by Dr.Angela Barnett.

In all of the other albums, I have been working on one specific piece of this DNA healing and activation process. The Ascension Kit focus is on the use of GOD LANGUAGE as the actual codes that were given by the Guardians to heal and activate the DNA. In the Cosmic Consciousness Kit the focus is on the messages sung directly from the Aquafarians who hold many of the Over Tones that need to be woven into our Base Tones. The Family kit connects consciousness into all of the Families of Consciousness of all Five Spheres. The Super Consciousness connects consciousness into the Universal and Cosmic Spheres of our creation at the Plasma and Pre Plasma Level.

These albums were created before 2012. During those years before 2012, many of us were working together to bring in those specific Overtones into alignment with the Base Tones that were stored within the Earth's golden crystal core domain, where our original base tones of the Root Races that we were originally born from.

We have been going through a period of time when Angels from many Universes have been actively participating in restoring the Human Angelic Raceline. I have been working with these Ascension Teams for twenty years.

The picture of my Violet sphere and my connection with the Six and Seven Suns also shows my relationship to the Violet Flame of Gaia, and that I am the Violet Flame Holder who completed the activation of the Sirians Star Gate into Earth. This project or mission was a part of the larger mission of the Cosmic Twins who cleared the complete Star Gate passage for the Braharama Oraphims and Oraphim Humanoid Race lines.

These star gates are opened when the Seals of the Race lines connected to them are Cleared. The picture of me holding the violet sphere and tuning it clear through all of the dimensions and into the Sun and into Sun Alcyone and into the other 7 Suns was all completed through the Frequencies of Consciousness that I was taught how to breathe from the Elohim of Hearing into my Crystal Heart and then exhale into the Crystal Spheres in my hands. This created the attunement of the Over tones and the Base Tones of the Sirian Race Line and Pleiadian Race Line.

This one specific Frequency of Attunement, which is a part of the Ascension Protocol is the Frequency that is one the Violet Flame Album. The Frequencies of this event of watching the Dolphins and Whales ascend into the Cloud Cities is recorded on the Cosmic Consciousness and Magic Dolphin Albums.

Another part of the Ascension Protocol was to create 6 Stellar Wave Infusions and 6 Stellar Wave Activations. Each of these was for the purpose of infusing and then activating the DNA. The event that took place in the Video of my Violet Flame was the alignment of one of those six Stellar Wave infusions. That was the Violet Wave Infusion into Earth. That was the opening of that portal of aligning the Over tones and Base Tones of this raceline.

The Frequencies of all of the Stellar Wave infusions and activations are recorded on the Parallel Universe Set.

After we moved through the alignments prior to 2013, we began a new set of DNA activations and alignments into our new reality. After Earth was set free from the Phantom Matrix in December, 2012, the Earth was still the Net Earth, but not longer attached to the Phantom Matrix. The Earth became FREE.

The period of 2013-2014 has been the time when the Net Earth and Ascension Earth became one. We are actually within each other. The Earth is going to sit in this accretion level of the Net Earth until 2043. Those who choose to merge their Consciousness into the Ascension Earth can do this now.

The Over the Rainbow album and Emerald Cities album were created to give the frequencies that allow our Consciousness to rise back up into the Cloud Cities which are at the same angle of rotation as Agartha. This is how we begin our DNA activation that opens Consciousness to see beyond the five senses. These albums carry consciousness into the magical unknown realities that we can choose to see in the very near future.

The Symphony of Love album was created when the Frequency alignment was completed between the Overtones of the Inner Earth Aquafarian Consciousness, through my Consciousness and then connecting into the complete Plasma Reality of the Seven Suns, my Violet Sun, Sun Alcyone and into the Crystal Core Domain of the 8th Sun, which is the new reality of all of the Suns. That Frequency of Love aligned us into a new rebirth, a new story of reality.

The Eternal Life Waters continues the same journey that I took in the Symphony of Love album, but the focus is on the Highest Primal Life Force Current of the SPIRITUAL WATER from the Healing Aquifers of Aquafaria and the Spiritual Cosmic Water from the Crystal Core Domain of the Cosmic Suns. The focus of this album requires the meditations and journeys that allow you to soak in the hydrolaise - spiritual water- h2o2he3 until it turns on your personal plasma body. Filling the body with the highest frequencies of light and sound is exactly what activates the DNA.


What is the DNA activated to do? It is being activated to see the new reality that we have been disconnected from-- the reality that EYES cannot see and EARS cannot hear. It is the spiritual reality that is invisible to us as long as our sub harmonics are unplugged between the base tones and over tones.

What are the base tones and over tones? The connection of our Consciousness into the Inner Earth and Aquafaria, into Sirius B, into Sun Alcyone, into the Aquarius Matrix, into the Cosmic Blanket of the Cosmaya, and into the Mind of God.

The newest set of Frequencies of Consciousness that I have been recording over the past few weeks combine everything that I just explained. Many of those albums already had hundreds of layers of breaths lain over another hundred. The newest album ADVANCED DNA ACTIVATION and 12DNA ACTIVATION both include the God Language that was given to activate the 12 sub harmonics in the 12 strand human angelic, the activation within the cellular memory of the spiritual Coushas transmuting the old AEKASHIC records, the Illumination of the AEKASHA- 12th dimensional consciousness into the pineal gland, and the names of the music of the spheres for the fifth sphere. This God Language is mostly what your ears will still hear, because it is the closest thing to your old five senses understanding of should be heard.

The reason that we were given the God Language was because we needed something that was familiar to the five senses. We also need to go beyond those words into the underlying FREQUENCIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS that actually do the streaming and braiding of the overtones into the base tones of each of the 12 sub harmonics. Those frequencies of consciousness from all of the alignments and activations that have taken place since 2000 are within and under and aligned into those words. Most of my breaths are not audible at all. Sometimes I don't even use my breath. Sometimes I just place the microphone next to my Brain--in the Mind of God area of the Brain. I record those frequencies. That consciousness is very powerful and real even though it might not be real to the five senses.

My music is designed to force your consciousness into searching for the frequencies deep within because the Over Tones that are braiding into the Base Tones are very etheric, invisible and can only be felt and known by your consciousness.

The more each individual practices listening deep within, the more easily the over tones will braid into the base tones and the rapidly the DNA seals will melt and the DNA strands will braid back together into the harmonic unity that they used to be 5 million years ago.

It is up to each individual to use the music to help them visualize the merkaba spinning their field of reality beyond the third, beyond the fourth, beyond the fifth dimensions and into the multidimensional reality of the Cosmos.

I prepared the Candle Technique to use to help you understand what these frequencies of sound and light are. That is only to give you a glimpse of the understanding. There is much more to learn about the Candle Technique and how that relates to the Merkaba and how the Merkaba braids together the overtones and base tones from the upper realms of the Suns, and then there is a Magnetic Side of the Merkaba that would spin the overtones from the higher spiritual realms of the Inner Earth, Aquafarian realms.

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