How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans & Earth...

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Much love to you all!

I wanted to write this article because recently I’ve had issues with my internet, issues with a headache, issues with eating too much food… my issues I could go on… but I wont … lol

 Thankfully today someone special here on Ashtar inspired me to write this blog….


To those of you who are experiencing some sort of loneliness or distress, please read on.


How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans & Earth

By Star

What are Solar Flares?


Solar flares are explosions of gaseous surface energy or a magnetic storm.


These gases emitted from a Solar flare are thrown out many miles away from the surface of our Sun which travels to Earth.


Scientists have long been looking into the history of the solar flare, the first one recorded in 1859, and its impact on Earth.


Their findings are very conclusive:


Solar flares do affect Earth and its people!8108752091?profile=original

So how do solar flares affect the Earth?


Earth is affected because it sometimes gets overwhelmed by the massive waves of electromagnetic power released from the sun’s solar flare towards it.

These take the form of gamma rays, x rays and other magnetic elements.

As you can imagine these have a slight effect on Earth as she cannot protect herself as usual!


So what happens with a solar flare?


The solar flare travels from the sun and hits earth, initially hitting the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth.

The first layer of the atmosphere of the Earth is affected and shakes which then can interrupt the communication satellites which are orbiting our Earth.

Therefore the solar flare’s magnetically charged particles and photons that hit these communications satellites can alter the timings of communications between global positioning systems. This hit can also effect mobile phone communications, and the use of navigational equipment for boats and flying (some studies have found).

 So that’s the science part over, from my own reading  these Solar flare storms, (which are happening right now)

Effects humanity as a whole too!


 Because research has shown solar flares can affect our own magnetic field.


 NASA/Scientists are a bit shaky in admitting that.



Solar flares and photon waves and US!


So the sun produces solar flare’s which are magnetically charged of particles and photons.

The interesting thing is Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy which changes our reality.

Photon energy pulls up the lower emotional frequency range so it too can be in a higher frequency.


So the effect of a solar flare on earth, can cause us to be anxious, dizzy,  irritable, lethargic, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, feel nauseous, and to have prolonged head pressure or headaches, ringing in the ears etc

ie the lower emotions….

Therefore we have to release these lower emotions stored within us through this process so that when photon energies work into the conciousness we can begin to remember our purpose or awaken fully.


As Photon energy is high frequency and connected to our thoughts  it means our thoughts instantly can manifest into our reality.

So its important during this time to rest, drink plenty of water, sleep, and know what you want in your mind.

It’s a good time to have a good cry and clear out the junk within! Be happy this all has a purpose.

Because after the storm… come’s the sun…


(no pun intended)  hehehe!




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  • oh those are pretty!!! so mystical ;)

  • look at this its amesing:  

  • they said we could see the nothern light here last night (Holland) but to bad it was cloudy.

    personally I did feel once again the deepest fears, yes the loneliness, had to surrender in it, to feel Oneness again

    thank you  All <3

  • Your welcome Delilah, my special one inspired me...:)

  • And I love the Sun!!! :)

    Thanks for the article Star, interesting information! :) 

  • wonder why it has moved?

    i think it looked better lighting up norway!  ha

    I hope you feel better, much soon!!

  • Very informative article this..


    Good work, lol


    Yesterday evening and night i have felt this loneliness

    and some distress..I took a walk as a Night-walker

    after distress, and later i become bathed with loneliness..


    Star; I have heard that the Northern Light has mooved

    south to England, hehe..

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