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Heaven on Earth :-))))) and then, a UFO sighting :-)))))

Hi All!

I have been working in exchange for accommodation and then got sent to an island to work on the boss's property there. It involves gardening on top of a hill looking at surrounding islands, and over at Australia. When I look up from digging holes and weeding, I am amazed at the view. WTF? lol :D The place is known for its singing and dancing, reggae music and friendly culture. The local Indigenous people are as usual, open and honest, and laid back, and one is my crew member, teaching me how to work with machinery, which is a giggle. The first night here I sat with the boss on the hill with a wine and listened to gospel music wafting up from the church below. In order to keep workers here they have to take it slowly and pace themselves in order to make it sustainable. Invitations to the islands may involve 80 kms of 6 metre waves in a tinny, but this is their culture, and they grew up this way. It's mad!

After a week of comedy, beauty and soulful conversations I was sitting down on my own. The northern kookaburras live here and were very vocal, claiming the house as their territory, the cockatoos were being cheeky and I was feeling totally overwhelmed with the magic of this place. I decided that I felt like I was HOME, that I really must have done something good, and that this was Heaven On Earth. It brought me to tears.

Then I looked up at the stars above me. There were 2 bright stars, one above the other. If you held your arm outstretched they would have been about 2 inches apart. If the top one was the centre of a clock, the lower one was 2 inches away at 7 o'clock.

About 8 inches to the left of these stars, a tiny orange light, far, far up was heading towards these stars, but it was slowly doing an up and down wave pattern. As it approached the lower star, it disappeared, about 2 inches from the star. Then the star immediately started moving! I couldn't believe my eyes, was this for real? It was, as it moved from the 7 o'clock position to the 6 then the 5 o'clock position, and slowly did a wide arc around the top star before also disappearing.

Then another tiny orange light started where the first one had started from, moving in the same direction, although this one was going in a straight line, like a satellite does.

I knew that these were my friends, the 1st two at least, saying Hi, we are here, yes, this is real.

I was reminded of Archangel Michael saying on 21/12/12 that we would be brought to our knees with overwhelming gratitude and joy. 

This is my first UFO sighting!

I know that it takes energy to decloak and that they didn't need to prove their existence to me. But this time they chose to.

Believe it, people! IT'S HAPPENING :D 

With love,



PS the mood didn't last, as I am distracted with an issue with a friend, but tonight they said to write about it.


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Comment by Moanna on June 21, 2013 at 9:20pm

Thanks for your comments and lovely pictures, and my pleasure! The star was there again when it stopped being cloudy a few days later, but at 5 o'clock not 7 o'clock. Now it's no longer there. Will keep watching :)

Namaste! and welcome back Kat :-)

Comment by Bonnie Smith on June 16, 2013 at 2:11pm

Oh Moanna you are so blessed. I would love to someday be in Australia. From what I read and hear, it sounds magical. Thanks for sharing.

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