Healing myself from old and new emotional pain

My Name is Annabel.

My journey lead me back to earth on 12th May 1988 and i was Born in Munich, Germany

I knew i had to be here on this planet, but since my birth i am very much missing the place where i come from , like all of us do- conciously or unconsiouly. Being an earthling we all go through so much emotional pain. We basically continue the lessons that we havent fully learnt in past lives. My biggest lessons in this life are emotional and financial Independence. I still have a Long way to go. I am Taurus, cancer rising, and my moon sign is Aries. I was Born a single child, my parents got seperated when  i was only 2.5. Especially on my father i projected many things, because he was the one who didnt Support us and who left us to live a luxury life, whil we were living in very poor circumstances.

Today i know that he acted in the best way at that Moment with the knowledge he had.

I had many strange experiences here on earth. When i was 8 years old i had a severe horse accident and survived it and that was when i perceived my Guardian angel.

Later he came again - 14 years- i had a Virus infection that lead to a Close to death experience, which was my most beautfiful experience here on earth.

Since then i am really yearning to go back, but i also know i have many things to still work on and also i have a Mission to fulfill on earth.

Many emotional Patterns are coming back- especially concening the relationship with my dad, which is nowadays of course projected in my relationship towards men.

My Body is my teacher.

I do have two cysts in my right breast and i couldnt thank my Body more, cause i learn so much from that.
Cysts come into the Body when we love so much and we dont receive love back.

At the Moment i am unemployed and also am studying.

I trust in Life and know that the right persons, the right Job and the right place to live will manifest one day.

I know i could manifest it also now, but sometimes i feel like i can visualize as much as i can and it doesnt happen. Maybe because of doubt or maybe because the Universe has something greater in store for me.

I will use this time to heal myself, work on myself, and learn more from and with beautiful souls on this planet and our spiriutal guides.

I am grateful to be on this page- lightful and peaceful.

Love, Annabel

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