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I Will Not Be Afraid of Love Today ;"A Dog is the Only Thing on Earth... Read more

"A Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more that he loves himself" - Josh Billings

I will not be afraid of Love today


I will not be afraid of Love today,

for I know it surely has come to stay.

I was always afraid of of Love before,

not knowing who it was knocking at my door.

I was afraid of Love today,not knowing why,

I must have mistaken it for Fear I cry.

I didn't know what it wanted from me,

I thought I could never be a wannabe.

I had cried many a night so alone and sad,

wandering where Love was & what it had.

Why did I rebuke Love and make it go,

was I afraid of it,of what Love dared to show.

Did I mistakenly replace it for Fear,

keeping Love away from coming near.

My father remembers me as the son he Loves,

I will awaken now, as below,so above.

My fathers fame is Love, this I know to be true,

which means I am created in his Love too.

It  is said,Love always Creates like unto itself,

never deviating,bestowing great spiritual wealth.

So the Creator & Love are the same as one,

and that makes us a Divine spark, his son.

Not lost or forgotten, as some would believe,

sleep-walking in a dream, we could not perceive.

Believing to be asleep in the Matrix of a dream,

but awakened by the Joy of Love, it may seem.

For Love is all around us if we open our eyes,

and do not listen to the voice of Fear or its Lies.

Our Love was never lost nor thrown away,

but hidden in a dark space for a rainy day.

Love will shine bright like a sparkling diamond,

if we put our Fear away,remembering we are his son.

Forgiveness is the key to erase Fear forever,

as the light of Love emerges , be afraid never.

Embrace it as the Father embraces the son,

remembering what really matters, we are all one.

So,did I forget who I was and where I came from,

the light of Love shines bright, total of the sum.

Where did my light go, when I refused to let him in,

knowing He waits patiently , for I really had no sin.

It was all a Matrix, mind control of the Dark Cabal,

they did fed off our Fear, confusing us one and all.

The tricksters tried to make us think,Love was Fear,

Keeping us away from the Joy that we wanted so Dear.

And so I laugh now at the programing they had given to us,

did they really think we would not awake and miss the bus.

Ascension is upon us as the light of Love shines bright,

to erase the darkness of Fear all through the long night.

My true identity awakened, abides in you, my Father,

my Holiness remains the light of Heaven forever after.

As the Love of God makes it shine in the infinite heaven,

we are one,shared identity of the light of God, we are forgiven.

I am he that my Father Loves,for his Love is our only source,

and so we offer Blessings to all things and ourselves of course.

His Love is never more to be forgot or swept away under the rug,

Love is in our hearts of hearts so please give everyone a big hug !.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 7, 2014 at 7:21am

Sorry I made a mistake, today is his birthday. I was looking at last mo.s calander. And he is not little, he is over a hundred lb.s and still growing. He has more Turkish Shepherd in in than G.S.. His Grand fathers on both sides are Turkish Shepherds and are the largest dogs in Belize. I am afraid he is the last one as his mother got sexually transmuted cancer from his father ,which I mated her from the Paster up the road, unknown to me at that time.And the animal control her is a joke! They are still mating him and spreading the disease all over town. I am treating the mother myself with Turmeric, she is still alive but the tumor does not go away.The treatment here from the Vet is 1000$ and no guarantee that it will work. I cured my prostate cancer with turmeric but I got it early which is not the case for his mother. I got her free because she was hit by a car and the owner could not afford a vet. I took her to a vet for the 1st treatment and I did the rest myself, for I am my own Doctor & Vet. What a time we live in huh, indeed. Adonai

Comment by Frazer Callaghan on September 5, 2014 at 4:04pm
Things happen or a reason, little scamp! Haha. Lots of love :)
Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 5, 2014 at 1:02pm

Thanks Frazer, I agree. I forgot to say that the main reason I posted this poem and dog comment pic is that it was my dogs birthday he is mostly a turkish shepherd and is 9 mo.s old today. For his bitrhday he destroyed my young Banana tree that he tried to destroy before but it grew back. I wonder if it will grow back again after this,huh,oh my. Adonai

Comment by Frazer Callaghan on September 5, 2014 at 6:53am
Well on second thought animals and God love you unconditionally :) I enjoy your posts Rev Joshua.
Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 5, 2014 at 5:07am

I wrote and posted this nearly a yr ago and somebody commented on it on my profile so I decided to put it up again its one of my favorites. Thanks FW for the moving pic,I like it.Its good to hear from you its been awhile again. And thanks Frazer,yes your right unconditional Love is hard to find and we are all looking for it,indeed huh ! Adonai

Comment by Frazer Callaghan on September 4, 2014 at 2:52pm
A dog gives you unconditional love, a rare attribute even in humans.

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