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Ah, you don't know the taste of honey unless you have actually tasted it. Until you find faith you will not know what it is even if someone describes it to you. I'm not talking about manufactured faith to a particular God representation. I am talking about believing in again the source of all things living and non-living. My life always happens in cycles. I sort through the jumble of my beliefs and out with the old and in with the new. I was never a religious person since I consider the source of much power remains inside you. However, in those lean times when your mind is heavy and you are in desperate need you will come to find faith. The belief in something more than yourself and outside yourself. I was having trouble this year for some reason in carrying on as I was. I think it was time for a change. I am a constant worrier and worried about things that I had no control over such as death of loved ones. It was during this time that I can to rediscover my faith. In the past, I thought that when it's just me then I'll be fine. It's not that I stopped believing in myself I just needed something more. Don't be afraid to break your own rules you've set in place. If it doesn't serve you anymore let go even if you've been carrying on like that for most of your life. Nothing is permanent here and trying to hold unto things will just make you suffer. One example, people I know switching from veganism to eating meat and vice versa. Some may say that that is betraying one's beliefs or morals. When you think about it, our beliefs and our morals are subject to change. We are always changing and even if others are imposing unto you that you should stay the same, you should push through with what you have to do and what you need. Others have commented on my and my newly found faith in the divine creator, but it's more about focusing on myself. We don't have to instantly focus on others and answer to their opinions and systems of beliefs. I live right by myself and try to promote positivity for everything around me so my message is that even if its strange at first and you feel unsteady, you'll know deep down if what you're doing is right for you. You don't have to answer to those other people in matters concerning yourself.
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