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My friend Chris Chase has invented the ultimate dance accesories, they are called God Lights. A good name it is for them too, they have a whole load of amazing thecno-wizzardry, that means they can do motion sencetive colour patters, write words in the air and loads of other great functions. The "system is a powerful, wireless, motion sensing, customisable LED lighting accessory allowing you to create your own unique stunning light show". They would be a great toy for photographers and models, esspecially if you like playing with low light photography.

At the moment they need YOUR HELP! Yes you could help make the coolest toy ever. There is a Kick Starter fund to raise the money needed to get these into production…

There are cool things you can get for suporting, including your very own God Lights. You can donate anything from a pound so you dont have to give much to be part of something really amazing. Please spread the word around to everyone you think might be interested in joining in this great project.

Please help bring God Lights to the world!

Thank you.

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