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Oh people run wild with this topic. Homosexuality serves a purpose that at this time we can't really identify. People who are made nauseous by this and have their hand to their ears when this topic comes up are usually afraid if not in denial about some parts of themselves. It's strange the importance we place on what other people do with their lives. Obviously it must serve some purpose and it's here to stay. The argument of reproduction to support the claim that it is unnatural is kind of childish to me. We as beings whether homosexual or not create constantly. We have thoughts, feelings, and actions that create whatever. I don't see why offspring has to be a sign of whether something is normal or not. What about in vitro fertilization....?

It's time now that we come together to support other people. I may not agree with people all the time, but I don't attack them nor do I make their lives a living hell. It just makes for a hostile and gross kind of world. We are moving towards a world with an emphasis on spirit rather than material/physical aspects. I'm not saying those aren't important, but we probably have better things to do then to decide what's normal and abnormal especially if we are going to raise so much negativity about what we deem abnormal. It's so counterproductive.

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