Photography by David Wendel Robinson (Lightweaver)

In order to become who you want to be – just be that person in little ways in the now.

If you want to ascend, then find the little moments of life now, in which you can lift up yourself or others.

If you want to love or be loved, then find the moments in your life where you can express love in little ways to anyone or everyone.

Release all fears and sense of limitation. Seize each moment as an opportunity to create the world you want to be part of and live that in the now.

Even if it last but a few moments in the experience of human mind, still you will have helped to build a better world and will have taken a step towards your greater possibility.

All around the world can be heard a terrible noise, as those who fear shout loudly of impending doom and disaster.

Even in those who desire to be enlightened sometimes still focus on what was, not what can be.

The darkness of the past is weakened and it only continues to the extent it is held in the mind of humanity.

Release all such fears and neither allow the outward remnants of their appearance to burden you. The demons have been cast out of the house, so all that remains is for us to fill the house with love, hope and peace.

What illusions remain are simply those former dreams, but to remove them forever we must replace what was with what we wish to be. Replace them with light, compassion, hope, tenderness, healing, peace and most of all love.

For the love or our creator, Divine Father-Mother, is the essence of all that is.

Any thing less is merely the illusions of our own making.

The illusion of something less then our divine perfection.

The illusions of darkness remain for just a little while, but they cannot stand before the light of love that fills all of creation.

Give then no power to illusions, neither to conspiracy or former illusions of dark power.

Set them aside forever, and keep you mind on the goal, a world of light, love, peace and joy.

Fear not, for darkness itself is the greatest illusion.

It has no power, and never has had any power but that which we have given it.

The only true power comes from God, and we are the expressions of that power which is love.

Yeshua said “I am the light of the world”.

He also said “All that I am you also are, and all that I have done, and greater things you shall do.”

You see, we are all children of light, we are all, each and every one, the light of the world, the light of the our creator’s love.

If you see the illusions of darkness in another, realize then that that person exists, and if they exist it is only because the light and love of Divine Father-Mother exists within them.

Therefore focus not on the illusions of darkness outwardly expressed but rather the light, the divine light that is within them.

For without that light they cannot exist and their very existence is testimony to the light of love within.

Though buried deep, it is there.

Do not then acknowledge the illusions of darkness but rather the true light of love that is their true but hidden essence.

Set aside all fear and embrace then the essence of love that is everywhere and everyone.

Give no heed to the outer, but only that perfect and true essence within.

Be then in the now, that love, that hope, that compassion, that peace, that light, you have been wishing for.

And whenever your mind drifts a little back into illusion either with yourself or others, then bring it back to where you are in the love of the now.

Breathe and release all that is illusion. Embrace with your essence all that is love.

Blessings, love, joy and peace.

Brother Dave with Uriel.


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