Antarctic pyramids and structures.....No preamble today.

We may be getting a clearer picture of what the “we’re going down this weekend” might involve. And it’s only Thursday Urgent Alert: Space Force Flexed on Deep State Showing they can/will Shut Phones, Radio, Media Down: Project Odin, Martial Law, and the Quantum Financial System – Unveiling Truth Amidst Chao's.

Fifth generation warfare is very popular. It’s usually bloodless—but very effective.

Over half a million Roku accounts compromised in second cyber security breach

The 17th Letter on Telegram says it will be game over soon.

The EBS will happen.
When the Military gets the go-ahead from President Trump

The only climate that is changing on our planet is the willingness of Humanity to bow down to the parasitic, self-proclaimed gods of the Khazarian Mafia and their genocidal systems. We’re not feeling so compliant any more. In fact, we are ready to remove the lying, treasonous imposters pretending to be our governments and elected officials. Most were not elected at all. Most don’t even take a proper, recognized oath of allegiance or to ‘do no harm’.

It’s time for another lesson plan in the Alliance Agenda to educate Humanity in the truth about the world they occupy. This one is about that global warming—er—climate change—er—cataclysmic Earth events… oh, hell’s bells—end times prophecies.

We are seeing weather wars unfold on our planet in a way that will leave no doubt in the minds of thinking people that everything is controlled by the psychopaths who just have to manage and manipulate everything and everyone.

Cloud seeding is used around the WORLD – not just in Dubai: How countries including the US, China, Switzerland and Australia have implemented the weather modification technique – and why it’s controversial

As far as the Covid Plan-demic reality check, most didn’t listen to us for the longest time, but if they’re still in never-never land perhaps they’ll listen to Dr. Phil now.


I can’t close today’s post without sharing the best podcast I’ve seen in a long time. It was nearly 3.5 hours long and I didn’t want it to end. I was mesmerized by the quality of the images, videos, intel, evidence, historical data, insights, and the most difficult concepts to grasp resonated so much more clearly than ever before. THIS I can wrap my head around and thrill to the possibilities of our murky reality, cloaked in secrecy and censorship for so long.

We have many questions about the realm we occupy, what is real, what is fake, what is the false matrix, what is space, what are planets, who are we, what the hell goes on down in Antarctica, what are stargates, how do timelines get changed/spliced, what do the variations and anomalies in the Schumann Resonance charts mean… on and on.

If you are like me and enjoy this sort of exploratory discussion that ignites your imagination and connects dots like never before, do set aside the time to sit down and give it your full attention. I may have to watch again, and I rarely do that. It was so rich with detail and nuance I couldn’t take it all in fast enough and I was listening live so couldn’t pause.

This team is on fire and did an outstanding job of this inaugural episode when they pulled their personal resources and individual channel followers together in a new place to launch this foray into what I felt was a breakthrough presentation. I can’t give it enough thumbs up.

That ‘red blob’ they showed us was new to me and a hugely important event that was completely under my radar until now. According to one researcher/vlogger, the Ventusky platform has altered their settings so that we can’t look under “waves” to locate those images. Go figure.

Orrery mechanical representation of our solar system.

I also found it synchronistic that they discuss the “orrery”, which I featured in the past week or so. You’ll find out about that here and I think it will make more sense. It certainly helped me with just a couple more pieces of information I didn’t pick up from Yellow Rose for Texas when she discussed it years ago and showed us the sun with gears popping out of it, smoking, etc.

That’s when she declared, “Ed is dead”. They called the sun in the orrery the “editor” because it ran things, I suppose. Just remember, truth is stranger than fiction and we have images directly from NASA’s stereo ahead and stereo behind cameras and the Vatican is involved. They lied about everything, so remain open-minded and you will find the truth—and the lies.

There is a LOT of new information in this production. It’s not just rehashing the same old footage and intel or news items. I was a sponge soaking it all up and now I am processing it and extracting the juicy bits I needed to form my new impressions of what is what.

They also give fresh meaning to a lot of the information shared on social media that never had enough data or context to make sense of it. They go in a million directions and there are a-ha! moments a-plenty in this presentation which I picked up from Tironianae’s Telegram channel. I’ve shared many of his posts before. Get your popcorn! This video has almost 10K views in less than 24 hours. 3 hr. 22 min.

Join the “We Are One” team, I Am, Whama Jama, Tironianae, Tom and Laura as they discuss current events including the solar eclipse, Wikileaks, time travel and more!

Shit’s About to Get Real ! Episode 1 :

As Humanity is protected and returned to the fold, new ways of being will evolve at the Quantum level. Before we know it, our old ways will be erased and forgotten, relegated to the history books and old timelines. We’ll rarely look back because the future will be so exciting to contemplate and experience.

Signing off for today, you intrepid explorers.  ~ BP

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