In the course of posting the three Disclosure videos, below, I realized that I think I should begin a discussion of Disclosure and what might follow it.

Disclosure is like a snowball that seems to be gathering momentum as it rolls downhill; i.e., amid decreasing resistance.

That brings the time of our service around Disclosure closer.

Now here again, as with politics, I know very little about the daily ins and outs of Disclosure. I’m more concerned with the blue-sky discussion of ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. I’m an envisioner – and a writer.

So, for instance, don’t look to me for what you might look to Disclosure activists for. That’s not what I aim to produce.


Semjase, Billy Meier’s Pleiadian contact

Restricting ourselves to videos and films, notice how the portion of the lightworker community concerned with Disclosure progressed from Youtube videos of individual UFO sightings, way back when, to one or two well-constructed documentaries (major events, upon release), to a seemingly steady stream of them now.

And the quality of the productions seems to be steadily and routinely increasing.

Who remembers Chariots of the Gods, a rough-cut video of the 1970s based on Erich von Daniken’s works? (1)

We all remember Steven Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (2) This too was Disclosure.

What about Steven Greer’s The Disclosure Project? (3) Definitive for a whole generation of documentaries that followed.

And Jose Escamilla’s UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied and Moon Rising. (4) Introducing new technologies into the investigation of the UFO phenomena.

Looking back, each of these – and many, many more – were milestones in the creation of the snowball.

I’m fresh from watching what William Kamkwamba did back in 2002, building the first windmill in his Malawian village, from a book he read. (5)  He did it with nothing. If he can do that, then we don’t have to wait for the Reval.  Time to get going.

Here I go envisioning. It’s up to others to take up the idea, if they so wish, and run with it. No, I won’t even play a figurehead role. My duty is to envision this idea; then the next; and then the next.

However, I have a suggested way that people might contribute to Disclosure and it can be as modest as renting a room at a community center or renting a local theater and doing a film festival.

I’m recommending that people consider organizing Disclosure Film Festivals or Disclosure Weekends, at which the latest UFO Disclosure videos are played along with the pioneering classics. I’ve mentioned some of them above.

With a dash of crop circles, UFOs in history, inventions that have galactic origins, etc.

(Be ready for people to ask for meet-ups.)

I suggest that we make everything else in the way the films are presented be normal. So not Spock uniforms, outlandish hairdos, etc. Normal to help make the fact of Disclosure normal. (But you decide.)

My aim would be to help First Contact and the fact of Disclosure go down as easily as possible among the greatest number so as to keep the population of the planet – all of whom might become aware of Disclosure all at once – calm and reassured.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


(1) At

(2) Close Encounters of the Third Kind, available for a price at

(3) Lost in the post-9/11 clampdown, at Someone download and make copies of these – in case they disappear from the Internet.

(4) Jose Escamilla, Moon Rising at Equally useful: UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied at

(5) “Man Builds First Windmill, Brings Electricity to Malawian Village,” October 18, 2018, at




(Concluded from Part 1, above.)

Disclosure is part of the New Normal for us because we already know and have had time to digest the significance for humanity of it.

We’ve read countless channeled messages and articles. We’ve listened to radio shows where our star family has described their lives aboard ship and why they’re here. (1)

Nonetheless, a vast concourse of humanity will encounter the truth of our situation in one go. Could the encounter go either way? I don’t know. I hope not.

Certainly many people have tried to spook humanity over the thought of “aliens” since the early days of UFO discussion. Remember the weather balloon that the Roswell spacecraft was said to have been?

Remember Independence Day when huge motherships launched an army of aggressive star fighters?

Or the Alien series? Yeccchhhh. That nearly did me in. 81w" sizes="(max-width: 182px) 100vw, 182px" />Contrast two movies, a scant twenty years apart. In The Arrival (1996), with Charlie Sheen, the extraterrestrials are going to graze the Earth like a plague of locusts and then move on.

Contrast that with Arrival in 2016, where the galactics teach us about peace and harmony and move on. The difference in treatment suggests how far the baseline of acceptance may have moved. 81w" sizes="(max-width: 182px) 100vw, 182px" />

And for us lightworkers who volunteered to help calm the masses who’ll probably manifest the range of emotions, it’d be most useful if our response was distinctly towards balance and calmness – as excited as we may be.

Archangel Michael discussed this with me in 2012:

Steve Beckow: What are the outcomes you’d like to see from [GAoG’s] coverage and how do you wish us to conduct ourselves during and after disclosure? I’d like something that I can pass along to my fellow editors, if I may.

Archangel Michael: We want it to be controlled excitement, openness for discussion, not negativity. There is a difference, as you know.

But we don’t want it — which is going to be your desire — to be over-the-top euphoric. And the reason is because of the balance that needs to be maintained. (2)

Disclosure is paradigm-shattering. It’s the most significant event in human history since our galactic forebears brought us here in the first place.

People will need to find and look at – and to – those for whom this is expected and welcomed. I can’t emphasize how important I think that’ll be.

Have you thought of how to approach a star being, as you stand across from them in a Disclosure event you’re part of?

Have you thought of what hand gestures to use, so that you don’t inadvertently use one associated with the Illuminati?

Or make the sign for “up y*ur$!” when you intend to make the sign for “peace”?

How do you say “I love you” in galactic? Heck, I don’t know!

How about: hand to the heart and then gracefully opened to the visitor, with a smile, indicating a flow of love from your heart to theirs. Isn’t that universal? Aren’t we now going to have to think more in universals – smiles, sadness, love?

For us, this is not paradigm-busting. But it’s definitely paradigm stretching and transforming.


(1) For instance: “Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ We Are Your Complements!” at; “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira on Galactic Life, March 18, 2014,” at; “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira Returns for a Further Discussion on Galactic Life,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 25, 2014, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 16, 2012.

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