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If we just forget the books of conspiracy, seminars on enlightenment, videos on ascension. Toss out all eastern religions, gurus, gods, new age, all religious institutions, be done with all priests, rabbis and masters, all spiritual groups, feel good movements. These are all part of the Illusion. These keep us away from Love. These are designed to block the Light. Just go and simulate life in a cave with only your aloneness and simply meditate on Love. Let Love Be in your day. Every day, every moment. Drop the Illusion. Light your Love.

Visualize Love. Write about Love, talk to your Self about everything you believe and feel about Love.

Walk about Loving everything and everyone. What would happen? I’ll tell you what happened to me when I did just that. I took a small spare bedroom (my cave) and installed my computer and note pads. I researched everything on Love. I only wrote about love.

After my sweetheart of 38 years departed this world in 2005, I took a pencil and wrote 300 pages on Love, all my feelings of love and loss came pouring out. I soon realised one important thing. The Love was not lost. It was still with me, more powerful than ever. Something had changed. Love was now everywhere!

Birds would fly into my room, butterflies would visit, I felt their love. Two years after her departure I attended a New Years Eve Ball. The Old Irish Showbands were playing. 40 year Reunion! The dance floor was covered in dancing couples. I sat alone and watched. I realised it is almost impossible for a single man to dance alone and feel good about it. Only in a kirtan does this happen. So I chatted to my ‘sweetheart’ and said, “OK, my darling, can't dance without you, so I’d love to meet someone who likes to dance.”

Six days later, on 6th January my brother had a birthday party, I nearly didn’t go, but a force got me there. I’m standing chatting to someone when a beautiful woman walks across the room and simply introduces herself to me, “I’d like to meet you.”

I simply asked her a question, “Do you like to dance?”

“I love dancing”, she replied. We chatted a bit about work etc, then she asked, “What else do you do?” I said, “I’m writing a book"

"Oh yes, that's interesting, what's it about?"


In amongst these folk Love had brought me a beautiful woman, perfect in every way, like me, she drank only chilled water and lemon, was a vegetarian, and loved to dance, enjoyed picnics and exploring nature.

Almost 5 years later that beautiful woman has become my sweetest friend. Next year we will marry. I was not looking for, or visualising a new woman with so many sweet qualities to come into my life. I was only visualising Love. The same Love I experienced with my wife for 38 years had returned in a different form. Same heart~Different form. I realised I could live for 5000 years and the form of my darling wife would never reappear, only the sweet energy of Love would. Love knew how to appear. Just Love.

Sometime later I needed to expand my business, I was still fixed on Love, my meditations were all on Love. I did not want anyone or anything. I would just LOVE to expand my business. The word want was gone and Love was felt.

I was invited to meet a businessman. In 5 days I was offered several million dollars of capital if I needed it. We have been happy partners now for 3 years. I explained to him that our meeting all came to an energy called Love.

Today I still meditate on Love. I love all the masters, teachers, gods, books that have come into my life. But what is real is, I love the eternal inner friend who has guided me through an incredible life. Having a Loving Consciousness takes me into the realms of Sweetness. Everything else is to take me away from my internal loving nature. Fixing on stuff and people and religions and rules and philosophies and things to affirm or visualise is for me not the way. I want the Sweetness of Love in every eternal moment of my life. This is My Sweet Lord.

The beautiful being that I really am knows exactly what I’d love and has brought this to me. Whatever I love will simply appear in my life. Love will manifest it. My Love will Love it. Today I have this thing about Loving the Earth. How can I love the Earth more?

I picked up my sweethearts hand and kissed it, then rubbed the love into it and realised I’d just loved the elements of the earth contained within her body. So simple an act. Kiss her hand and Love the Earth at the same time. Where many are preaching you are not the body and focus only on spiritual. I say Love the Earth within the body as well. We are in this body made of Earth. Love it for the Temple it is. Offer lots of raw living food of Sun Light to it. Watch how everything heals. 

So, what if our Earth is really about to go into a brand new Golden Age state of Being. What if 7 billion of us just picked up someone’s hand and kissed it and rubbed the love into it. Our Earth would Love it.So would you and so would the person receiving the kiss!

Try it! Visualize Love! Love One Another! Give a hand to Earth and kiss one.This will help bring about her Golden Age.

xxxx Love xxxx


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Comment by AshtarCommandTribe [Admin] on December 2, 2011 at 12:50pm

Beautiful energy Kaunteya <3 Your Journey is so inspiring.



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