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HEAVEN #3472 The God of Oneness, May 28, 2010

God said:

At every moment, you can know that you are in My awareness. There is not a moment in Eternity when you are not in My awareness, for I love and, therefore, you are constantly in my awareness. I know nothing else but to think of you. Certainly, you must know that I do not sit around thinking of Myself. Or, I suppose We can say that thinking of you is the same as thinking of Myself.
In the dream of separation, you and I are two. In the Reality of All That Is, We are One. In that sense, there is nothing I can think about but Myself. And, yet, I know you understand that I am not self-centered. I suppose We could say that I am Self-centered which means I am loving you every moment. You are the love of My life. You are My life. You live My life. I live My life in you. I love Myself.
You twirl the world on the fingers of your thoughts. It has been said in song that love makes the world go round, and that could not be closer to the Truth. Love spins the world. Love spins the world so fast, differences are blurred, and all becomes One, not Oneness itself blurred, but Oneness clear, sparkling, lovely.
In the world, it is as if you chip away at Oneness as you try to absorb it. You really can take Oneness in one gulp.. You don't have to take Oneness apart in order to know it and know it deeply! Just toss love into the ring, and Oneness appears, and Oneness will win as, of course, it must, and as it does. Love always comes out ahead.
Oneness is so simple. It is simpler than anything else. Oneness has no complexity to it. How could it? And yet it is analyzed and chopped into little pieces so it can be put back together again. When Oneness is not taken apart, there will be no need to put it back together. Let Oneness be Oneness. Even though there is only Oneness, paradoxically, Oneness is for All!
Who can analyze love, beloveds? Love is to be given, and love is to be accepted. What more is there to say? What more is there to be done?
In your search for love which you crave to find, you are like fish in the water looking for water. Except you are human beings looking to measure love, to look at love, put it in a jar and cap it, as if love were something you own. Love is something to take to heart, and yet there is no lid on love. The human heart expands to make room for all the love in the world. You are that love. That is who you are. That is your true nature. Have you perhaps been swimming against the current of love? You will never get anywhere.
You who already swim in the Ocean of My Love, now know it. If you don't know it, imagine it. Imagine that the air you breathe is My love, and breathe it. Imagine that every view from your window is My love painted so you will know the depth and extent of My love and My attention on you. Imagine that every bite of food you take is the nourishment of My love. If every bite you take is My love, then you are eating well.
Love, beloveds, love. Intake love, and radiate love. Do it now, for the God of All is loving you this minute in Eternity.
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  • Yes Felipesam only our thoughts keep god at a distance. In reality it is impossible to keep God distant asGod and us are one. We are actually the individuation of God.
  • I read, and I believe, that the only one that keeps god at a distance is ourselves. Thank you for the wonderful message.

  • I know I could feel God's love as I read this message. I was laughing when God mentioned humans searching for love is like fish swimming in the water searching for water.I just pictured the fish swimming and saying one day we will find the water. What a great comparison to make.
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