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Welcome to join us in a global healing session for our beloved Mother Earth! The session takes place Friday, February 18th, 8.00 pm - 8.30 pm Swedish time zone (CET). Use to translate to your local time zone! Below you will find a short background to Mother Earth-healing, the instructions on how to participate, and information on the Mother... Earth Network who started these healingsessions.

Thank you for your participation. Together we are creating miracles!

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Light, Strength and Love,
Manne & Maria, the Mother Earth Network

(In other news, the Mother Earth Networks previous publications and channelings are available to read in the group under ”Documents”.)


All energy in the Cosmos consists of the male and the female energy. These energies are the foundation of all development and create the polarities of expansion/regression, light/darkness, spirit/matter, heaven/earth, intellect/intuition and so on. The purpose of all development of consciousness is the balance between these energy polarities.

The knowledge of the male and the female energy is a timeless and all-embracing wisdom that applies for all living life in Cosmos, from small organisms to huge galaxies. This ancient and timeless wisdom has today been forgotten and suppressed, but fragments of it have been kept in different cultures all over the world. The most famous examples are the Taoists’ yin and yang, and the indigenous people’s worship of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

On the surface of the Earth, the female energy coming from the core of the planet meets the male energy coming from above. These two energies, in perfect balance, together create the Highest Divine Energy of Love, unconditional love. Today there is an enormous imbalance, with way too much male energy on the face of the planet, which is the main reason for all the imbalances present on Earth today. This imbalance is due to mankind’s imbalanced lifestyle and aggressive technology, combined with all the mainly male energies from Cosmos flowing in over Earth preparing her for her entering into the New Spiritual Age.

The energy imbalance has created a very critical situation for Mother Earth and she goes through a tremendous amount of suffering every day. Together we can help her rebalance her system and ease her pain. A very long time ago the mission was given to humanity to help Mother Earth to balance her energy system. We are her keepers. She depends on us like we depend on her. Humanity is now starting to regain this timeless wisdom.

This background information and the instructions for the healing session are based on channeled information from Mother Earth, nature spirits, ascended masters, other civilizations and the Divine Consciousness. A huge network of ascended masters, other civilizations in Cosmos, and nature spirits on Earth participates during the healing session.

These sessions have an enormous impact on the healing of Mother Earth, far beyond our imagination! The effect also increases exponentially with every new individual joining us! When we take part in the healing sessions to Mother Earth, we also receive the energy ourselves, which is tremendously beneficial for our spiritual transformation.


Turn off your mobile phones, TVs, computers and other technical equipment. If possible, sit outside in nature. Make sure you're sitting comfortably and have full contact with the floor or ground (or if you're sitting on a chair - at least with your feet). Put your hands together as if you are praying, and let them rest on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax your whole body, and clear your mind of distracting thoughts.

Get ready mentally to be a channel for the Mother Earth energy, and focus your intention on channeling the energy from the ground. Read the prayer for Mother Earth. Visualize how a channel opens up from the Earth’s center and how the red glowing female energy starts streaming up and flowing through your feet, buttocks and hands.

Let the energy fill your whole body, then let it continue onward to the worldwide network of nature spirits, masters in the spirit world and cosmic civilizations that will spread the energy to the places on Earth where it is most needed at the time. It's important to trust that the energy will go to the right places. Keep your focus on the healing streaming through you during the whole session.

Please note: It's important that you do not channel the pure male energy from Cosmos, i.e. light, because that energy has too high a frequency for the Earth. Because of the energy conditions on the Earth today, it's the red female energy coming from the inside that Earth needs to heal herself.


Dear Mother Earth,

In humbleness, love and complete trust, we are asking you,
Please give us strength and guidance.

Please help us to channel energies from your interior,
to heal you completely, both your body and your soul.

Thank you for letting us humans live with you and take part in your abundance.
Thank you for your beauty and richness.
Thank you for all the miracles taking place on Earth every day.

Mother Earth, we are calling on you!
Open up your gates and let the energies flow!


End the session by saying Thank you.


The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. The network is run from Sweden, outside of Stockholm, by Manne Lindberg and Maria Bertram, whose life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age.

Maria has for many years channeled messages from, among others, the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, masters in the spirit world and other civilizations in Cosmos. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth through channeled instructions.

Everything the network offers is 100 % free. If you’re not already a member of the network, send your e-mail address to motherearthnetwork@gmail.c
om to receive the network’s previous publications and newsletters with upcoming channelings, instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, tools for your spiritual transformation and more. The network’s website is under construction.


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