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High Council Of Orion Message - July 1 , 2011


High Council Of Orion Message

July 1 2011

Welcome beloveds, once more we come to guide and support you as the energies shift and move through, around and within you. The new moon energy is one of cleansing and of moving forward, it is akin to spring cleaning your inner world, we are here to support and guide you with what may come up for many of you as you go through this process.


Many of you have struggled with the past few months and the energies that have given rise to much “old” drama and pain resurfacing for you. We guide you this process is ongoing but will begin to get easier and easier as you work through the layers to reach your truth. Many of you have been extremely emotional over the past few days and we guide you to stay with these feelings. Emotion is what you came to planet earth to experience dear ones and it is part of that journey to feel different emotions.


The illusion has led you to believe that each and every moment you have to be on an “even keel”, that is to not be swayed one way or the other. For many of you the feeling of overwhelming emotions bring up much fear for you, we guide you to stay with this and work through the fear. Weed out the seeds of fear where you find them, it is part of the human condition to cry, laugh, be angry etc. It is NOT part of the human condition to be numb and detached from your emotions, the illusion will guide you that it is, we guide strongly for you to look closely at that this way of BEing. Why would you accept the human life incarnation if it was not feel the highs and lows of being human?


Many of you have spent years if not decades detached from your heart centre. This has led to a kind of numbness where you feel very little if anything about all that is around you. As you begin to thaw and work through the feelings stored in your heart you may find that crying happens to you more often than not. We guide dear ones that this is the heart cleansing itself. It is perfectly ok to cry. Humans have created a society where emotions are frowned upon, where a “stiff upper lip” is to be admired, we guide you to look at the illusion at work in this scenario. If you are hurt by another then it is perfectly ok to cry, to let the emotion out is to free yourself from it.


We guide you dear ones that BEing completely happy at all times is not the outcome that you are all heading towards. Why would you be here experiencing BEing human if there was a not a variety of emotions to be expressed? To work through your emotions is commendable dear ones and we acknowledge how difficult this is for many of you. As you work through raising your vibration it will become easier and easier for you to work through the levels of emotion. Remember dear ones the illusion has been playing out for many a lifetime on planet earth, it would be unrealistic to assume that happiness and nirvana will happen overnight. Many of you are beginning to achieve this feeling more and more and we guide you to keep working on yourself. As the layers and layers of emotion are felt and released there is more room in your heart to let the love that IS pour through you.


We recognise that our words of guidance may confuse many of you who have been led to believe that nirvana is your goal, as we have previously guided there is no goal, there only IS. Many of you have suffered greatly over your lifetime and this cannot be undone in a matter of weeks. The more pressure you put upon yourselves the longer the process will continue. Once more dear ones we guide you to BE.


The human mind is strong willed and many of you will fall back into mind led reality often, this is to be expected and we guide you to be aware of this. If this happens then please re-centre yourself and release it. To hold on to the negative is to allow the illusion to once more plant the seeds of fear. Planet earth is cleansing and you as her children are now cleansing, as more and more of you awaken this cleansing will go deeper and deeper. Remember dear ones you hold the space for those still asleep. It is vital at this time to hold the space and pour love through the actions of all who still sleep. Many will not reach the point of awakening in this life journey, be aware of this and have compassion for them. Each incarnation on this life journey has its own lessons and we guide you to allow them to BE. Once more we guide that to state your truth as THE truth is illusion at work. This cleansing process will take many forms as you are all completely different. At any one time dear ones there will be those who feel they are going back over old ground and those who feel they have been catapulted forward. Both just ARE.


As you create so you live, this is important to remember dear ones, you create from moment to moment so monitoring your thoughts at this time is vital. As illusion pulls you back in your thoughts may begin to start creating your fears. Be aware of this, when you come across this in your life experience take time to BE, to refocus and begin the process again. Mindfully fill your waking hours, uncreate what you have created in fear. ALL is possible dear ones. Do not fall further into illusion by believing that you made all of this up and that illusion is correct.


There are many pitfalls with the illusion, we guide once more that that which stays a constant in your life is not illusion, that which wavers and constantly changes IS illusion. YOU are in control at all times dear one even when it seems like YOU are not. The new world is all about FEELING and BEing. It is not necessarily the nirvana that you have pictured in your mind. We guide you to be careful about the mind and what it can create in relation to the new age. Many of you believe that the world will begin to look completely different and frustration is growing amongst many of you as you awaken to what “looks like” the same world every morning. We guide strongly that this is illusion, your eyes will be the last part of you to see the truth dear ones.


Listen to your hearts and to how you feel. Begin to live your life through the heart and not the mind and you will see much beauty begin to unfold. This is the new age dear ones, you are living in it. All is about to change rapidly across planet earth, can you FEEL it? Do not be swayed by the illusion and the smoke and mirrors dear one, anything can look like anything else with the correct smoke and mirrors, do our words resonate with you dear ones? Do you understand our analogy?


NOTHING is impossible in the new age, please accept this truth. Process through your heart and allow the reality of this to sit within it. You can create whatever you dream. That is the truth that has been kept from you for so long. Humans have been led to believe that this is it , that there is nothing beyond their eyes and ears. This has been reinforced for so long that many blindly believe this without question. We guide you to feel it. We guide you to allow your hearts to show you the way forward. If it FEELS right then it IS right.


Step into your power dear ones and realise that YOU are the new YOU. It is the new way of BEing you that is bringing the magic back into your life. You have been akin to rudderless ships, sailing on an open sea without a map, now you have a map, you have your heart. The heart will navigate the open sea and will create for you. Do not allow the illusion to sway your minds dear ones, allow yourself to BE. Allow yourself to be in your heart centres at all times. Many of you read our words and can accept them but do not practice what is contained within them.


Dear ones this is not a hobby, this is your life. This is truth, that truth is available to you at all times. Be aware of how those asleep can lower your vibration and snap you back out of truth into illusion. Many of you are aware of this but it frustrates many more of you. If you feel yourself out of balance, if you feel yourself a bit “wonky” then look at whether illusion has crept over you. Do not allow those asleep to persuade you that your truth is not real. They have no access to truth if they are asleep as they live from the head and mind and not the heart. The heart is the only place where truth resides dear ones. Always consult the heart over the mind. We appreciate that if you live in a household where all are asleep bar you then this part of your journey may feel at times very difficult. It is a lesson in pouring love dear ones that is all. Pour love through all and watch it transform, it is not about bringing everyone to your point of view, it is trusting and having faith that YOU have your point of view. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you understand what we guide?


The most important person in the equation is YOU, it is YOUR life and YOUR truth. Do not allow illusion to side track you by believing it is a truth that will be shared with all or it cannot be truth. This is illusion dear ones, do you see how it works? To lower the vibration you hold and to bring you out of balance. Be sure and trust and have faith dear ones, you are the experts are YOUR own life, you cannot not be. Do not allow others to guide your ship for they do not have the experience that you do.


We guide that all is well dear ones, all is in perfect timing, wherever you find yourself on your journey is where you are meant to be. YOU have made the decision to awaken and how fast you awaken is down to YOU. Let no one try to force or hurry the process, again it is about YOUR truth no one elses. Dear ones we understand that this is a time of great change and that change can trigger fear, there is nothing to be fearful of. Weed out the fear and process with your hearts. If you find more fear then dig it out, and keep digging until you reach the love that is within your heart. IT IS THERE.


We step back now to allow you to absorb our words. We acknowledge that many may find these changes extremely unpleasant if illusion has pulled them back in. Be wary of quick fixes dear ones, there is in reality no such thing. The work that is done is done BY YOU, FOR YOU. No one else can do the work for you, no one else can move you through it any quicker than YOU can cope with. If you have tried this way of living you will resonate with our words. This is YOUR life dear ones, live it the way you wish to create it. We are the high council of orion, we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We are here with you at all times dear ones, we reside in your hearts as you do in ours. Until we communicate again, remember that you are never alone dear ones, illusion is at play if you believe that you are.


We love you, we are ONE.




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Comment by Mayla on July 4, 2011 at 4:39pm
Thanks Karma's Helper for posting the loving, guiding words of the Council. I have been feeling a bit out of sorts. Helps me cope with the tide of emotions that hit me recently. Well said that grounding yourself, receiving the beautiful, healing energy of Gaia through your feet, and the powerful white light of the Universe through your crown chakra keeps you safe from the world of illusions.
Comment by kingjeff on July 4, 2011 at 2:23pm

 Thanks K.H. love the words and the feelings unlocked.

 Blessings Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

Comment by Woofler on July 4, 2011 at 8:45am
Thx a lot. Well that clearly explains the last days of overwhelming emotions, the loads of "unexplained" tears, the unexplained sensation of happiness through the tears and the surging rushes of energy streaming through. Being a former "stiff upper lip", this is so awesome. Thx all for being here
Comment by Indigo on July 4, 2011 at 3:27am
Thank you :)
Comment by annemarie cymborowski randell on July 3, 2011 at 7:40pm
such an important message! Thank you so much!
Comment by Drome on July 3, 2011 at 4:49pm

Pour love through all and watch it transform, it is not about bringing everyone to your point of view, it is trusting and having faith that YOU have your point of view.

This helps a lot, thank you. :)

Comment by Karma's Helper on July 2, 2011 at 4:22pm


Look to this as your "heart".....the deeper "we" get....  the sweeter it is..... the "tears" will fall....  and that's perfectly ok....  let them..... you've been "holding back" far too long......  feel "them" wash away the "dirt" that has slowly covered your beautiful face for Eons......  let go....... it is time.




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