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The following is part of a series on ascension symptoms extracted from a PDF by Humanity Healing and is not to be interpreted as medical advice. In this segment, DNA upgrades will be addressed.

The tissue of our bodies is made up of cells. The cells are made up of molecules and this goes on and on until the subatomic level is reached. At the subatomic level, the templates or blueprints are formed for our bodies. The probabilities of what we can do are created at the subatomic level. There are changes being made at this level as the Earth Changes occur and as the axis shift occurs on the planet. These changes are due to occur very soon. During this period of an axis shift, past types of behavior and past ways of arranging matter will not be available.

At our material level, these changes will appear to be a rearrangement of matter. From a spiritual level however, these changes relate to the growth of planetary awareness. When these changes happen, the forms of life on the planet will change. The very structure of every cell in our bodies is Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade | in5d.comchanging. The changes in your body will occur in the body cells as these cells undergo a gentle infusion of new electromagnetic impulses. The structure of energy exchange and energy transfer is being slowly re– wired in the cells, during cellular transformation.


This could be the cause of periods of exhaustion as your body goes through radical remodeling and rebuilding. When this change are observed, RELAX and move with the changes taking place in your body. After all, you have nothing else to do. You need to spend time in meditation, reading, etc. to relax until the time comes that the changes will eventually stop.

We are building new information into the cells of the body and yet it has been said that these changes are taking place naturally. Some have asked whether this suggests that we can reprogram our own DNA or is this all being done automatically and we don’t get involved in it. The answer is it’s a little bit of both. The cells have been coded for this time in history, prior to the time of human birth. Many people are finding that they are drawn to a certain place or to a certain person.

They are finding that being in that environment, whether with that person or in that physical place, is creating a type of trigger, a trigger in the cellular memory. So in this respect, it is happening automatically. We are following our impulses. We are following our natural motion in life to where the body is leading us and who the body is leading us to. This is creating the firing or triggering of new information. There is a type of overlapping and a blending of many processes taking place as these triggers are activated. Then the new information is activated.

This is taking place on a multitude of levels within the body. The more we are in alignment with our body wisdom, the more there is a movement consciously towards that which will trigger that cellular memory and activate the transformation within the DNA. So indeed, you are taking part, it is not to sit back and get onto automatic pilot and everything will happen. To some degree that is so, but also it is the more you are in alignment with these changes consciously, the more you will be the captain Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade | in5d.comof your ship, directing and orchestrating a co-creator of these changes within yourself and within the masses. There are many parts to transformation, it is neither that you are on one side of the fence or another.


When you remodel your home, the workmen strip off the old roof, tear up the old floor, disconnect your old plumbing and turn off your electricity to re-wire the home. This all occurs while you are trying to live there. In the same manner, as your body is undergoing the same «remodeling» you are trying to keep ahead of the changes and you will feel extremely disoriented and inconvenienced as they occur. The changes in your body-house are occurring because your DNA is being restructured.

Your DNA contains within it an old understanding about what it is to be here that is deeply focused in individuality. The DNA has the individualized expression of divinity, the individual I Am, and it has the wholeness. Now you can conceive of both, but can you yet conceive of what it would be like to be keenly aware of yourself as an individual and at the same time know that you are wholeness? That is what you are working on achieving at this time, whether you realize it or not. The potentiality within the DNA is capable of reformatting to allow for these changes.


Universal law provides that the physical form for Divine life expression of a species may be altered or reformatted only by those who dwell therein. This means that the DNA of a species of Earth can Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade | in5d.comonly be altered through the creative choice of the consciousness that dwells within the body form. What this means for you is that the human DNA that is responsible for every aspect of your physical presence cannot be altered by other beings, nor can it be changed by you from outside of the physical plane. How do you change your own DNA? To change your DNA and to change your structure you need to change your emotions. You also need to change your thoughts because to do these two things means to change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry. It means headaches and nausea sometimes.

Also see: How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?

As these changes occur, you will experience dizziness, feelings of spinning and loss of emotional centering. During cellular transformation, your body is a constant flow of discarded proteins and structures. Your cerebrospinal fluid is being filled with discarded mineral deposits. You are literally sloughing off your body and you are rebuilding it. The changes will be very intense and will be very challenging to you during the sloughing off process. You are genetic engineers of the new world species. If you agree with this and you are willing, you must rearrange and rebuild your own DNA. You live in your body and you will change it while you’re living in it. Some people have already begun to do this.

Source:“Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade”, by Humanity Healing, April 24, 2015 at http://in5d.com/ascension-symptoms-dna-upgrade/

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  • I also try and asses each situation I am faced with, as to what knowledge did I gain from it and what good might have come out of that situation, that had it not occurred, I might not have otherwise benefitted! Another thing I try and do, (as best I can) is to follow the Universe's hints and subtle suggestions, and I will tell you that since I started letting the Universe "be my guide" and then following it's guidance, my life seems to have suddenly turned around. Nothing happens in abundance - I am not getting rich (he was heard to say) but I am somehow provided for, but I never take that for granted, and daily thank the Universe for whatever it chooses to bestow me with!

  • Aloha Nighteyes - that's one of the reasons you women are my "favorite creatures on Earth"! You're all so incredibly complex. Speaking as a man who has always loved and admired women - I can tell you, without reservation - if the majority of the worlds population of men - had to go through even 1/10 of the daily B.S. all you women go through every day of your lives, put up with us men, and still carry most of humanity on your shoulders, and do 95% of the work involved in raising and caring for your families - if men had to do what you do - the world's population would be DRASTICALLY REDUCED !!!  I thank the Universe everyday for my own sweet partner - why she puts up with my tired ass, still has me baffled, but thankful indeed!


  • i'm experiencing some nausea as well jim.  but the thing that aggravates me the most is my thermostat.  I have been through the "hot flashes" of menopause, but what i'm experiencing now is different.  now, these heat episodes come on more gently than hot flashes and they last longer.  in addition, it has been months now that I wake up in a puddle of sweat almost every morning.  the night sweats are now lasting almost all night rather than for short periods. I have confidence that this too shall pass.


  • Dear Meindert,

    I like to read this message...

    Essential to know our Changes on Ascension...

  • Ya - I hear you - I am sick to my stomach now much of the time and although I have been plagued with post nasal drip most of my life - particularly when I drank alcoholic beverages (which I rarely do at all now, and when I do, never more than one or two - I always get severe heartburn, so why bother?) even tho I don't drink much at all, the post nasal drip is worse than ever, and I'm thinking that's probably the reason for my nauseousness - go figure?!? I just want all this Ascension stuff to be over so we can move forward, and together - create better lives for everyone - free energy, healing vibratory environments to heal and rejuvenate our bodies, living in 5-D and beyond, etc. - etc. - etc., healthy food diets of fruits & vegetables

  • My soles are also uncomfortable - painful/sour, im having a hard time wearing shoes aka walking.
    I guess this is part of the packet/cleansing.

  • Here's my question regarding Ascension symptoms. The soles of my feet are sooooo uncomfortably hot all the time - particularly at night. Is this normal and part of Ascension? I go out to my son's swimming pool and sit there with both feet in the water and it still doesn't cool them!  I moved down here to Florida and it's only April and the daily temperatures have been in the high 80's / low 90's every bloody day! God - I can't wait till August - Not!!

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