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How you lead your life is the project of your life.

Leading and Learning Life
A human being should take an interest in what he is living for.
The biggest problem which can be seen nowadays in the world of human beings, is that most human beings do not try to know why they are living and what they should have to live for in their lives.
We should see this as the result of human beings having abandoned themselves for greed and ignorance for a long time.
Our life and the result of our life that we wish for is being ignored for darkness and unhappiness.

Some people say that life is a never ending task and some people say that life is the secret which only God knows.
We do not understand nor recognize the fact the pleasure of life can be found within ourselves; we do not have to live our life by throwing away the value of life.

Most of us do not know about life and how to choose what we have to live for. The most important thing is to love ourselves and to create a good selves from within.

Life is the whole process which exists from birth to death; individually we have the results in us through what happens in and to ourselves.
Only when we know life we can see the real value of life and only when we know the real value of life can real love come out of ourselves.
Unless the world of human beings can open their eyes to life, the value of life will disappear forever.
When your life cannot bless itself the life is not yours anymore.

The blessing for human beings is the ability that is inherent in human beings and the fact that most cannot use this ability that they have means they lost it themselves by ignorance.

We should know what we know and what we are doing. All truth is appearing through as a result.
When the question is wrong the result comes out wrong and only someone who understands the question can there be a good result.

The most important thing that the world of human beings should know is how to accept our life and how to serve ourselves.

If there is anyone who is willing to learn about life and to reveal the value of life to people then that will bring a bigger blessing than anything else.

As long as our life does not change, then problems within us will not change forever and our life will never change.

In order for the world of human beings to solve ignorance we have to learn things in life and when we have made ourselves open our eyes to see ourselves we can eventually keep ourselves from greed and falsehood. Life is the process from birth to death and the teaching of life will become the best teaching for us.

Once again knowing life will make you obtain never-ending blessing for yourself and living without knowing life will become the biggest ignorance that you have ignored yourself.

Life is an opportunity to choose which has been given to us, our life and our future can change through things in life. No matter what anyone says if we live our life without knowing life then we will be deceiving ourselves.

Life is precious to everyone.
Life can make anything happen to us.
What exists in life produces our endless future.
Life is the way to the eternal you.

Through your life, you can be born as the best human whom you want or as the worst human that you will never want. Seen from all these facts, there is nothing more important than knowing life in terms of the survival of a human being.
Life without understanding itself is the same thing as abandoning life.

Expecting good results of life while you are living without being aware of the meaning of life is the same as waiting for a good harvest from trees you have never looked after.
Being unaware of how to live is the exactly the same thing as doing something very bad to ourselves.

This makes us change for the worse and causes wrong things in the world as well. Living in the state of being unaware of what results things we have will create and what effects they will have on ourselves, brings about nothing but mistakes.

In the meantime, it is not so easy to know life according to most people. It is because people have the uniqueness of their own. For those who are unaware it indicates that falsehood has covered truth over.

Knowing life is the way to gain oneself. Knowing life is the way to peace, happiness, eternal life, resurrection and the universe.

Neglecting life or having no regard for it is giving up your whole future. In the state of abandoning future, how can you be happy and live well?

If a person made a big fortune by doing something wrong with ignorant thoughts, the fortune would give that person a lot of troubles.
Due to the fortune, all sorts of disputes and unhappiness can appear endlessly. Everyone is susceptible to these happenings.

Through More Than One Lifetime
Although life can be really hard and difficult (may be short and yet not) one wonders why we would want to bear and overcome it in the first place.
It is because the way of our whole future (rebirths) is formulated during the process of life. If we choose to end life because of the difficulties of life, then there is no future.
Even though we are going to be born again you will become much weaker and repeat the same mistakes.
These are typical examples you experience due to ignorance of life.

Learning the way of life, i.e. how you lead your life is the project of your life. Unless someone teaches you how to achieve it, you should not do it for yourself. Therefore, one should seek guidance when possible.
However, people don't even try to recognize what the project is like let alone try to carry it out; this is the biggest problem faced by the people of today.

Benevolence of a “God”?
Under no circumstances, must we appeal towards any particular “object” for betterment within us or to have good things happen to us. In other words, do not seek benevolence from external “objects”.
If we could obtain unexpected and incomprehensible profits by serving a "God", the happening will cause a much bigger loss.

It is because offering nothing but prayer will prevent you from learning what you have to do and enlightening yourself about what exists and finally only gives you ignorance. The ignorance will perish us.

It is irrational to think that only objects like "GOD" can make people change for the better or for the worse.
It is yet to be proven in human history that God helps people be born again, or go to heaven, and enlighten themselves. The evidence has never been acquired yet.

To truly know how to lead life is to know everything. The process of learning this is in itself a lifelong project that is virtually impossible to achieve in just one lifetime.
It is an IDEAL that we should know how we should live so that we will be able to work hard and think only about what isn't harmful to ourselves/our lives. If so, we will ALL live well.
Alas, knowing truly how to lead is not necessarily a blessing; it also can be an agony to those whose willpower is weak.

Life Is a Lesson unto Itself
What we considered the most important during the process of learning is life.
If we don't know life it is certain that you can never learn to love.
If we can learn about life properly then we can live superbly.
If we don’t know about life how can we lead our life?
Therefore, we must always remember that life is precious.
We must therefore, hold the confidence that if we lead our life well, we can make it more brilliant and bless it through endless future.

The Soul in Life
It's a universal fact that living things, as we see them grow and renew according to the foundation and environment. Trees for example thrive on fertile land and proper climate and grow/renew through fruit bearing. The human soul is also exactly the same as this.

Although humans don't bear fruit, they germinate the consciousness which is inside them.
In other words, they bear their soul.
And when this soul dies it is revived and appears as life again.
At the essence of this soul lie the things which were in ones life, just as they are.
And when this soul is revived the nature inside one or what has happened to him again continues its activities.

No matter how much somebody is eager to change their life, if they don't understand properly and they just go around relying on their own thoughts; they can never change their life for the better.

The purpose of our living is that the very life is the source that makes us exist. Because we are doing the things that will make us exist in the future through this life, we live to the base of destiny which will influence endless future lives as well as the present life. We elevate our lives by elevating our souls. We elevate our souls through positive renewal.

The Self-sacrifice “Problem”
"Discovering what kind of influence a certain thing has on us, is the best teaching." In this world, certain problems can be deliberately made by humans. These good problems make good answers. But in today's society there aren't many who want to make good problems. Some self sacrifices are considered “good” problems.

In the end as a consequence of solutions without problems people will be forced to continue to suffer great pain in the future and I want to point out that this is the cause which makes miserable things and which make people live their lives in Darkness!

Although we were made to study, the importance of the problems has not been taught properly, so, in the end, people who can't see or know about life's problems will be living like a blind man.

Once we know the things in truth, we ourselves can lead a life which we want.
A lot of people are living quite a distance from happiness and peace.
If we are awakened to what the truth is, we ourselves are able to get out of the wrong place.
This is the way to bring glory to us!

There is no greater blessing than living with a bright mind in a bright world.
People who have dark minds can not see the things just in front of themselves, people who have bright mind can see things from a distance.

And knowing what life is all about; is essential for us to get peace and happiness
Love must be given and received with Blessings! Peace and Happiness follows.........!

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Comment by GILBERT PARRA on March 29, 2009 at 1:12am
I would love to meet you in person. The look in your eyes, the secret smile. Bless You , may all of the gods lighten your loads, and all your loads be Light.


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