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As I pondered and reflected on the night sky as Jupiter twinkled in fiery light, I felt a longing of a faraway place with violet skies and blue crystal waters.  My heart beat fast as the memories and visions poured and infiltrated my mind and the rhythm  jumping leaps and bounds as I remembered green hills, grassy knolls, and purple mountain peaks.  The sky shone with  twinkling diamond stars as I was in a trance like state of remembrance so sweet and dear to me.  The peacefulness  was so dreamy as I felt the warmth of sunbeams radiating from my body in tiny points of light.  My friends and brotherhood so deep, personal, and unyielding on the most esoteric level that can be imagined.  The grace and elegance of their demeanor and the genuine, acceptance of unconditional Divine Love and trust you can imagine. When I see them, their faces looking so Angelic with welcoming smiles that shine through Lightyears of Eternal Time.  They have missed me and I have missed them!

We walk the massive marble halls lit by the inner sun.  The natural marble feels cool on my bare feet and the texture so smooth  as we walk all the corridors.  Out in the garden, we sit and talk of times not forgotten and not so long ago.  We eat of the sweet fruit grown in the orchard, fresh baked bread, and wine that is made from the vineyard.  Everyone has come to visit and take turns sharing stories.  Later, we make the climb up a hundred stone steps winding up the mountaintop.  The Sanctuary is serene as we entered the Temple, chimes singing on the wind.   Under the open skylight, moonbeams danced throughout the room illuminating us in a tranquil light.  The secrets and mysteries stated and sanctioned resonated within a harmonic peace.


The next morning we climbed down the winding stairs to butterflies and soaring birds singing of memories made and treasured all kept secret by the sunrise.  Once down at the base of the mountains, a long embrace until we meet again.  As promised, a soon return for an Eternity and no more away from the home so loved.

In a flash of violet- blue light, I again am sitting under the Moon with the Conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter and the magic that it holds.  I keep in my heart those that I treasure and remember with Lo
ve Divine  the commitment of the Eternal Flame.






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