HOW DOES THE ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM ACTIVATES DNA? Dr. Angela Barnett Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. (Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) What is DNA? It is Consciousness weaving together all multi dimensional selves through an Eternal Communication line What is the Music of the Spheres? The sounds that harmonize each octave of one harmonic universe into the frequencies of the higher harmonic universe. There are always Five Spheres connecting Five harmonic Universes within one Time Matrix. The first sphere is the Planetary Consciousness of dimensions 1,2,3 The second sphere is the Solar Consciousness of dimensions 4,5,6 The third is the Galactic Consciousness of dimensions 7.8.9 The fourth is the Christic Universal Consciousness of 10,11,12 The fifth is the Cosmic Consciousness of 13,14,15 Each of the three dimensions of frequencies weave, braid and spin their frequencies into a higher frequency which creates a NEW REALITY. Consciousness plus Energy equals a new reality. Activating 5DNA through the corrected 12 coded subharmonic consciousness into each of the double helix in the physical body and the parallel spiritual templates Allows the RETURN TO NORMAL REALITY OF ETERNAL LIFE Learn how the Stellar Wave Infusions and Activations can be used to corrected 12 coded template of subharmonics within each of the 5th, 6th and 8th DNA. The original 12 DNA of the human angelic was raised to 24 DNA and the Indigo Template of 48 is our Key to this Transformation DNA is an Etheric Substance called Consciousness. When Frequencies are raised into the Accretion Levels of the Higher Dimensional Consciousness, the DNA activates DNA Activation MEANS re-connecting the communication channels to our Over Soul, Avatar and Rishi Selves in the Harmonic Universes 3,4 and 5 Understanding DNA transformation and how it is accomplished will make the difference in the reality that you percieve. Many will continue living in the old illusions of the old third dimensional cellular memories. New DNA CANNOT AND WILL NOT Activate until the Old Dna is discarded through the Energy of the Light and Sound from the Consciousness of the Pre Plasma Light of the Sun. The Higher Frequencies of Light and Sound (Consciousness) must be used to TRANSMUTE and TRANSLATE the Old DNA BEFORE the NEW DNA can be Activated. WHERE DO WE BEGIN? Learn how to use the Full Spectrum of Light from the entire Music of the Spheres to melt away the THINKING BRAIN and pave the new Communication Channels of Consciousness through the FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MID BRAIN. Next. learn to use the light and sound to turn on the direct link to the Mind of God through the stem cell into the Neuro net Master Gland to re-direct the Eternal Life Master of the body to COMPLETELY MELT AWAY AND REPLACE the old Thinking Brain. Pictures Thinking Brain, Mid Brain- Mind of God Melting away the old Cellular memories is required before new DNA can Activate FIRST- A little history about the De-Activation of our DNA SECOND - The timing of removing the Seals and Fences that were blocking the re-activition of our DNA Third- The Plan of the Guardians, Ascension Teams, Universal Life Force Currents of Light and Sound The Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions from the Solar Spiral, Pleiadian Sun Alcyone Spiral, Syrian Spiral, Andromeda, Orion, Lyran, Rainbow Spiral When my clients listen to their ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. EXCEPT, the LEVEL OF FREQUENCIES THAT ARE USED ARE COSMIC AND CHRISTIC- 12th-15th dimensional consciousness. Those old THETA Vibrations only use SOLFEGE-- which means it is third dimensional. This means the frequencies that they use do not go beyond the first harmonic universe which is planetary. The Frequencies that I use alwyas begin with the Cosmic Frequencies Transmuting all lower Frequencies so that the new DNA can begin activation. I transfer my level of consciousness-which is COSMIC into their Cellular Memory. Cosmic Consciousness is not third dimensional-- it is 14th dimensional. The Cosmic Consciousness that is used does much more than remove food cravings and help one think more clearly. The Cosmic Frequencies in all of the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS aligns the DNA into the complete original Blue Print that is created in the Cosmic Level of the 14th dimensional heliotalic frequencies. This is why it is called the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. It is designed to align your DNA into its original Divine Blue Print of ETERNAL LIFE. Our Human Angelic Raceline originally did not KNOW DEATH. There was no death in the 12 coded race line. Death is a result of misalignment with the Light of God. That misalignment was created by spinning merkabas incorrectly in order to create rips in the Merkaba Fields that were created to hold us in alignment. The Pre Light and Sound are the Frequencies of the Pre Plasma Substance that Stars are made of. Stars have always been in the Correct Alignment with Eternal Life. Suns are always in alignment. Planets are out of alignment. That is why they became dense. The result of using the Eternal Life Album is usually to start seeing Realities that were not seen before. To hear realities that were not heard before. To begin breaking beyond what is known to the five senses and to start seeing into the spectrum of the infra red, invisible light, the realities that exist beyond what has been learned in the five sense spectrum of the solfege. The meaning of solfege is EXACTLY THIS- What can be seen and heard. The audible and visible spectrum of reality. That is the definition of the third dimension. In the Crystal Magic Orchestration of the crystalline silica stardust through the magical orchestration of the frequencies from the Crystalline Etheric Cosmic Consciousness activating the 12th Dimensional Christic Consciousness, the 12 DNA activations means braiding the subharmonic frequencies of the DNA back into the full spectrum of light and sound. The OLD DNA that we already have already experiences the Solfege reality. The magical DNA that was extracted from us contains the invisible fields of reality and the things that we have not heard before. There is a "Huge" difference in meaning between the old techniques called Theta Frequency DNA Activation and the DNA ACTIVATION technique that uses holographic music containing the Frequency Signatures of the Ascension Team in the Cosmic Domains, who actually realign each Individual into the Over Soul of the Consciousness which is not only Super, but Eternally Super. This is the direct connection to the Mind of God. The first effect of the Frequency Music that I create is to Raise the Frequencies of the Cells into the Cosmic Consciousness that KNOWS all that is to be known. The Frequencies lift the one who needs healing into the Harmonic Universe where there is only Perfect Reality. The Consciousness becomes transformed as a result of RESONATING with the Frequencies of Consciousness that are the Ascension Team, the Sirius B Healing Temples, the Aquafarian Consicousness of Transformation. This music contains the True Genuine Consciousness from True Cosmic Beings of Light who are doing the Transformational Act of Ascension through our Bodies. Those who tune in to the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions that are streaming into the Earth from Sun Alcyone into Earth's Sun are the Actual Consciousness of the Christic- 12th dimensional and the Cosmic 14th dimensional Beings who are actually who we USED TO BE. They are our Souls at a very high level. They are our Rishi Selves and our Avatar Selves. The Music in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS is Consciousness being breathed back into your Cellular memory. It is the Consciousness that turns on the Lights in your Cells. It is the Consciousness that connects you to the Mind of God through your Higher Selves who are your Soul, Over Soul, Avatar Self and Rishi Self. These Higher Selves are the LIGHT BODIES that you need to meet. You need to Feel Them, Know Them and See them. How do you meet your Avatar Self? You must Resonate with the Exact Same Frequencies as your Higher Selves. This is what creates the KNOWING at the higher levels of the 12th and 14th dimensions. This DNA Activation Process that takes place through the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS is a Continuous Process. If it all happened at once it would kill you. This is why I do not believe in the One Session Approach that is used by most Theta DNA Activation Technology. And I do not believe in those who give the Initiation Sessions because DNA initiation actually takes several years. This is why I create the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM for the Individual to activate that Individual's DNA one strand at a time. First the Base Tone Subharmonics need be tuned into each of the 144 incarnate selves that are versions of you in all 12 Root races. Each of these Versions of you must be woven back into the Ascension Portal of Sun Alcyone because that is the only place where the 12 stargates reunite the complete consciousness of who we once were. The Base Tone Subharmonics must be woven into 144,000 versions of who you have been and into the Resonate Tones of all of your Higher Selves in the Spiriutal Parallel Christic and Cosmic Universes of your Perfect Etheric Original Template. There are millions of versions of your Perfect Self that must be woven back into your DNA strands. This DNA activation process is completely done through Consciousness. However the Consciousness must have a complete Understanding of who and where these pieces of your Consciousness came from, who they are, how they go distorted, etc. There also needs to be this complete understanding of where each of the Seals were placed in the body to block the flow of information between the DNA strands. The Training to prepare for DNA activation was extremely complex. It took me 14 years of intense training at the Cosmic Mystery School to learn this process of DNA activation. I see hundreds of others out there saying they do DNA Activations. If any of them were asked how they do it, they would not be able to explain to you what DNA initiation is, what DNA consumation is, where each of the 12 Stellar Wave Infusions came from. Who the Six Avatar Children are. They would not know any of the crucial ingredients needed for DNA ACTIVATION. However, there will always be COPY CATS. There will always be those who COPY what I say even though they don't know what it means. I see more and more copy cats out there every day. As soon as I put the REAL PICTURE of me holding the REAL VIOLET ORB in my hands, I have seen dozens of others doing photo shop versions of this same divine reality, 2015 - 2017 EXPERIENCING THE NEW VERSION OF OURSELVES Dr. Angela Barnett all messages are channeled from the Entity called Crystalai During the year 2015 the majority of the masses will believe that ET's exist and in 2016 we will elect a President who discloses all that has been hidden from us about the governments relations with E.T.s and we will be introduced to our Starry Families in 2017. Many who have been working on communicating with the Eieyani Raceline will be invited to meet them in person in 2017. They will invite us into the Inner Earth Portals into Shamballa. The accretion level of Earth will rise into at one ment with Inner Earth in the Fall of 2016. This will be the complete shift into a new Version of Reality for the Masses. 2014 was the year of re-inventing ourselves. It was a confusing year because there were many old realities presented to us about all of the other versions that we had created of ourselves through the things that we have done or said or experienced. We were given the opportunity to be faced by all of those old realities and to choose to eliminate them from our lives forever. This was most easily done by using the Frequencies of the Sun to Transmute the old ERRORs that we wanted removed. Each time an old idea came to the surface we were to melt in into the Frequencies of the Sun. An easy way to do this is to Visualize the Sun at a 23 degree angle to the forehead and then draw a light from that Sun into the Forhead and then into the Mid Brain. The Frequencies of the Sun are 8th dimensional and the frequencies in the Mid Brain, Stem Cell, Thymus areas are 5th dimensional. These areas only become fifth dimensional through our Consciousness turning them on. When the 8th and 5th are placed together they create a photon. The photon is the light energy that can actually disolve old ideas and create new ideas. The reason that these old ideas were surfacing to be completed and melted away into the Sun's Frequencies is because the 12 subharmonics of our 5th DNA strand were initiating. Each time a subharmonic DNA strand is initiating there are these Seals that are Melting. When the Seal melts there are all of the old Cellular Memories that come out of them. Those old cellular memories are the Problems that arise to be Melted by the Sun. However, we must use the Sun's Frequencies and bring them into the Mid Brain and the Crystal Hearth where the 5th Dimensional Frequencies can work together with the 8th to create the photon. Of course there are many who were not creatin New Versions in 2014 because they were not activating their DNA. At some point in time between 2017 those people must complete their DNA activation of the 5DNA or they will remain in the OLD VERSION of reality until they die. So, here we are in 2015 with this brand new version of ourselves. I was shown this reality in a dream that told me that if I did not complete my new book 12DNA Music of the Spheres in 2014, that I would disappear. That meant that the new version of me would never exist. When we choose to walk into this new version of ourselves, everything becomes very fluid, very flexible, bendable. Reality seems to start shifting around our very needs and desires because we become the creator of the movie that we live in. If we don't like the Version of Reality that we are in we simply shift out of that Version into a different Version of Reality. The more we see this reality, the more the atmosphere appears to become a very thin Veil that we just walk into to find another reality and another. This shifting actually takes place through the doors of the Universal Merkaba that we are always riding within. It looks like a big crystal dome room where there are these Triangles of different colors. Each time we raise our frequencies to a higher dimension a different color door opens and we walk through it. We can actually touch the doors and each one has a HUE of light that beams. We can touch the door and walk through it. This used to just be a dream to me, but now it is actually visible in my experience. The Veils become thinner and thinner each moment. I can pick and choose different parts of reality and shift into one part and move away another part. I can keep the parts of the government that I like and add things like they give me more five times more money for retirement, they don't take my money for taxes, they take care of everything through REALITY principles of the Divine Mind rather than through physical means. In normal reality there actually is this Center of Intelligence that works like the collective consciousness government, but its only purpose is to make sure everyone involved is only working on their own Individual Versions of Reality and never interfering in another's reality field. This Intelligence Field is like sphere around each of us that allows our personal reality to remain within our sphere, however our Frequencies can affect others who choose to come into our sphere in a positive way. Everyone will be experiencing what I am experiencing as soon as they make the commitment to create their own VERSIONS OF REALITY. It is a choice. It is not something that will just happen to people. During 2015 we will have the opportunity to choose a New Version of our Government and a new Version of how fabulously wealthy we choose to be. If we continue to live in the VERSION of reality shown on T.V. by one political party or another Version on a radio show by another political party, we will continue to live in THEIR VERSION of Reality. We go to our own Channel on our own T.V. and create the Reality that we want. WE DO THIS IN OUR IMAGINATION. We do not do it by protesting. Our Imagination is our Creator. It does create Reality. Well at least the only reality that we have ever known. It actually creates a Hologram of Reality, and there are billions of these Holograms. It is something like lining all of the cultures of the world up along side of each other and saying well I like the food in this culture, the music in this culture, the language in this culture, the religion in this culture, and then collecting all those HOLOGRAMS and creating your own hologram from it. Or you can just take the ideas of each of these and improve each idea into a better idea. However, when we are actually creating reality through the Mind of God it actually must happen in our imagination and must be a Dream, a Passion, something that brings Bliss and Joy. Our Higher Self creates that Imagined Version into the Light Field of our Sphere of Reality. That method of creation our VERSIONS of REALITY will be happening faster each day. During the year 2015 fifty percent of the masses will believe that ET's exist and in 2016 we will elect a President who discloses all that has been hidden from us about the governments relations with E.T.s and we will be introduced to our Starry Families in 2017. Many who have been working on communicating with the Eieyani Raceline will be invited to meet them in person in 2017. They will invite us into the Inner Earth Portals into Shamballa. The accretion level of Earth will rise into at one ment with Inner Earth in 2017. The Fall of 2016 will be the beginning of a new Version of Reality for the Masses. Crystalai QUESTIONS ABOUT DNA ACTIVATION? These are questions and answers about DNA activation from one member who is using their Eternal Life Album. If you have questions like these please send them to and come to my website for all of the answers you will ever need.

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