Hub bub about twin flames

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. No truer words were ever said! Each incarnation here is another web of karma and another adventure. Some of us will remember our past lives and those we've left to end up here so there can be much heavy feeling regarding this issue. We want to hang on because separation is always painful though through this we can transform ourselves. The best thing you can do in order to manifest said other side of you that you want in your life is by working on you. Be introspective and seek to understand every facet of yourself. I see many times people forcing themselves to find the one because they are angry, sad, lonely, need to fit in, etc...This is not what it's about. Though you will feel love it will the kind closest to source. The unconditional overwhelming light of love not the human interpretation. It is because we are here that our minds are confused and misconstrue this kind of love with 3d thinking. We want that happy ending, that prince on a white horse, the maiden who will let us see the unseen, but I think we should practice being content within ourselves first. Your guess is as good as mine because I do not know. However, the basic principle behind source's love is not tied to our human awareness. Human awareness wants the physical pleasures and wants to toy with the idea of love without having any responsibility to it. Sometimes I get the feeling that some people like to raise their kind of love on a pedestal or segregate other people's relationships. It shouldn't be so because every relationship the good, bad, and ugly are all important. If you look back there's always more to see. The problem I see here is that when we elevate our ideas with paper foundations it will collapse and at times in the most ugly way possible it collapses. I'm not here to judge what your opinions are if you think it is your love then it is so, but we need to be honest with ourselves. Do not chase after such fragile ideas, when they shatter they can cut very deeply. Be in the here and now knowing and being satisfy in your life with what's in front. All the pieces are found inside when you think long and hard. Love is a wonderful thing that goes without being said, but the brutality involved with a 3d veil is that it can be all consuming and torturous. I don't want people to think that there is only this perfect kind of love and I must chase after it at every turn when obviously selfless love will be hard to attain if you still carry the weight of all these unnecessary thoughts. Please be careful with all the cosmic chatter and be true to yourself. If you're indeed ready for love it will come! Though I must say twin flame seems kind of bit hyped and could be a distraction to what you're suppose to be doing....This is just my personal tidbit.

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"Shan (Earth) a Spaceship with cut off wings. Home Starsystem from Shan (Earth) is the Pleiades. How do you think Shan (Earth) did come here? Who can move a Planet?
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