How can we train the spirit ?

In order to improve the strength and appearance of the spirit is necessary to cultivate the energies around, inside the body. By taking care of the spirit, the health is improved and the lifestyle as well. A healthy spirit brings a lot of creativity, good ideas or smart solutions because the mind is part of the spirit and operates with a higher potential when the spirit is bright. By harvesting the cosmic energy in the body, the spirit is filled with light and the darkness is diluted. Later, the defects disappear even if the person made no effort to eliminate them. Many people make too much effort to be good people and end up creating 2 personalities because the only way to become a Saint is by cultivating the light within the spirit. We are living in a Universe where everything is vibrating and it is strategic to vibrate higher, my friend !

The cultivation of light in the body is what a true spiritual practice is and the most popular exercise is meditation. There are 2 types of meditations, the “superficial” and “the cultivation of the light in the spirit”. The second one is important because after a person cultivates enough light, the spirit gets bigger, strong, and brilliant. Then, the emotions have an incredible change, the drama, depression, and fears are dissolved naturally without effort. They are just black spots in the spirit where the energy is leaking and those going to dissolve when enough light is introduced.


Meditation is the easiest exercise to cultivate light because you don’t need to do anything, just sit down with the eyes closed and enjoy the journey. I divided the meditation exercises into two types, “the superficial” and “the cultivation of the cosmic energies”, Sex is part of the second one, the one that I consider the real meditation due to the great impact it has on the broadening of the spirit. With the second method, the spirit gets bigger as the muscles grow when we work out them with the right exercises.

Examples of superficial meditations are breathing exercises or anything else you do with open eyes as techniques used to learn to appreciate the present time or relax incredibly. Cause we sit for long periods at school and work, we change our breathing in a very negative way and there are some instructors teaching society such basic things as breathing properly or how to dive into the present time with joy, but this is not real meditation. What happens is that since we are children, we stop appreciating the present time because we are forced to be in a place where we do not want to be for long hours to learn things that do not interest us. This makes us hate the present time because we do not enjoy it, we only want to be in the future, outside the school or outside the workplace. This old tradition completely destroys the freedom and imagination; the most powerful weapon a person has to create a great life. Consequently, a few people call “meditation” to simple exercises that allow us to recuperate the love we lost for the present time. To me, those are not meditations but let´s call them “superficial meditation” to be friendly.

If you want to grow your muscles you will never achieve it just by walking right ?

A walk is what the superficial meditation is for the spirit, an activity that does not expand it, perhaps allows it to not contract even more but does not make it broaden. If you want that your muscles grow up you need heavy weights, right ? Only by cultivating the energies into the spirit through sex or meditation with closed eyes, you will make your spirit enlarge. When it reaches sufficient size, the mind will operate in a very powerful and unimaginable way.

…The text above is a subchapter of my book “The Most powerful meditation” By reading this book, you will learn about the best exercise that exists to strengthen the invisible area of our bodies, what we call spirit. Amazing discoveries and unique ideas that will improve your life completely are included. Because the spirit is invisible, Spirituality is misunderstood. So, this book will clarify many aspects and it is a great guide to put in practice whatever you catch up on its pages. 

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