Humanity's Liberation Requires Impetus

hey-you-get-to-work.jpgWritten by Wes Annac


I give this writing as a part of my continuing effort to help build and contribute to humanity’s spiritual revolution.

We work toward nothing less than the complete and full liberation of humanity.

We seek to spread the very idea of spiritual and physical liberation, and we seek to spread the joyful truths of the brimming higher dimensions we’ve each come from.

We seek to help uplift the minds and hearts of the people, and to help others see the need to arise and begin working together to build a society that works for every human being. We seek to help those who’ve already started and built-upon real movements for change and truth, and to unite with everyone around us as a tsunami of Love hits this planet.

We seek to organize ourselves into a coherent collective body, who understands the great responsibilities involved both in purging our world from the darkness that’s run rampant, and in running our world after such darkness has been purged.

To this extent, every last one of us must galvanize and come together.

In my previous writing, I suggested getting into groups to build and spread a coherent message, and I don’t intend to abandon that rhetoric anytime soon. This is because our level of activity and interest in building our New Earth and purging our world of the evil rampant within many of the power structures in place, will determine the amount of work we get done.

The level of interest we show in repairing our world and helping break the carefully-instated illusion, so that those around us can rediscover who they really are and where they have really come from, will naturally determine what gets done. Truly, no outside force aims to intervene in our affairs any more than our collective freewill measures will allot.

This is ultimately a good thing, and it serves as a catalyst for our collective growth.

Think about it: does anything less than every one of us galvanizing and bringing about real and solid change ourselves, rather than waiting around for glorious changes to come without our involvement in them, make sense for a spiritual revolution driven by humanity?

If we’re to enjoy the fruits of a built-upon Galactic society in the fifth dimension, than we must first put-in the work required to get to that point. We must recognize where evil still runs rampant in our society, and actively stand-up to the forces perpetrating such evil; no matter the power they’ve assumed themselves to have.

In my opinion, one of the biggest principles of the new paradigm we’re entering and building will be that of hard work. I don’t speak of the kind of work that sees one slaving away at a job or task that ultimately doesn’t matter, but I certainly speak of the kind of driven, inspired and enjoyable work that builds societies and turns individual awakenings into collective revolutions.

When I say “let’s get to work” I request for each of us to tap-into that unprecedented motivation to build-upon our new paradigm and to stand up to the forces of injustice, in every form they’ve come about.

If kept apart, we can individually do great things but if we unite with the knowledge and inspiration every one of us possesses within, we’ll be unstoppable and the paradigm we wish to build will fall into place gloriously (again – as long as we put the work in).

There are still some first steps to be taken but overall, we’ve done quite a good job up to this point.

We’ve awakened; gotten together and utilized the internet and social media to raise awareness of the truth of our existence, as well as the manufactured societies that have been created in an effort to distract us from the realms of spirit.

We’ve reconnected with the beings actively assisting us in our ordained evolution, and we’ve worked to spread the message of Source, as given through various hosts and conduits.

Truly, what we’ve already accomplished has been enormous and because of this, I’m more than confident in our ability to directly, collectively uproot the cabals from their positions of power and influence.

I’m more than confident in our ability to take the reins from the one percent of people on this world who’ve been running things, and I know we can build the brimming Galactic society we’ve fantasized so much about and worked so hard toward.

If you’re ever in doubt of our massive collective ability – just remember the enormity of what we’ve already built.

Wes Annac – Working to galvanize the awakening masses. It’s time to build what we’re all ready to establish!

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  • It's always great to hear from you, Kat! Great picture, too. :)


    Indeed Feather, give thanks and praise to the Source. :) :)


    Much Love!


    Wes :)

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