8108743868?profile=original8108743301?profile=original8108743678?profile=original8108744068?profile=original8108743885?profile=original8108744252?profile=original8108744085?profile=original8108744252?profile=originalI believe everything has a reason and chance does not exist .. hehehhe,. do well to hearing that, I can only say from the depths of my heart that we must follow our hearts and listen to what the say, our sense continue even if it is not always easy, believe me, but I'm happy who I am and I see so many things not to do the same tonight .. back in my garden and look up my back and I saw white light going back several movements did and drawings that you can see in the picture, if you see the pictures draw you see nothing but you on the PC move is really wonderful to be able to see it and give me such a good feeling not to do for many years that I can see many magical lights, even though I know a lot more faith in it .. and only now come to light last year closer to me and around me waist all different colors, sometimes you just a small light looks white and then begin to move and I see all sorts of things and characters in it .. is like a story and I'm in my fantasy finally come and the thing I've always believed more and more towards us,. you should only dare to believe and open stand. because it's so beautiful and really give you an expert sense certainly for me because I've been seeing things and feeling, and believe me it was not easy to not really as I never to another to be able to talk about integdeel they said I was crazy and that I could fly, but it attracted me and kept myself ... sometimes you need a hard way to go things to see and feel enhoe your way is longer and harder the more you get the characters on your path afterwards, I returned to the more things come your way, to your own childhood .. things you would not think that email or you think that people, friends from childhood, school I never really had someone who accepted me for who I was. and I am in my little world where they fled not hurt me or hurt my music and the fantasy that I was working out...This Pict's are taking this evening in my Garden it's Magic really and give me à gooooood feeling inside my body and soull..Thxxx Universe for show and give me the signes on my way..Love and Light8108744462?profile=original

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