Hello there dear ones of earth. today i will talk about something rather important to all of you that i know will get different responses out of all of you. i only ask that you take what i say with a grain of salt and decide for your self as truth is still truth whether you believe it or not.

firstly i will speak on something that's bothered me for quite awhile. you see when being told information it doesn't matter  how close they are to you,always ask many sources and ask your higher self more importantly. im referring to a situation that occurred awhile back were people were claiming to be children of ashtar  when this wasnt true. and when ashtars twin flame came forward and told the truth she was attacked. now i understand how you believe in free will and every one should be happy and i agree with this but when that free will leads you to a lie the truth needs to come out. yes every one is entitled to believe what they wish but imagine it like this. i go around and say i am your kid and i get everyone to believe it even tho i am not and then you have 20 other people doing this. would this not annoy you? would you not want to correct these lies being spread? you see the dark ones love doing this to annoy the hell out of people  specifically light workers.now this brings up an interesting point. while i do know for a fact that i am the son of sunanda  i get my information from arch angel Michel and his daughter directly. no middle man messing with my information and sunanda has told me   as i have a direct line of communication to him and many others. you see i have so much weight behind what i know and i feel it as truth that i know for a fact that it is truth. just because you want something to be true  doesn't mean that it is.

now for the part that will really get the crowd hopping. you remember arch angel metatron right? well he no longer is a archangel as his badge has Ben suspended do to many charges against him  for example do you remember the old norse legend of Loki killing balder by tricking the blind god to stab him? well that was metatron and i was baler back then that alone was a crime but the list goes on you can go to arch angel Michel website to read about it here http://truthfiles.info/michael/?page_id=43 and more again here  http://truthfiles.info/michael/?page_id=170 the same has gone for his twin flame but with different crimes.

next up is dimensions. now  so much dis information is out there about how they work that it is insane. now the dimensions from 3 to 12 are physical like ours  as in you can die and go to the next one but the planes are were you go when you die. to better explain the astral plane  is were you go when you  die it is non physical and is a plane and there are more than one plane it starts with the physical plane and ends in the god plane  making 7 planes in total i believe. you can read more about that on arch angel luciels website here http://truthfiles.info/luciel/?page_id=27.

now in dealing with channeled information it really is hard to decipher what is being said as truth because 60% of the time those that tell us  to look with our harts at the information are the ones who are passing out lies. many will tell you to use discernment and look with your hart and be cautious but they are the ones passing lies around more than a bag of chips. now some are the real deal like rona hermen actually channels Michel and john smallman to sunanda and the eagles to sunanda and a hand full of others . but manny are of pure lies like elizabeth truin for example.  do you not notice that they say the  same thing just in a different way?  every way every day all they say is the same thing just in a new light.

and lastly if you are new or did not read this old blog here http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/shut-down-the-chakras?commentId=2859786%3AComment%3A2555609 i recommend you read it it explains why the chakras are a cage around our true being and are bad for us.

with this i end this message i am sanatana sunanda immanuel kumara also known as archangel Joshua immanuel Gabriel and i wish you a blessed day of balance and peace.

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  • Thank you brother Sanatana & Sister Gailene for this clear message. 

    Love & Hugs, Guru

  • You first must break the chakra cage free your hart then you must truly look within that pure hart that you have but know that the balance on enargys is important as well as all tge chakras melt into the soul star so balance them all and together you with yourself you will know truth. And also there are sertent people who are truth full and i will try to get a list of the true channelers
  • I would never had thought this. It never would have occured something like this would have happened. Just wondered why prime creator allowed this to keep on keeping on like this for so very very long. I had hoped a greater force would come sooner to thwart off this much earlier. Wow how then can we make sure to know beyond a shadow of a doubt whot to tell the difference between the true light and the false enlightenment appearing real. How do we now distinguish the difference.
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