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Hi Loves,

I have been writing about the evolution of my ascension for the last month or so.  In addition I have triangulated much research surrounding mystical and esoteric teachings and learnings.  In my blog, which I will link below, I spend a lot of time discussing some of the amazing messages I have received from my Guides as Angels as well as my Star Family and the Ascended Masters. I do realize that the reason why we are all on the ashtarcommandcrew is because most of us have understood that a great awakening is taking place in human consciousness.  We are looking around to find those who like us are waking up.  The purpose of I Dream in Stars is to hopefully address some of the natural phenomenon that occurs to Starseeds, Empaths, Lightworkers and Lightholders as this process unfolds.  It is a loving community that was born out of the need to support this process in myself and others.  Since its inception, I have received many great gifts and I  truly wish to share and impart them to you all.

Please visit me here.  My last few posts are about past lives, psychic seeing and September 11.  


Please share this with your friends or anyone you find to be struggling with the immensity of what is happening to them.  Or anyone who is desperately looking for a place to join kindred spirits.

In peace and joy,


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