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Hilarion with Isis on Grounding /channeling/ 15 January 2013 Channeler: Petra Margolis



Hilarion with Isis on Grounding January 15, 2012 . Today we would like to talk about grounding as the being called Gaia has ascended and a new energy has been inserted within your earth. As has been talked about before, this is the time where you stand on your own two feet. Many are however still using the earth as their grounding point.

We suggest you ground within the star just below your feet, as this star is part of your own grounding system. What are the benefits you might ask? The benefits are that you start to use your own energy flow system. Right now you are using the flow of energy within the earth.

This flow has changed and the earth has become an energy system that is more contained. The benefits of using your own grounding and flow system are that balance is more easily reachable as you are not being influenced by energies outside of yourself. With the old grounding system, you were influenced by energies that were running through the earth, as most humans were grounding and are in fact still grounding within the earth, in this way you were also connected into the energies of other humans flowing through you.

As you start to ground within your own energy system there will be no influence or/and energy of others within your own grounding system. This will also improve the flow within your own energy system as you are having more and higher frequency energies flowing through you.

This is why we really want to emphasize the grounding within the star just beneath your own being, some call this the earth star. From one source to another Petra Margolis


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