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How Do I Match my Birthdate to an Angel?

Matching your own birthdate to an angel can be very easy and done by yourself!

Certain guardian angels are assigned to certain soul’s on certain birth days.This is because each month, including each season carries a different wave of energy onto the planet. Each wave of energy corresponds to an angelic ray and a specific birth angel.

You will find different sources on the internet that give different angels that correspond to the birth months.

I don’t think they are necessary to use because finding your own birth angel is not so hard!

The benefits of knowing your own Birth Angel Are:

INCREASE in Spiritual and Mental Awareness

Boosts morale and happiness levels

Increased self esteem and confidence

Enhances Faith and Wellbeing

Allows abundance to flow through your life … plus other health benefits!

Birth Angels love to connect to you personally!

There are many teachings that explain how to connect with your own angel.

I will share my favourite method so you can use it -to find out WHO your Birth Angel is!

Go someplace with nature and preferably near running water.

The water current is useful for connecting.

Sit comfortably and contemplate on your birth angel.

Ask your birth angel to protect you.

As your birth angel to show you their presence if they want…. ask to be shown their individual angelic ray – and it’s colour –even ask for their name.


Depending on how open your pineal gland is; You may begin to see images of your birth angel and how it was when they watched you being born into this life!

(I saw images when I connected to my birth angel on the day I was born and it was truly enchanting in that hospital room. )


If you wish to receive assistance in this lifetime

know that you can turn to the divine anytime!

Your guardian birth angel has been assigned to you as a blessing and a gift.

A gift from the supreme ONE Loving creator in order to help you overcome and solve your challenges throughout this lifetime.

You must first believe that your own birth angel exists and that good can happen to you so that this power can manifest truly into your life!

I’ve watched that power work countless of times around me and so have others.

I wish you happiness connecting to your birth angel today!

With love and peace!


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