Immortality Is Returned To Humanity

People will have a hard time believing this and that's ok. I'll preach it forever! The link is at your disposal, as I continue below. The Spirit has lad me, as It will lead you saying, "The Last Shall Be First!". The last tablet, Tablet XIII is called "The Keys Of Life & Death"; read it first. Therein Pole Alignment, the very formula of Immortality is clearly laid out. This is no hoax, click the link! But first I hope you'll consider a few words from one who is living these tablets and is rapidly transforming a new life out of the ether. Whatever you truly BELIEVE will happen!!!

When we fully BELIEVE with all our strength...EVERYTHING changes. We find a new home, car, love, job, knowledge, prosperity, wisdom...even eternal life in this body! YOU ARE A STAR!!! The true depth of knowledge is bound in YOUR own heart, not mine or anyone else's! This is no new age "theory", it is the spiritual science out of which all the religions of the world are born; even Ancient Hinduism. It's all about who asks God for wisdom and gets to the top of the heap first. I guess very few are TRULY paying attention! Sound about right?

Master Thoth descended down into Amenti, having ruled Egypt for about 50,000 years. His body did not die there; for at the earth's center we can more perfectly align ourselves to the it, thus purifying our experience a thousand fold, becoming one with creation through a closer harmony with Mother Earth. We must all find Oneness with the Universe by looking deep within our hearts where The Truth is bound and thus bound further the planet on which we reside! This is actually a reference from The Tablets themselves!

I hope you'll read The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean - May God Bless Us ALL!!!

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  • i Like it but a little suspect because of the rhyming -in English-in the hall of amenti section

  • thanks for posting this-always read Cayce regarding ancient Atlantis and then the exodus to Egypt

  • creepy avatar

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