These instructions should be used in conjunction to listening to your Eternal Life Album These are the steps that need to be taken to TRANSFORM THE BODY The two biggest steps that must be taken by those who desire To Extend their Life Time Indefinitely rather than being programmed to die sometime between 70-110. The new programming says we live until we can not find any new experiences for the Soul to become Excited about. Our bodies were pre-programmed intentionally by our Souls to die and become reincarnated so that we could continue to have new experiences that would be a result of the prior life times programming. The new reality that our Creation Specialists from the Sun Alcyone Creation Lab have programmed into us is the Eternal Life Programming that was stored away in the Time Capsules in the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone and in the Cosmic Domains of Inner Earth.

Those Time Capsules that contain the new programming are being activated in a way that allows their energy to stream into the Crystalline Grid Lattice of the Earth. That Grid is 12 inches below the surface of the Earth. It is Invisible, It is Etheric, it is the Spiritual Christ Consciousness Mechanism of the Earth that allows the Divine Consciousness to Flow between Earth and out Bodies. As the Programming for these Time Capsules were taking place there were several sets of Consciousness being used. The Time Capsules use the Consciousness that were sent through the Stellar Wave Activations and Initiations from Sun Alcyone, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Arcturus, Lyra, Aveyas, Lyra Vega, Aramantena as well as our Sun, Helios and Vesta. All of these sets of Consciousness needed to be returned into the Grids of the Earth because the human race line was originally created from ALL OF THIS CONSCIOUSNESS.

As each one of these sets of Consciousness was flowing into the Time Capsules, I recorded these Frequencies of Consciousness into the Parallel Universe Set. The activation Principle of the Highest String of the Music of the Spheres was taken from each of these sets of Consciousness and recorded on the Violet Flame Album. Another essential part of this return of Consciousness to the Earth was through the birth of the Six Avatar Children.

You see, the only way to get the 12 DNA memory of Consciousness back into the System on Earth is to have Children born into the Portals of Earth. The Crystalline Grids could not be changed back to the Christic Grids of Light Activation without the births of these Children igniting the memory of the 12 DNA pattern back into the Biosphere of the Earth. The Albums 12 DNA ACTIVATION and 48 DNA Perfect Archetype contain that Consciousness that was woven into the Earth at the time of each birth. Another section of the Divine Translation was the actual landing of the Mother Ship, and the activation from under the Ocean of the Cosmic Template that was created by Those of US who were the original Aquafarians, Plieadians and Cosmic Dolphins from the Sun of Ha who re-united the Cosmic Buffer Blanket around the Earth to prepare for her Re-Birth. This Divine Event was recorded on MOTHER SHIP.

One part of that landing was the Fifth Dimensional Dolphins and the Eighth Dimensional Whales greeting and performing the Ascension Portal alignment as the Mother Ship was landing. This event corresponded with the Ascension of the Fifth Dimensional Dolphins rising into the Cloud Cities and becoming the new Sixth Dimensional Elemental Consciousness of Earth. Those Frequencies were recorded on the Dolphin Therapy Kit of Heavenly Dolphins and Cosmic Dolphin Therapy. These were a few of the events that were activated recently as a result of several years of events of preparation and alignment of this new Consciousness Birthing into Earth and her Children.

We began this process about twelve years ago by learning the God Language that opened the doors into Inner Earth. It is well known among Galactic Greeting Committees that Entities of Unknown Planets and Stars must announce themselves by learning the Music of the Planet or Star that relationships are being desired. We had to go through the process of learning the God Language, which is the decoded Frequencies of all Galactic Citizens. that God Language was recorded in the ASCENSION KIT. That is why I always recommend beginning with that set of Coded Language. My Ascension Team has guided me through every note, frequency, and event of this Cosmic

Realignment through the Music of the Spheres. The only way the events could be recorded was through the Frequencies that the Elohim of Hearing Channeled through my Breath. These sets of Albums that I recorded will be stored in the Future Akashic Records of my Being forever. Many from Parallel Universes have already told me that they listen to my music constantly. This means their Physical Parallel will begin listening as well on this side of the Veil. It might sound like my description of the Ascension of Earth is the Advertising Agent for all of the Music that I created while it was taking place. Since the requirement for accessing this grand reality is attuning with this reality of Ascension, we must learn how to TUNE IN to the Frequencies of Dimensions 3-15.

We must learn to tune in to the Multi Dimensional Consciousness so that we can begin enjoying its fruits in gifts such as Eternal Life, removal of all disease, instant healing, returning to a youthful body, traveling among the stars, free energy, instant manifestation of all desired experiences, et.c There is actually no other way on Earth to TUNE IN to the Frequencies of this gift than through the Actual Frequencies that created the Magical Event through the Guidance of our Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian families of Consciousness. TRANSFORM OUR BODY How do we use these Frequencies to TRANSFORM THE BODY The transformation is performed by the Innate, Knowingness within our Crystal Heart Soul. The Innate was actually programmed for a limited life time before 2012. And now is the time that we can begin reprogramming our Knowingness to Eternal Life. We begin this process by Tuning in, of course. The best way to tune in is through your Eternal Life Album. It is already programmed into the Frequencies of all of your Multi Dimensional Selves and your Higher Self, Innate and Soul. Now, you need to plug in your Awareness of this Frequency Attunement that was designed for you. You need to tune inward. Listen inward.

Listen to the wonderful frequencies that are singing from within your cells. Listen to the loving harmonies that are singing to you from within your cells. Hum the tunes that you are hearing so that you are creating a harmony with the tones that you are hearing within yourself. This is how you create a harmonic attunement with your cells. The humming should be the tone of Love. You must develop a Love as deep as the Cosmic Ocean for your cells. You need to realize that within your cells are the magical water fairies who bring you the magic of transformation every nano second in return for the Loving Magic that you hum to them. These water fairies within live on the Love of your Songs.

The music that you are listening to is created from the Consciousness of StarDust and Pre Plasma Heliotalic Frequencies of Transformation. Become aware of that transformation substance that is held within the breaths in the music that you are listening to. Inhale that substance, know and see it as Stardust and then exhale it back into your cells and tell your cells that you are filling them with Love through the Stardust of Eternal Life Energy. Listen for your cells to sing back to you. NEXT Connecting to your Frequency Specific KNOWING INNATE SELF The purpose of using the Candle Technique that trains you to walk into the Full Spectrum of Light which contains all Frequencies of Light from the Hertzian up to the Gamma and the Pink White Light that transforms your vision to see the Blue Light is to make the CONNECTION WITH YOUR INNATE SELF. The Feeling of the Frequency that you awaken in your Mid Brain area should become the most important feeling in your existence.

Connect into that Feeling and that Place in your Pineal Gland. Feel it singing to you and sing back to it using the Frequencies in your music. The Ascension Vortal Album is created with the exact God Language that opens up the communication with the Pineal Gland. All of the Coded Language in the Ascension Kit is specifically designed to open up the flow of the communication within the body, including the pineal, the tail bone, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakras within. The communication to the Inner Soul needs to be connected to through the Frequency specific Pineal as it plugs into the Heart Chakra through the Sixth Chakra of the Throat. These Etheric Chakras actually activate the glands in the body including the Thymus, the Master Neuronet Gland, the Seed Atom within the Thymus and the Medulla Oblangata which plugs directly into the Mind of God. I have placed this diagram on the website and it is explained on the you tube with JZKnight on the you tube page.

The first step in the process of opening communication with your Higher Self Innate Soul Self is to TURN OFF the THINKING BRAIN. The diagram shows the YELLOW BRAIN as the Thinking Brain. That Brain is only a Repeater of old Information. If we keep that old information, we will just continue dying and being sick. When we plug into the Frequency Brain-- the blue part of the diagram, we plug into the Innate Self who is Reprogramming the Cells to send signals into the body that say replicate the Divine Blue Print of the Man created in the Image and Likeness of God every nano second for Eternity. This is why we will want to move into the Frequency Specific Brain.

Those of you who are constantly seeing the Sun turn Blue or even turning White, this is a symbol of you being tuned in to your Frequency Specific Mid Brain. Use the Light Energy from the Sun in connection with the Frequencies in your Albums to tune in to and Plug into that Mid Brain so continuously that your THINKING BRAIN TURNS OFF. This is the desired program. We must Turn off the Thinking Brain. The Thinking brain is where the Emotions come from. The Emotions of Fear and the emotions of jealousy and the feeling of not wanting to forgive. All of those old ideas are stored in the Thinking Brain. That brain is not in the new program. We will get back to it eventually. However, the only way to re program the Thinking Brain is to pave a new pathway from the Frequency Brain into the Thinking bran. And we don't want to do that until the Innate is communicating from within the Heart Chakra Soul area from the Seed Atom which has the Divine Template Activated. We want the Inner Communication from these areas of the body to plug into the Neuronets that give direction to the Nerve Centers of the Body. We want the Innate to program the Cells to send massive loads of white blood cells into all of the Virus of the body and remove all disease forever.

The old Innate was not programmed to do these things. The old cells would see a virus and think that virus was just another cell. That is why the virus would grow larger because the old cell system did not know that it was supposed to send white blood cells to attach and remove the virus. Now we can communicate with our Innate Inner Knowing of our Divine Template and say I would like the Cells to turn on my Eternal Life Programming.


Dr. Angela Barnett


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