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We all know that desolate feeling of sinking emotions, sadness, loneliness, rage, depression, shame, guilt, or other such emotions that seem a far cry from the light, love, joy, and hope we would prefer. Often times for those of us on the path of expanding our consciousness, we are putting in a lot of work to shed the layers of old beliefs and baggage away to liberate ourselves from hindrances to our spirit and heart.

On our journey, the high points can feel very high at times and because of this, when a hidden fear or old hurt feeling surface, they can seem even worse. In fact, even in situations not quite so intense or dramatic, some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed not feeling a rush of motivation or excitement. Then, if this wasn’t challenging enough, we may feel anxious, sad, or upset at having had these emotions. When our vibration is ‘lower’ than we would like it to be, what can we practically do to get back to a high vibration? Here are 5 ways,

1) Stop Resisting: Many of those things which we see as ‘low vibration’ are just memories, emotions, or beliefs that are coming to the surface to be released. Just let them go and enjoy the space that opens up. Remember that what we resist persists.

2) Take Action: Inaction and procrastination can make you feel like the flow of energy is so sluggish that it’s almost at a complete stop. The more and more we put off what we truly desire to do or what we know we need to do, the heavier it becomes and the more difficult it becomes to take action. Therefore, TAKE ACTION! Even just one small check off the to-do list starts the momentum of feeling positive about oneself and empowered in one’s life.

3) Express Your Anger: Many times the first open door to exit a lower feeling vibration is to move energy through the vehicle of anger. The lowest vibratory feelings are guilt, shame, fear, and powerlessness. If you are feeling powerless or shameful, anger can be the next emotional rung up on the ladder, allowing you to use your anger to shift out of feeling powerless and into a feeling of rightful anger. As long as we can take responsibility for our reality and use the anger to energize us to a better place, it can be a positive thing.

4) Get Moving: Moving our physical bodies is a sure-fire way to raise the overall vibration. We often can get stuck in our thoughts or emotions and forget that we are embodied in these physical vessels and that our thought and emotional spheres are inherently interwoven in the fibers of our physical body. Exercise- anything ranging from running to yoga to dance to weights to swimming, hiking, etc., moves the energy in our body. This energizes us which improves our feeling of self-worth, gives us fresh motivation and inspiration, and helps the body release unneeded energies at all levels, making us stronger.

5) Go Into Nature: Going out onto beautiful mother earth and soaking in her inherent goodness is one of the most obvious and simple ways to raise your vibration. The earth is our sanctuary and we are in vibratory resonance with her- this is proven by science (aka the Schumann Resonance). It has been proven that ‘earthing’ or being barefoot in the grass, is beneficial for our physical health, and many of us know from experience how nourishing it is for the spirit.

If you find yourself feeling that you are in a lower vibratory state than your usual healthy, happy, and motivated way of being, relax. Forgive yourself first and acknowledge and accept the state you are in. What we validate can be integrated and transcended, but what we resist persists. Take action to enhance positive feelings like expressing your anger in a healthy way, taking action on things you need and want to do, moving your body, or going outside. I hope you have found this information helpful. Thank you for reading!

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Comment by Hellen on November 22, 2015 at 1:04am

Comment by Hellen on November 22, 2015 at 1:03am

Comment by Suiris on November 18, 2015 at 9:08pm

Nature, my nature. I should have never doubted myself, trying to become someone else.

Not even within their most sensitive side I can find an answer for my heart. Instinct hurts inside of me.

Can't stand their common medium, nature nor ways. I've been cleaning some aspects within myself. Realizing how far it's from home, when outside low turbulence. Keeping my eyes above the line, where the trees and the sky belong, far away from below.

Can't take it much longer, it burns like dry fire on my chest. I wanna be free.

Fortunately, there's only one witch left, and not too far from being gone.

I've been dreaming of home, since the day I was born.


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