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July 17, 2010

I'm Michael, Prince and Regent of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Children of Light, beloved Children of the Law of One, anywhere on this planet, the time has come, as I stated earlier, to live in the New Covenant, Alliance Fire in the new tri-unity, represented by Mary, Christ and myself. Within your density, Fire of Love is born now in your Heart. Interior Christ is now very close. It happens by where he went, accompanying Mary in his Light, in her sisters to restore the truth of the Unity and the end of illusion and deceit. Beloved Children of Light in your Heart, your Temple Interior, it is time to welcome the man who said, crossing his steps this Earth: "Hold your own home because you do not know what time I come back. " And this time, and that date is now. You are returned to walk-in times prophesied in the time announced. Only the Heart, the single unit will enable you to overcome the battle of good and evil, in your size. The only way to love and serve will be to penetrate your inner being, to bring forth and provide it with ample power and any light, so that it works within your density, to continue your mission of pinning and Sower of Light.

Beloved Children of Light, your heaven will change. Your Earth is changing. It is time to travel and go in your new heavens and new earth your. It remains to receive and collect, in this world and within your Being, the latest Metatron related to the installation, demonstration and implementation of the Cross in the Sky, announced by many prophets. Time to return to the Light at the end of the irreparable deceit. The reign of Satan ends now. There is not give a date because the date is now. All of what has been announced, prophesied, seen by the visionaries is now. You have to refine your preparation Interior, to awaken you in your truth, to get ready to join your new House.

The time has come, beloved Children of Light. So, yes, rejoice. Welcome Whoever comes in Majesty, he is back among you. Among you, not wanting to say within a body of flesh but, much more, in your heaven, soon apparent to all. Beloved Children of Light, now for 48 hours, the hours when opened July 17 and until tomorrow, the end of the 18th day of July, the New Covenant will be realized. The New Alliance is, first and foremost, within the Interior and the Children of Light who worked on their reconnection to their beingness, their fire, to Love and Truth. Although loved Seed of Stars today, the last veil falls, allowing you, if that is your vibration, to see the truth, to hear, to see him in your inner being. What is happening in your inner being, in your temple, will soon be seen in your eyes of flesh, visible to everyone. Mary (and you will repeat) prepares his coming and his announcement to prepare you for the final reversal of your Being, to the Light, in the beingness.

Although loved Seed of Stars, the time has to Joy Indoor whatever the disorder of this world because it is laying you in your joy, in your vibration, you will assume and bear the Light serving Christ. The return of it in your area sign fulfilling the promise of his return. The time has come to observe, within your heavens, the coming of the Intergalactic Confederation of Light. Number of vessels will be visible and are already visible. However, those involved in the illusion of this world are also present. It is your responsibility, through the vibration of perceiving the truth of the Unit and to abandon the duality that exists within this matrix. The connection is made by you and outside you. The Fire of the Earth is. Fire of Heaven comes to marry the Fire of the Earth. The two meeting in the middle of your Being, as in the midst of this Earth, to reveal what must be, to reveal what should be, you can establish yourself in the Truth, Beauty and Unity.

Although loved Seed of Stars during those 24 hours and during the period preceding the construction of the Cross in your heaven and the coming of Light, it is your responsibility to prepare for it now that everything is happening, because it ' now you need to find Joy, Truth, Unity, if this is your vibration, if you so desire of soul and spirit. The revelation of the Spirit in this world comes, as you know, the destruction of illusion. Nothing has been hidden will no longer be concealed from you. Nothing that has been hidden can remain hidden. This is the revelation of Light, this is the truth that had been announced. All of the Conclave is preparing to welcome you as the revelation of the past related to a light into the week of your August 7 to 15 until the end of your summer and until the end of this dimension which time has now arrived. This meaning that it can be now, as to the deadline that you had been announced.

The Archangel Uriel is ready with you to resonate in your presence so that your Inner Consciousness beyond the matrix, this spiritualized matter and render to his Creator and His Truth: Mary Divine. Beloved Children of Light, the preparation, as you know, is Vibration. It concerns the establishment of your consciousness in the new vibration, in the new heaven and new earth. The birth of the Earth is currently taking place before your eyes. It is being born, reborn, in its new dimension. Some of you will accompany him, others returned to their Abode of Eternity, in their consciousness liberated in their size Star. Everyone, every being, every child, every human being will go where the raising its vibration, where the bear its own Light. It can not be otherwise. Some of you will serve Christ in the final stages of preparation. Beloved Children of Light, rejoice, because the time has come to live that's why you're here, that why you came, not from the time you are prisoners of this matrix, but in this life sign your release. The time has come to Liberty, is a time for unity, it is time for Unified Consciousness and that moment is now. So, I seal you in anywhere on the planet, the New Covenant, that help you achieve the unifying New Eucharist, in you, the Presence of Christ / Mikael / Mary, in the Truth found within Consciousness Unified.

Although loved Seed of Stars, the time is ripe to open and to merge your Triple Radiance in your unit, in presence of Mary, Christ and Mikael. We are with you. We are you. The only place we found is in your Heart. Signs from Heaven down to Earth. Signs of the Earth rising toward the sky to celebrate the New Covenant as it should: in the truth found within the New Unity. The vibration of light entering your solar system and you can now live in Unity, if that is your choice. You need to watch it with clarity the remaining areas of shadow which will be illuminated by the Light. So you can make your own the words of Christ: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I'm here and now, in my presence revealed in the 'beingness. " No more false illusions and you can not go wrong because Clarity is your daily routine. But having also requires external Clarity Clarity Interior. The cleaning is done. The house is clean to welcome the Son of the Sun Ardent and all of the Intergalactic Confederation appear gradually within your skies in many places in this planet. Get ready for the hour has come. Get ready for it now. There is no other than now. There is no other time than now. This is the Truth of Light revealed. This is your legacy. This is the promise you had made. We come to you. We are here to present what you are. For you to accept, integrate and become one.

That, beloved Children of Light, the few words as there are more important than words, the vibration we send you and which for the first time in the day, brings the Presence of Christ, Mary and Michael, in Your presence, within the conclave, in this Earth, as the Forces of the Confederation, gathered on this occasion. I will come back for me (and you can call me every day), more formally, to announce a number of things, once the energy Ris-Ti-Ki will be installed in your Presence to yourself, once the announcement of Mary made, for what you called "my party". I shall return to this opportunity, formally, this party at 21 am, French time, in order to relieve you of your delusion, if you so desire, in full. I let Mary speak at greater length on the role of the return of light on the role of the establishment of the Cross in your Quran and what it mean to yourself: Resurrection. The time has come to be reborn, it is time to establish yourself in the Truth, you cast your old skin and put on your Skin Eternal Light Your Skin, Crystal, Diamond. The time is now, then, be in joy. No fear shall tarnish the achievement of the Light in you. The spectacle of the world is as it should be conducted in accordance with what the prophets had announced because you really are, and Truth in times prophesied. I will come Sept. 29, my birthday. I come at this time, you announce things and help you achieve a number of other things. The time has, for now, to live and establish yourself in your Luminous Presence, in the Presence of Christ, Mary and mine. While there, beloved Children of Light, in this meeting, questions about what I have just announced on the Presence of Vibration Tri-Unit who permanently settled in your world I am willing to make a light or a new life.

Question: Could you elaborate on what we call the Sword of Michael?
Beloved, Sword, Sword named Michael, is the Sword of Truth of Christ returning to you so that nobody can ignore the light, whatever its fate, whatever its truth, whatever its path and its destination. The Sword of Truth comes to you to prove yourself because you can not avoid you, because you can not ignore what you are, in truth, beyond the masks that you built, beyond the tree where you are hidden in order to appear naked in your robes of light, when they go down to you. The Sword, so named for Michael is in the hands of Christ. I should mention that during this period preceding the announcement made by Mary, many of you, well loved Seed of Stars, will receive the vibration in their crown of Radiant Head and a lot, too, receive the Sacred Triangle. But the key, I repeat, is the Heart, the Temple interior. You have little time for getting into the Crown Radiant Heart. I urge you therefore to inform all areas of shadow, to abandon the subterfuge, false pretenses and humbly enter in the Truth. I was that the time has come to the pictures that the time has come to the stage, there is no time for the religions that the time is lived experience and nothing else because only this option, because only this is Truth. The rest is mere projection, the rest is illusion and false pretenses.

Question: If you are back on September 29, the announcement of Mary will therefore be next?
Marie will unveiled in May of your year, that his ad would be for every human being on the planet, before my birthday. No, well, on this Earth, not, at this time, not knowing who Mary is, whatever his acquiescence in his presence, whatever its refusal to His Presence. Understand that this acquiescence or refusal will not be a decision of your head, but much more a decision of the Vibration of Light you have been able to awaken you or not.

Question: how best to integrate this vibration Tri-Unit?
This is what our beloved Archangel Anael has expressed a long time and many times: you can not enter the kingdom of heaven unless you become like a child. That means simple, humble, true, true. It is through this that you will live to Abandon the Light. Of course, there are circumstances in life, within your matrix, which may be aids or barriers to your facility within your Truth. But, again, there's only you and only you who can take that last step before the appropriate time. We solemnly pledge not to join any faith to be yourself, in your truth, and follow the truth and nothing else. This is the only way to prepare your Temple Interior to establish the Christ in you, in order to perfect and accomplish what you came to do in these end times. As I said, do not focus on the noise of the world. The only peace, the only Truth is in You, of all eternity. Do not give more weight, do give more substance to what happens outside does not mean no longer live in the outside because you're involved, again, from this matrix. But through the Unification of your own consciousness, overflow of Good and Evil and the Duality, transcending the matrix, you will allow, so that Christ, Mary and Michael, their vibration and consciousness, are in you and allow you, thereby, to reach eternity. I should also say that there is no need to seek other dates as we give you for our appointment because of Consciousness and Vibrational events, as I have said, are fully underway. Thus, the only answer in relation to these events themselves, as for your destiny, your destiny and your place, will find an echo and answer to the interior of your Heart and nowhere else. Do not worry, either, from what you would call, in this illusion, your family, whoever they are. Do not worry, in this illusion of what you might call your property, because the only good is your beingness and your eternity. And the best way to radiate the light, is to become self-Light, and not being afraid, and not to project within any illusion. You can not hide yourself in the illusion. You can not save you from what you are. When many prophets, when many of the visionaries, when many mediums and mystics you have said that the Way of the Heart was the only key, it is the only truth you need to integrate. The Heart is not an idea. The Heart is not a projection. The Heart is not an affect. The Heart is not a philosophical system. The Heart is a vibration lets you experience the joy of your return within your unit. Always have this engraved in you, because any solution will be found in the Heart, whatever you have to live within the matrix. You also know, today, the Triple Unit Light pours now ongoing. Thus, you have every opportunity to establish yourself, even within the day, and within each of your days in your temple interior. This does not mean, again, withdraw from the world, but leaving you, in order to draw Light, Strength, Truth, Unity, to continue your journey within this matrix, as necessary. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and the rest will be offered in addition, without difficulty. Beloved Children of Light, well loved Seed of Stars, it is now time for me to retire so that in a few moments to Divine Mary, and you continue to transform information. Get Love and Gratitude. I tell you, for me, on my birthday in 21 hours. Enjoy this day because it is important to the gathering of Consciousness. It is important for the gathering of the Tri-Unity of Light for the conjunction, this conjunction in your heaven and your Earth, is able to help you transition into your Heart. You should have only one goal, one function, only one voltage and one Truth and one idea: to establish yourself in what you are. Although loved Seed of Stars, beloved Children of Light, my light guide you, the Light of Mary inspires you and the Light of Christ pierced in you and allow you to handle, what you are. Love of the Conclave, Fleet Marian, all of Imagining the Intergalactic Confederation accompanying this movement, accompany you. Very soon.

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