Greta Thunberg's Alarmist Tactics Suit Elite Agendas


Dear Friends,

Greta Thunberg is designed to offer a PRETENCE of grassroots-driven, climate change actions, demanded of governments. In reality, she is a pawn, controlled for effect.

Most people hate disruptive climate activists and also government mandates, invoking serious restrictions upon lives, especially without debates and discussions, prior...The higher green taxes on energy, the drive for ethanol in petrol, from E5 to E10...Not good for many cars. The prospects of being forced to change gas boilers, with expensive and inefficient alternatives, such as hydrogen pumps..
The idiotic activists who glue themselves to major roads, to stop traffic. The people are not at all impressed. These fanatical groups, taking such absurd actions, are not representative of public sentiment.

The science is not settled at all and needs ironing out, in public forums and TRUE scientific consent, among real experts in climatology. Currently, such real scientists are being shamed and ostracized. Very similar pattern to the covid tactics used against virologists, who disputed the "science." And there were many of them.

The phasing out of cheap petrol and diesel cars, replacing them with pointless electric cars...Pointless, because fossil fuels are still used to charge the batteries and expensive, because many will find unaffordable in a high-tax economy. Especially one in recession and subject to inflation...So who the hell, among most people, will be buying such cars..?? All baloney...all poppycock....
And I've heard that electric charging has not been seriously planned for travel. Those few with electric cars are not reporting excellence in the charging network grid, across the country...This truly is moronic virtue signaling by government. Smoke and mirrors.

And it gets worse. The food we eat is threatened with extinction, in order to "save the planet." Moronic, stupid, idiotic....The choices for protein could be lab-manufactured "meat," or insects, such as locusts and others, too disgusting to mention here....🤮

So to recap, Greta is used to present the illusion, that grassroots public support is greater, than that of governments and corporations. That the public are "demanding" actions by government, to save us all. The whole concept of "man-made" climate change, is a ruse, to allow elite forces to bring in the great reset of economies and all facets of people's lives, leading to a totalitarian and dystopian; one world government...


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • SCRAP NET-ZERO POLICIES......Vote Reform UK....🗳️ July 4th...
  • Reform UK is a relatively new party in Great Britain...They will get my vote...The only party offering to SCRAP the insanity of net-zero policy......👏🏻 Why should tax payers pay to destroy their own lives, and place themselves on the green altar of fake science...??
  • Of course, the rule of thumb is; if it's made in China, it is most certainly sub-standard and highly dangerous.....And we can apply this to the EV market, as well as so much else.....
    Not that I would even consider purchasing an EV, as they are absolutely impractical, BUT, Chinese EVs are even worse than Tesla models, of course...Much more likely to spontaneously combust and kill everyone nearby, with toxic fumes from the battery....High insurance costs and range, is the lesser of problems with Chinese EVs...The biggest issue is; can you survive...??
    Best option....NEVER, EVER, buy Chinese.....🐲🤣
  • e-Scooters and e-Bikes are a major fire hazzard, as this video confirms....Anyone thinking of buying one, forget it....Especially dangerous, if manufactured in Red China...

    "Fires sparked by faulty e-bikes and e-scooters have injured at least 190 people in the UK and killed eight as a surge in public enthusiasm for battery-assisted travel is matched by a more than quadrupling in blazes since 2020.

    Overheating lithium-ion batteries create fierce fires, releasing toxic smoke, and are now occurring at the rate of at least six a week in the UK, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Fire and electrical experts are warning riders against buying batteries in less regulated online marketplaces, particularly from China, and are urging greater precautions when charging."
  • Net zero is an ideological and quasi-religious fantasy and needs to be dumped, ASAP...
  • WEF globalists, central bankers, green fanatics, EU commissars, IMF/ECBers, installed woke governments, take note......:
    The farmers of Europe are winning the infowar.....A moment for the people to enjoy, as farming fights back.....Bravo to farmers, truckers and cab drivers and all people taking part in the demonstrations against nut-zero policies, which are destroying our western civilisation..👏🏻
  • The new President of Argentina, one Javier Milei, is doing a magnificent job, embarrassing the globalists at WEF and anywhere he finds them....

    And yes, he seeks to take his nation out of the corrupt central banking system.....A trend that will only increase, across the world...✌🏻

    Here he makes a speech which DESTROYS net zero fanatics...Common sense, combined with lateral thinking, is something more leaders should express and practice...Enjoy....
  • Well, we told you so.....🧊Icy FREEEEZ....Not global warming....Greta has been such a dope......😏🧊🧊🧊
  • Alternate Earth asked: "what are your thoughts on the mania behind making ev's?"

    Drekx reply:
    Well friend, I recognise that this mania for EVs is total baloney, based upon the false notion that we must rid the "climate" of all tried and tested energy supplies....
    Of course, the highly toxic lithium batteries have to be charged, which takes far too long and also remembering that this cannot be achieved using wind power and solar, alone....They still need power stations, based upon coal, or nuclear, or gas and oil...

    EVs are a hazzard and far too heavy, so that is why we are seeing potholes everywhere we drive, these days.....EVs ignite and the fire takes hours to put out, unleashing poisonous and deadly gases, such as cobalt, which can kill anyone nearby, down wind....A car park, such as multi-story, is especially vulnerable to such fires...Cobalt gas kills.....even a few breaths of it...

    If they used aetheric energy for cars, based upon Tesla tech, using an antenna, that would be OK, BUT, they don't want that, as it's free energy...

    Also, the mining of lithium is amoral, and especially in the Congo, where miners die within tunnels, often...Many child labourers....Something the insane, lefty, virtue posers, often overlook, when they drive EVs....

    Moreover, EVs are overpriced and unaffordable for most westerners...In China they are cheap, but very, very unsafe...

    Basically, the whole drive (excuse pun) to net zero, is based on fake science....Climate change is natural and man makes little impact upon it...
    And especially irksome to see the odious Chinese building coal fire plants, with little rebuke from western elites....Also I wonder if these idiots plan to ban volcanic activities, while they're banning gas stoves and oil rigs....?? Also, plants die without carbon...Carbon is as natural as can be.

    The COP28 was another example of elite vanity, as they drive SUVs and fly private jets, with inpunity, while lecturing the rest of us, as to how we should be limited, to "save the planet." All B/S and fake....

    Funnily, EVs may seem noble to the net zero religionists, but a certain measure as to their veracity, is the insurance industry....Such insurance costs keep rising, as proofs continue to paint the liability for EV drivers.
    Many people are regretting that they ever purchased an EV.....They cannot sell them on, as the market is not there....
    When the battery dies, the whole car dies.....And battery disposal is a tricky business...Highly toxic and hazzardous....

    Frankly, I view EVs as simply another con job, like the covid mRNA vaccine....Or vaccine passport, etc...Take at your peril......Never trust a top-down led project, with globalists running it...It's not capitalism, which is customer led, and market driven, but rather corporatism, with the socialist state assuming that it knows best, which invariably, it does not...
  • As Greta Thunberg's beliefs on the "climate emergency" get increasingly irrelevant, in the minds of many, she juxtapositions two unrelated issues, in typical WEFster propaganda method.....Now she supports the "Palestinians in Gaza" and wants us all to believe that it's the same struggle as "climate change."

    TRULY WE OBSERVE THE MADNESS OF LOWER ASTRAL PLANE......So logic goes out of the window, to be replaced by propaganda and confusion, only...


    "'Ludicrous': Greta Thunberg's latest rally a 'congregation of the mentally unwell"
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