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“Reflections on how humanity programmed itself with a focus on separation, competition, and survival frequency, in the Industrial working, and general living conditions of our present time.

 Based on the definition of Darwin and his influence on the views and approach of science, in his time, with his theory “Origin of Species” in 1859.
His view on life as linear in its evolutionary steps, focused on matter, stating that this is all that matters 
While, gradually, in recent decades, science begins to touch upon the factual existence of a Quantum field, with consciousness playing it’s part in all that matters, pun intended.
Should we begin to change our perception, and move out with that change of the tide? Metaphorically speaking?
In a 1 week old New Year 2022, I wish you, reader, resilience, and creative rejuvenation, with a shift in points of view, moving in and with the changes. As much within as without.
Blessed be, Devon”

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  • It was very late last night when I posted this that I forgot to mention that Gregg says that we don't know why but hats not so, some us do know why. Well that's why I wrote the comment below, hopefully it will help people to understand that we do know why and how all of this is happening. We need to move over to the new timeline to the new Earth in 5D and leave the old time line behind and all the negative memories that go with it. We are all one.... Adonai
  • This video of Gregg very close to my beliefs system. 250,000 yes ago Creator sent two advanced humans to earth to upgrade the human race by raising there DNA code, to reverse the Evil curse of Lucifer and Satan had put on mankind. Adam and eve were supposed to have 100,000,000 offspring before going out to the rest of the world and inter breed. But eve fell by have an one time affair with a handsome blue race being who was bribed and encouraged by LUCIFER to seduce her. At that time they only had 10,000,000 offspring.

    The one called Able was not a giant like Adam and Eve and the rest of the off-springs of ADAM and Eve and as the story goes Able was killed by his half brother who was a giant offspring of Adam and Eve. This caused a up-rising of the rest of the blue race who drove out the Giants ,so mankind only got 10% of the higher DNA, which was to help us make the transition called Ascension into 5D much easier or possible for a larger number of the human race. This happened 250,000 yrs. ago, when Lucifer and Satan make the Earth there home base. This is one of the reasons we are having so much trouble making this shift. Lucifer and Satan was put to trail by the ''ancient of days'' and no longer exist but other fallen angels have taken there place. I am sad that Gregg only mentioned God once in this vid. but he did mention Love a bit and that is good for God is Love. Also he did not mention the 5D Ascension process that we are in now. This info comes from the Urantia book.We are all one. Adonai
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