Duncan and the NEXUS team for affording me the opportunityto link my first Australian visit for the new book,Genesis of theGrail Kings, with the NEXUS Conference. And I would like to thankthose of you who, since I was last here, have written to me. Some ofyou may have had a reply by now; my correspondence was more or lessup to date around Christmas, but it has fallen behind again. So, ifyou're still waiting, please bear with me; I will respond.

I first began to talk publicly about the subject matter of Genesisof the Grail Kings back in October 1997 and, indeed, we covered agood deal of related ground at the NEXUS Conference last July. So,with the book now completed and published, I guess the time has cometo move on to other things in preparation for future works.

Originally, and beginning withBloodline of the Holy Grail, I hadplanned for a series of three books on the Grail theme, coveringsome 6,000 years of Messianic inheritance from the time of Adam,through King David and Jesus, down to the present day. However, inthe course of compiling this genealogical descent and itsfascinating history, the concept for another book has arisen. Thishas come about more by popular demand than by strategic planning,and I have become so enthused with the idea that there will now befour books in this particular series. It is, in fact, about thisfourth book (rather than the immediate Genesis successor) that Iwould like to speak today.

To read it is in its entirety go here:

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  • From all the history I read the Dragon leadership was good, and they served as a priest, advisor capacity. The royal lineages of the Dragons were a closed race, Dragons with Dragons, not intermingled with other lines. Japan is an example of the Dragon Lineage :). Not like the rulers thats came under appointment from the church, it was directly from the gods.
  • Alchemist I'm still new to this material, but from what I have seen is the Pope one of them, I think it was Constantine that took away the natural lineage of the Dragon Lords, and then the Church decided who Kings would be. i think thee Dragon Linage and all is coming back reincarnated to restore this old order that was destroyed. Its a great work and will I'm sure be one of the main thrusts of the Age Of Aquarius. No I have not read any of Gardner's books yet, I probably will now. This material is new to me I must say :).
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