Hilarion: Upon YOU lie the hopes and aspirations of a better World









HilarionHilarion through channeler Marlene Swetlishoff

June 26 – July 3, 2011

Beloved Ones,
During this time, it is very important that our Beloved Lightworkers stay grounded and connected to their inner core. Know that this is a testing time, a time to hold the vision that you carry for a better World, a better way, a better life. It is a time of the easing of the burdens that each of you have carried as you have walked your daily path. It is important to keep well hydrated and that you keep in a state of peaceful contemplation. It is a time of facing directly all that is manifesting from within you that is not of the highest Light.
Please understand that these are energy patterns and habits that have been assimilated by your subconscious mind from the World, people, and influences around you and that it is necessary to drop these self images and ways of being that no longer serves your higher purpose. Be kind to yourselves and those around you and follow the pathway of the heart. Ask yourselves often, “What is my heart feeling in this situation and how can I improve this situation to manifest the highest outcome for myself and my significant others?” Your Higher Self will eagerly come forth to establish a greater depth of communion with you.It is the time of cleansing in order to make room for the integration with your Higher Selves. Every old habit overcome, every less than Light expression that has issued forth through you is an opening for a greater foothold for the greater Light that you are to shine through, for you are shedding the many layers of Self that have been taken on, the false personas that helped to keep you safe and invisible as you walked your path upon your World. These layers are becoming less dense and many of you have been feeling a renewal of dedication to the work that you have come to do. We understand that it has not been easy for you and we ask you to remember that it is always darkest before the dawn of new Light, new awareness, new consciousness.
Each of you is remembering your connection to All That Is and this is renewing your dedication and motivation to continue on this path. You are seeing that what arises from within you for review only requires your acknowledgment that it is passing from you into transmutation. The way forward shines brightly and your Love finds a way to transform every situation that has been challenging for you. At every moment you have the power to change yourselves through the power of Love. This will keep you upon the path of service that you volunteered to come here to do. Your Light means everything to this World, for it is your Light that has created a critical mass movement all over the World for greater Awakening for those who have been slumbering in the false dream of reality.
Upon YOU lie the hopes and aspirations of a better World. You know this, and so you endure your personal tribulations knowing that this too, shall pass. When you are feeling in low energy, rest and stay peaceful and calm. When challenges arise, remain calm, take a deep breath and respond to it from a higher place within you. Much patience is required at this time for all the instances of Worldly intrusions that impinge upon your consciousness and in your daily lives. You can overcome all of it. Set your sights with clarity upon the glorious path before you and never look back.
Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

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