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Harnessing the Divine Feminine in the New Earth Author: Karen Doonan

There is much talk about the return of the Divine Feminine upon and within planet earth and whilst it is important to bring BALANCE to the human race, the filters that are in operation within the old 3d earth CREATED reality may blind you to the Divine Feminine in TRUTH.

For the Divine Feminine is CREATION in TRUTH but filtered through the teachings of the old 3d earth paradigms this energy may be used as a DESTRUCTION energy.

Many in both female and male human form are trying to anchor the distortion and not TRUTH at this time.

It is not TRUTH to view the female as more than the male and vice versa, ALL are EQUAL in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

As I have blogged both human males and human females filter the human life experience through various frequencies that they have been TAUGHT to anchor within the old 3d earth paradigms, these seek to blind both to TRUTH and work AGAINST both the female human and the male human, further containing, constraining and destroying.

In TRUTH the power that both search for is WITHIN, it is the BALANCE of both the male and the female energies regardless of gender and regardless of sexuality for both are but a smoke screen used by the old 3d earth in order to further blind.

Whilst you look out upon and within planet earth and see the world made up of human males and human females you walk in blindness.

Many of you may be consciously aware of how you change your behaviour and attitude based on whether the person you are interacting with has taken female form or male form and this is distortion.

This is a TAUGHT behaviour and one that at this time is being illuminated across and within planet earth.

The distortion teachings are being illuminated at this time in every relationship upon and within planet earth to allow you to dissolve all that is not TRUTH and to achieve balance.

TRUST and FAITH in SELF is vital at this time as the old 3d earth will try to show you the reasons NOT to TRUST the opposite s** and this is highly distorted.

For the males in your life ladies are the reflection of the male energy that runs within YOU. For you gentlemen the females in your life are the reflection of the female energy that runs within YOU. If you see in the mirror presented to you that which is fearful or painful then I would guide you to allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through you.

YOU ARE NOT the stories that you were TAUGHT, for men this translates as you are not the sum of your actions, for the females it translates as you are not your emotions.

The NOW moment is a moment that is hidden from YOU at all times by the old 3d earth, when you are reacting to something that someone has done BASED ON PREVIOUS BEHAVIOUR OF ANOTHER then you walk in darkness.

For many of you reading these words you may relate this to your very intimate personal experiences, for others you may be able to relate this to the human race in general. For within the old 3d earth CREATED reality you are TAUGHT that Adam and Eve were the first humans and that both sexes are paying for the transgressions of these two ORIGINAL humans, the ORIGINAL SIN if you like.

This is highly distorted and is not TRUTH. The old 3d earth “playing” with this at all times, triggering the fear of each s** over and over again. men portrayed as the “enemy” whilst woman portrayed as the “saviour”.

As all is back to front on this planet then it is actually the other way around, with many women “playing” a dangerous game that sees them disempower both SELF and the males in their lives. Males working to keep the female at bay and placated at all times lest she turn her fury on him. In TRUTH both sexes given a “story” that they work and live WITHIN, this story is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.

I would guide ALL at this time to become more conscious of how they interact with the opposite s** in general.

The Divine Feminine in TRUTH is balanced, this energy cannot be anchored upon and within the human race and within your human vehicle if it is at all distorted. MEN HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGISE for, they have done nothing wrong, the female human being TAUGHT under the old 3d earth that she must fear the male, he is the powerful one and could destroy her.

Thus triggering deep CREATED fear via a distorted frequency that was implanted INTO human consciousness.

This drives the behaviour of many in female human form, this works AGAINST both males and females for a female running this frequency will limit and destroy her OWN POWER, as she is BOTH male and female in energetic frequency.

For a human male this will translate as fear of the Divine Feminine and will again work against the human male for he may filter out the power that HE IS IN TRUTH COMBINED with the FEMALE. As the Divine Feminine is a CREATION energy it is required by both sexes in their human form in order to achieve balance and this is now being anchored and expanded out across the UNIVERSE of 3.

That which is now presented to you at human conscious waking mind level are the teachings that you have been running blindly within SELF, they work to keep YOU separate, disempowered and disconnected from ALL, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE.

EQUALITY in TRUTH is BALANCE and at this time you are asked to let go of ALL that you have been TAUGHT and view ALL in TRUTH with LOVE and compassion.

This is done by looking at each person on this planet as a reflection of YOU in TRUTH, to achieve balance you need only let go, you are BALANCE in TRUTH at SOUL level and YOUr SOUL is now showing you how to create HEAVEN UPON EARTH.

You cannot do this by holding on to all that you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth reality, none of this reality can exist within the New Earth as it is not TRUTH.

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question, for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.



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