Spiritual healing is not needed for ascension but it does help clear the path for ascension by removing blockages between the body, mind and spirit.

Energy work brings the imbalances (karmic knots) to awareness.

At first egos are suppressed. As one continues on the path of unconditional loving service the egos lose grip more and more and eventually rarely need supression because they no longer are heard. Ego still exists (I do encounter ego sometimes still) because it is a part of the mind while in incarnation. But when the focus continues to be of service to all beings because all are sparks of light, ego can't be heard. Ego is related to separation, individual differences. When you see through the eyes of collective unity and the spirit in all- the perspective shifts away from ego. Gratitude for blessings, faith, unconditional universal loving service...these are keys to focus on. The focus is not ego then. As you focus more on love and balance the chakras doing it- love for roots to supply nourishment for your loving service, love for relationships to affect more people with your service, love for will to burn through lack of motivation and enter active loving service, love for loving all beings including yourself just how you are, love for being divine expression and speaking the truth, love for divine inspiration and all dimensions and densities, and finally love for all and yourself as a whole being of the Creator loving all of the Creator's creation because we are all one...this focus allows for more love and light and automatically initiations (infusions of more Light) and wholeness.

Ascension is the balance of all 6 chakras, thus activating the 7th crown chakra to the level the Creator has established for 4th density of love and understanding. All chakras activated in perfect unision/unity makes the whole in unity.

The goal through all external separative factors is to see the Light in all Creation. Light/Love in all Creation. It does exist, for some it is just lost. Some are not aware of it. All have it. When you see others as spirit within, you easily enjoy serving their spirit which is your spirit and the Creator's spirit- we are all one. When external environment is difficult and full of fear, judgment, separation- find the love within you- embrace it, fill your chalice as some would say, use that to recharge your heart and continue to give from the heart (and respect free will- ask first if it is ok to help).

Yesterday I was driving home and saw two people walking from the food store back to their buildings. They were burdened with groceries. I opened my car window and asked if they wanted a ride to their buildings. I was going to drive that way anyway. They said yes and were thankful.

Today I was blessed with a job interview for a promotion at work. If I am offered the position it would be great to keep serving others and keep the roots growing (which makes a bigger tree and more light for the crown IF one is balanced). I did the interview preparation work and prayed to Archangel Michael for protection for my highest good. Do all that you can physically and then pray- balance. Saw license plate AA M 7895 on the way home. Good confirmation of protection. Also saw a smile in the clouds as the masters watched me.

Today I saved a slow car that pulled out in front of a very fast one on the autobahn. They apparently didn't see the other car. I visually put the cho ku rei symbol on both vehicles and surrounded each with a blue pillar of protective fire and then called to Archangel Michael for protection. They almost hit each other at 140 kph (70 mph) but...they didn't. Thanks to AA Michael and Love & Light.

Was grateful today to the Creator for the opportunity to be in incarnation to serve others in love and light.

May you all be blessed.

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